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  • Hi, I'm Ben Southall.

  • a few years ago i won the best job in the world being an island caretaker on the

  • great barrier reef in Australia

  • well unfortunately for me my time is up

  • but luckily for you 'The Best Job in the World' is back. Yet this time there's not one, but six amazing jobs in Australia all up for grabs!

  • How about working here as the new Chief Funster.

  • Crash festivals and events, write reviews and live the life of a Sydney VIP.

  • Have you considered working as a 'Taste Master'?

  • Eat your way around the state, forage out the finest produce and uncover the best bars and restaurants.

  • Have you considered working as a 'Wildlife Caretaker'?

  • it's a very relaxed working environment

  • Wake up the kangaroos

  • swim with dolphins and sea lions and explore kangaroo Island

  • Or you could be an 'Outback Adventurer'?

  • travel the outback

  • meet the locals and have a new adventure every day

  • How about working as a 'Lifestyle Photographer' with TimeOut magazine?

  • discovered hidden laneways

  • create photo shoots and work with high profile designers and artists

  • and finally, you could be a full time "Park Ranger"

  • check the water temperature, patrol the beaches and leave only footprints.

  • The pay's not bad either. Each job includes a free jar of Vegemite.

  • ...oh and a 6-month contract worth $100,000

Hi, I'm Ben Southall.


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世界上最最最棒的工作!!!心動了嗎?! The Best Jobs In The World - Official Trailer

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