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Taichung is a really cool city. The architecture here is pretty amazing.
Every single park...just are built to be interesting!
Yeah, Lezyne invited me over to come and do some riding in Taiwan.
I was thinking whenever you go to a new city you're always thinking
or a new place you're always thinking,
"Oh, this place has got amazing street!" But this place
does actually have amazing street.
Taichung is a really amazing place.
You know, there's...everyone's cutting about in scooters, or it's just generally pretty busy.
But it's got real, really cool architecture, you know.
Really mixes the kinda old with the new.
At night, the place really comes alive.
Every street's got all these neon signs all the way down them. So I stuck some Lezyne lights on
and just went out for a play.
The guys at Lezyne took me to the factory...
Didn't really know what to expect, actually. But it was, it's a really, really cool place.
So let me show you the factory...
Lezyne developed all the products in-house, so it was really cool to see the...
my tools and pump getting built.
I see a bit behind-the-scenes though,
other than just holding the stuff off the shelf.
Did a little bunny hop show,
using some pumps and things...a bit makeshift.
Yeah, it was good! The workers seemed to enjoy it.
I enjoyed it, it's good fun.


特技單車高手Danny MacAskill在台灣-DANNY MACASKILL IN TAIWAN -- powered by Lezyne

5926 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 8 月 28 日
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