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- Hi, I'm Sarita Hayes,
host of the Agent field guide segment
on the weekly news show, The Ingress Report,
which airs every Thursday on the official
Ingress YouTube channel.
I'm here to get you up to speed on the world of Ingress,
and help you become its newest Agent.
All around us are Portals to another dimension.
And through those Portals something called exotic matter,
or XM is leaking into our world.
It's these Portals and this XM
which an unknown Shaper force
is using to potentially influence our world.
There are two teams, or Factions,
battling to control the destiny of human kind.
And you need to decide which side you're on.
The resistance believe that the Shapers and Exotic Matter
are not to be trusted,
and work to defend humankind.
While the Enlightened work to embrace the Shapers
and all the potential advances they may reveal to us.
As a new Agent, the first thing you should do
is find Portals in your city.
Because it's believed XM influences, or shapes,
human thought, all identified Portals
are located at some kind of great work of art,
architecture, or human achievement.
Often times that means statues, monuments,
noteworthy or historic buildings,
outdoor murals, and unique local businesses.
Open your Scanner device and look around you on the map.
Green Portals belong to the Enlightened Faction,
blue Portals belong to the Resistance,
and gray Portals are unclaimed.
The Enlightened have already captured this one,
and the Resistance have that one over there.
But the battle is just beginning.
These Portals can change hands at any moment.
If there aren't any Portals nearby,
your Scanner will vector you to the one closest
to your location.
You can also check out the
Intel Map and ingress.com/intel
to see Portals in your area
that aren't in your Scanner view.
Once you've located a Portal on your Scanner device,
walk towards it.
When it's in your action range,
no matter which Faction that Portal belongs to,
touch the Portal and select Hack.
Hacking provides you with essential items
that will help you do things like power up,
defend, or destroy Portals.
Portals controlled by the same Faction as you
are known as friendly Portals.
And those controlled by the opposing Faction
are called enemy Portals.
Note that hacking either kind of Portal
will add items to your inventory,
but hacking enemy Portals will also give you
access points, or AP,
which we'll cover in just a minute.
Earlier I mentioned exotic matter, or XM.
It's important to note that both Factions use XM
to operate their Scanner device.
This is the fuel that powers any function
you're going to do in the fields.
You collect XM by locating the glowing orbs on the Intel Map
and walking toward them.
The XM will be drawn to your device.
And when you collect it,
you'll see your XM bar at the top of your screen grow.
Now that you've hacked a few Portals,
it's time to start participating
in the struggle for the fate of the world.
To claim a Portal, you need to deploy Resonators.
Resonators help harvest XM to power Portals,
so they're vital for maintaining your Faction's territory.
You can get Resonators simply by hacking Portals.
To use a Resonator,
look for an empty Resonator slot
by touching a friendly Portal.
A Portal can hold eight Resonators,
so if there are any open slots that aren't filled,
place your own Resonator
by touching the Portal on your Scanner,
then touch Deploy Resonator.
If the Portal is neutral,
deploying a single Resonator
will claim it for your Faction.
To give the Portal more power and greater defense,
not only can you Deploy more Resonators,
you can Deploy Portal Shields.
Just like Resonators and other inventory,
Portal Shields are obtained through hacking
and they're used to defend friendly Portals.
Next, try to capture an enemy portal for your Faction
by destroying its Resonators.
To damage enemy Portals,
approach the Portal and stand over one of its Resonators,
hold your finger down on your Scanner screen
and slide up to fire XMP.
XMP bursters are weapons you'll also get from hacks,
which blasts away at those enemy Resonators.
They won't damage friendly Portals,
so you don't have to worry about that.
But be aware that enemy Portals can attack you back.
Hacking and deploying Resonators are a good start,
but soon you'll be ready for more.
Check your progress by touching your access level
in the upper left hand corner of your screen.
It'll always show your access level,
and when touched,
it will show how many access points, or AP, you've earned.
AP is important because it will unlock your ability
to utilize more powerful items.
For example, once you reach access level two
you'll then be able to deploy L2 XMPs and Resonators.
There's a different amount of AP required
for achieving each access level,
so remember to stay active
and keep looking for opportunities
to capture Portals for your Faction.
As you hack Portals,
you'll find yourself collecting Portal keys.
These are essential for one of the most important
and fundamental tasks in Ingress,
which is creating links between Portals.
Links between three Portals will create a control Field,
which will earn Mind Units, or MU, for your Faction.
An MU is how the global control
of each Faction is calculated.
To link two Portals, you need to have a Portal Key
for at least one of the two.
While standing at one of the Portals,
select link Portals.
Your Scanner device will tell you which Portals
are linkable or ask you to select
one of the eligible Portal Keys.
Select which portal you want to link to,
and the link will be created.
Once you've linked three Portals,
a control field will appear,
along with a message on your scanner
telling you how many Mind Units
you've secured for your Faction.
Remember, your ultimate goal is to cooperate
with other Agents in your Faction
to either resist the Shapers and defend the world,
or work with them to unlock a new era
of human enlightenment.
To connect with other Agents in your area,
open comm on your Scanner device
and introduce yourself as a new Agent.
Experienced Agents in your area
may be available to help you get started.
You can also search Google+, Facebook, and Twitter
to find local communities where you can connect
with other Agents from your Faction.
For more Agent tips and insights,
watch the Ingress Report each week
by subscribing to YouTube.com/Ingress.
For the Ingress Report and Agent Intel,
I'm Sarita Hayes.
- [Voiceover] Agent, subscribe for
up to the minute intelligence.
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Ingress 新手教學 (The Beginner's Guide | AGENT INTEL)

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