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And introducing one half of the Interview Guys, Mike.
And the other half of the Interview Guys, Jeff.
Tough crowd eh, Jeff?
Hey everyone, I'm Jeff one half of the Interview Guys and today we're gonna be
counting down the top ten job interview questions.
These are the questions you're gonna be faced with the most, so you definitely need to know
how to answer them properly.
So let's get started with question number one.
The number one interview question that's most commonly asked is
tell me about yourself.
For this question, don't talk about your personal life.
Highlight your strengths by talking about specific past work experiences.
The second most commonly asked question is
why should we hire you? Now, remember with this question, you need to be specific
and highlight a strength that's in line with what the company or organization
is specifically looking for.
Number three. What is your greatest strength?
Be specific and tell a brief work related example of you exhibiting that strength.
And again, pick an example and a strength that is based on your knowledge of what they're
specifically looking for.
Number four on the list is what is your greatest weakness?
The three things to remember when answering this question is to be honest.
Show that you're taking the steps to conquer the weakness and most
importantly don't mention a weakness with the skills or abilities that are
essential to the job you're interviewing for.
Number five. Why do you wanna work here?
For this question, be specific and mention aspects of the company or
organization that you admire and show how your strengths and abilities make
you a perfect fit.
Question number six on the list is why did you leave your last job?
Now if you left voluntarily, then reference a specific characteristic that
the company you're interviewing for has that you're attracted to. Obviously, one that
your previous employer didn't have.
Now if you were let go, be honest and explain the situation and own it.
Explain what you learned from the experience because the interviewer knows
you're human, you make mistakes and just wants to see that you were able to do
something about it.
Number seven. What is your greatest accomplishment?
For this question, be specific and talk about a past work accomplishment.
Make sure you pick an accomplishment that shows how valuable you will be in the position
you're interviewing for.
Question number eight is describe a difficult work situation and what you
did to overcome it.
Again, the key is to be specific. Bring up a past work situation that you handled
well and try and pick an example that shows you tackling a problem that could
arise at the new company that you're interviewing for. This will help show your value.
Number nine. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Your answer should show that you're a person with direction and that you have goals.
You should show that these goals include you advancing and thriving at the
company or organization that you're interviewing with. But don't overdo it.
If you're going for an entry-level job, don't say you plan to be CEO in five years.
It'll seem unrealistic and could take you out of the running.
Last but not least, question ten is:
Do you have any questions for me?
The interviewer is asking if you have any questions to ask. And you should be
saying yes every single time. This will be your chance to demonstrate you've done
your research on the company. So try to focus your questions on topics that your
company puts high value in. Alright, that wraps up our top ten job interview
questions you need to be prepared for.
Now that you've got the top ten interview questions you'll be asked and
some great tips on how to answer them, you're well on your way.
But if you're still worried and feel like you need some more help, the Interview Guys have
got your back. Mike and I have written a brand new special report explaining
our proven method to answering any job interview question perfectly every time.
So now all you have to do to claim your free special report is click the blue
button now!



【職場的進擊】千萬要掌握,面試十大經典必問題!( Top 10 Job Interview Questions)

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Halu Hsieh 發佈於 2016 年 8 月 25 日    Amber Chang 翻譯    Colin Lin 審核



1in line with0:55
line 指的是「線條、平行」,而 in line with 則表示「符合、與某物成一直線」。
This company's core values and goals are in line with mine. I believe I will be a great fit for the company.

When you're in an interview, you should always try to be in line with what the company is looking for.

Children, listen up. Please stand in line with others.

in agreement with :符合、與⋯一致。
Since we are in agreement with them, we shall start the project.

2you're human1:57
human 當作名詞指的是「人」,做為形容詞時則指「人的、人類的。」而 human 也可指「凡人皆有的」,所以 you're human 指的是「是人都會這樣的」意思。
You're human, it's okay to make mistakes.

Don't put so much pressure on yourself. You're human. You need time to rest.

You don't have to suppress your emotions. You're human. Crying is alright.

3tackle a problem2:23
tackle 在這裡當作動詞,指的是「對付、處理」。
We'll tackle the problem once we get there.

You're already 18 now. You should be responsible for yourself. Try to tackle problems on your own.

另外, deal with 也表示「處理、對待」。
I'd had enough dealing with those angry customers who were always complaining.


4out of the running2:46
out of the running 照字面看,out 表示「出去、離開」, running 指的是「賽跑」,合併起來「離開賽跑」表示「出局、被排除」的意思。
After the scandal, presidential candidate Huang was out of the running.

After the examination, two of the members in the marines were out of the running.

相反的, in the running 指的則是「有獲勝的希望」。
Since he got into the company, he has been working really hard. I think he is in the running for a promotion.

Many people believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is in the running for an Oscar.

另外,與 run 相關的片語有:
in the long run :長遠來看、最終。
in the short run:短期來看。
Spending money on education may be of little value now. But in the long run, we will benefit a lot from it.

We can see from this chart that prices will rise sharply in the short run.

5got your back3:18
got your back 中的 back 指的是「背部、背後」。這句話原本來自 "I'm covering you from behind" 也就是「我在後面掩護你」,是打仗時軍人常說的一句話。但在現代的意思就是「我會照料一切,要對方不必擔心」。另外,I've got your back 也可以說 I have your back
Don't worry about not being able to tackle the problem on your own. I've got your back.

Hey buddy, don't worry. I have your back.

I'll watch your back 以及 I've got you covered
A: Omg! I forgot it's midterm exam today.
B: Don't worry. I'll watch your back.
A: 噢不!我忘了今天是期中考!
B: 別擔心,我會罩你。

和哥兒們看上同個妹?愛情專家教你怎麼辦!(Should You Date A Girl Your Friend Likes?)





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