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Even if you've seen every episode you may not know all these behind-the-scenes secrets.
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And today we're counting down our picks for the top ten surprising facts about Friends.
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For this list we're looking at fun and interesting facts about this much-loved sitcom.
"Oh you're kidding. Oh it's a joke.
Oh, that's funny. It's funny. I don't get it."
Number 10 the main characters from the show are named after All My Children characters.
The creative minds behind Friends were clearly fans of soap operas
because not only did Days of Our Lives feature heavily on the show,
They also decided to take inspiration from another soap
when naming their six leading characters.
All the names of the Friends are taken in some way from All My Children.
Both Ross and Chandler are named after Ross Chandler, Joey is named for Joey Martin,
Phoebe after Phoebe Tyler Wallingford.
Rachel Greene after Janet Green and Monica after Monique
also known as Daisy.
Number nine the white dog statue belonged to Jennifer Aniston.
"So what do you think? Casa de Joy!"
Joey temporarily takes up residence in a fancier place
that he decorates with some eccentric pieces.
One of these is an oversized white dog statue that's been named Pat the dog.
This wasn't just a good find by the prop department though
the dog was actually given to Jennifer Aniston by a close friend.
As a gift to commemorate her first day on set.
"I'm gonna hold it in different way."
Aniston lent it to the show for the episode
because she thought it would fit well with Joey's new design aesthetic.
They liked it so much that they made a bigger storyline for the statue
and kept it on the show.
"I'll take it. My gift to you, man"
Number 8 Bruce Willis allegedly wouldn't accept pay for his appearance.
Rumor has it that Bruce Willis's famous guest appearance on Friends
actually took place because of a bet
We'll listen Matthew Perry who plays chandler.
We're releasing a movie together called The Whole Nine Yards.
"Look Jimmy, I may hate my life, but I certainly don't want to die."
"Better get used to it cause you are going to."
Perry was more confident about the film success than Willis was
and the two agreed that if it debuted in theaters at number one then
Willis would appear on the show for free.
Whether or not this TV legend is true,
Willis's performance was a memorable one.
And it garnered him an Emmy for best guest appearance that year.
And he donated to salary from the show to a variety of charities.
"You know, they say that still waters run deep and I
Want to swim in yours?"
"Are you talking about having sex?"
Number Seven the show's creators co-wrote the theme song.
Any serious Friends fan probably knows the iconic theme song like the back of their hand.
But did you know that it was actually written specifically for the show?
"I'll be there for You" by the Rembrandt's was co-written by
the show's co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane
along with Kaufman's husband and the members of the band.
And you know the iconic clapping.
That was actually a last-minute addition.
Oh when Rembrandt member Danny Wilde confirms that it's only four claps.
Not five as some people think.
Initially the song was only recorded to be as long as they needed for the show's intro.
But they eventually expanded it into a full-length tune for radio.
Number six the Creator's new fans wouldn't like Joey and Rachel
When Marta Kauffman and David Crane pitched a storyline where Joey and Rachel
begin to have a more complicated romantic relationship.
Initial reactions were staunchly negative.
"Seriously, how can you watch this aren't you scared?"
The story arc lasted from season 8 to season 10 and most fans never really approved.
What you may not know however
is that the show's creators always intended for these two to be poorly matched.
They said later on that in real life
sometimes the wrong people fall for each other.
Despite the fact that it's never going to work,
and they wanted to explore that reality in the show.
"I'm falling in love with you."
Number Five the opening credits were shot at Warner Brothers studios
If you're on a Friends tour in New York
and your guide offers to show you the fountain where they shot the show's opening?
You should probably ask for your money back.
While many think the famous fountain scene was filmed in either Gramercy or Central Park.
It was actually shot on a studio lot in LA.
In fact Friends was never actually filmed in New York at all
with the exception of exterior establishing shots.
The show was filmed in front of a studio audience on the other side of the country
in Burbank, California.
"We even have the street outside the coffee shop built inside the soundstage,
and when we need additional sets,
we just find a location on the lot, and we dress it up."
Number Four the cast worked hard to get equal pay.
"It's like they're always saying, let's go here, let's go there.
Like we can afford to go here and there."
If you watched Friends during its original run,
you may remember some news around that time about the cast salary disputes.
"We don't have as much money as you."
When they were first hired all six actors were paid the same amount
per episode $22,500.
In season two however, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
were given raises to amount to $40,000 per episode.
One season later however, they decided as a group
to conduct all salary negotiations together
to ensure equal pay for all the main actors.
Clearly their negotiations went well
because by the final season they were each
making $1,000,000 per episode.
"Do you realize we almost made it 10 years without that coming up?"
Number three all the friends have lived in both apartments.
"Hey, do you realize it at one time or another?
We all lived in this apartment."
It's pretty standard Friends trivia that all six main characters
have lived in Monica's apartment.
But did you know that in fact,
they all lived in Joey's place across the hall as well?
While Joey and Chandler lived there together for much of the series,
they switch apartments with the girls for a time in season four.
"You can't guess what color my tonsils are? I bet the apartment!"
"Oh, I would never bet this apartment. It's too nice. "
Then in season five Ross moves in during a dark period in his life.
Later when there's a fire in Phoebe and Rachel's of apartment, Phoebe moves in with Joey.
Though it ends up being short-lived and Rachel eventually takes her place.
"That's right all the ladies want to stay at Joey."
Number two Phoebe and Chandler weren't meant to be main characters.
"So uh what do you think it is about me?"
"I dont know. You just have a ... "
"quality, right, right."
While fans think of all six friends as being equally important.
In the initial conception of the series,
two characters were actually meant to be supporting cast members.
The original plan was for the main storylines to focus on Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Ross.
While Phoebe and Chandler would be more periphery figures.
"How do you do that?"
"I guess it's like a gift."
Clearly the chemistry shared by all six actors soon changed that plan.
Because by the end of the series,
those two were integral parts of the major storylines just like the others.
"Bye chandler. I miss you already."
Number One Ross and Rachel weren't meant to be the central romance.
"God is he just the sweetest thing."
"He must just want to kiss him all over."
"That would be nice."
When you think of TV's most iconic, will they or won't they couple,
you probably think of Ross and Rachel.
In the initial plans for the series arc however,
they weren't meant to serve as the main romantic storyline of the show.
It may seem hard to believe now,
but the Central romance of the show was originally supposed to be between Monica and Joey.
However, the producers decided that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer
had such incredible chemistry that it made more sense to focus on their relationship.
We couldn't imagine it any other way.
" I do love you."
" I love you too and I am never letting you go again."
" Okay, because this is where I want to be. "
So which of these facts. Did you find the most interesting?
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