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Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin!
Let’s say that one day, you get hit in the head with a baseball.
It hurt but you brush it off.
You go home and go to sleep, but, what if that hit did more damage than you thought?
What if you never woke up?
A coma is a prolonged state of unconsciousness.
Someone in a coma is unresponsive to touch, sound and pain.
There’s minimal brain activity and the patient may not be able to swallow or breathe on their own.
Usually, comas don’t last more than a few weeks but sometimes people never wake up.
The roots of consciousness aren’t fully understood but it’s believed that for humans
to be awake and conscious, a few things in the brain need to be functioning properly.
First, the Reticular Activating System, a group of neurons that dictates wakefulness,
needs to be in good shape.
Second, both cerebral hemispheres of your brain need to be fully intact.
A coma is the result of either a dysfunction of the RAS, or damage to both cerebral
This can happen in a number of ways.
Traumatic brain injury.
A stroke.
Drug or alcohol overdose.
A brain tumor.
A really bad infection.
Even diabetes can lead to a coma.
But, what’s really going on when you’re in a coma?
In a comatose state, brain activity is minimal but the brain is still alive and consuming
energy from the body.
The brain’s networks are rerouted.
So, normally active areas go quiet and usually dark areas light up with activity.
As for the actual experience, different people recall different things.
Many remember terrifying visions of torture and death.
Others remember happy dreams with loved ones.
But some don’t remember anything at all about their coma.
They remember riding their bike, getting hit by a car and then all of a sudden, they’re
lying in a hospital bed six months later.
I hope they get some free jello out of it at least.
Some people say they could hear conversations happening around them when they were in their
coma and there’s actually science to back that up!
Researchers found that comatose people can hear and that hearing loved ones voices even
increases neural activity
and speeds recovery!
Another study found that some comatose patients can feel pain, even if they don’t respond to it!
So being in a coma that was the result of a serious injury could be super painful.
And you couldn’t even ask for more pain meds!
It’s hard to know for sure if someone in a coma will wake up
but something commonly used by doctors to monitor a patient's status is the Glasgow
Coma Scale.
A higher score on this scale means that someone could be more likely to recover.
Some people even wake up from their comas fully functional!
But others don’t.
It’s not uncommon for a person to wake up from a coma with serious physical or mental
disabilities, like amnesia.
And some people never wake up at all.
A coma can progress into a persistent vegetative state or even locked-in syndrome,
when a person is aware of themselves and their surroundings but cannot speak or move.
So have you or anyone you've known woken up from a coma?
what was the experience like?
If you're comfortable with sharing, let us know in the comment section below.
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the sores usually occur in areas like your tailbone, hips, and shoulder blades
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also you'll start to get weaker
My name is Blocko.
This has been Life Noggin!
Don't forget to Keep On Thinking!



如果人永遠醒不來會怎樣? (What Would Happen If You Never Woke Up?)

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Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 9 月 28 日    Julie Lan 翻譯    Evangeline 審核



unconsciousness 是「無意識;失去知覺」的意思,作名詞用。
When he woke up from the coma, he didn’t know how long his unconsciousness had lasted.

另外,我們經常說的「潛意識的」則是 unconscious,作形容詞使用。
She didn’t even notice her unconscious desire to impress that boy, but everyone else did.

【TED-Ed】麻醉藥是怎麼作用的? (How does anesthesia work? - Steven Zheng)

dictate 是「命令;支配」的意思,作動詞用。
When people have the power to dictate the actions of others, they become greedy and arrogant.

另外,我們常講到的「暴君;獨裁者」則是 dictator,作名詞用。
Hitler was a notorious dictator of Nazi Germany who killed millions of Jews.

recall 為「回想;回憶」的意思,作動詞用。
My mother couldn’t recall the process of giving birth to me because she was in too much pain.

【TED-Ed】五隻手指的進化 (TED : Five Fingers of Evolution - Paul Andersen)

4back up1:47
back up 為「支持;證實」的意思,作動詞用。
We need to find some scientific evidence to back up our arguments.

另外,backup 則有「備份;候補」的意思,可作形容詞或名詞用,而若是寫成 back up 則是同樣意思,只是作為動詞使用。
She always makes a backup of all the documents, so she never has to worry about losing important documents.

Harvey always has a backup plan.

painful 是「疼痛的;痛苦的」的意思,做形容詞用。
It must be so painful that you can only see your children once a year.

【TED】Sarah Kay:如果我有個女兒 (If I should have a daughter ... | Sarah Kay)


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