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You're sitting on a plane trying to relax when a terrible thought crosses your mind:
What would happen if that airplane door opened?
Commercial airplanes pressurize their cabins to match the atmospheric pressure of 8,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level,
even though the cruising altitude of the plane you're in is 30,000 to 45,000 feet in the air.
As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases.
This is due to Earth's gravitational pull on the air molecules in the atmosphere.
The closer to the Earth's surface the stronger the force exerted on these molecules.
If the door were opened the plane would depressurize in less than 0.5 seconds.
Unless your seat belt is fastened you and any loose objects would immediately be ejected due to the difference in pressure.
During such a scenario survival rates are very slim given the possibility of the entire plane breaking apart.
Because the air is substantially thinner at high altitudes there is substantially less oxygen.
A gradual decompression in the cabin will cause the oxygen mask to drop from above
and on average you have 18 seconds to put the mask on before hypoxia kicks in.
Hypoxia occurs when oxygen levels decrease, causing symptoms of nausea, dizziness and unconsciousness leading to death.
The oxygen reserves on the plane would last for only 10 minutes.
Enough for the pilot to descend rapidly to 8,000 to 10,000 feet
to match both the internal and external pressures and give you hope for survival.
Freaked out yet?
Don't worry, the chances of the door opening are so small
because there's eight to ten pounds of pressure exerted on every square inch of the plane.
Remember there's more pressure inside the cabin than outside.
Using the largest commercial airplane the Airbus A380 as an example,
the main door measures 4288 square inches,
meaning a 38,592 pounds of force would be required to even begin to open it.
To compare this would be equivalent of you trying to move 3 African bush elephants -
the largest land mammals on earth.
Additionally, plane doors are almost always electronically locked by the pilot
through functions accessible only from inside the cockpit.
And to ease your worries more:
It would also be nearly impossible for someone to punch and break through an airplane window.
These windows can also be made with up to six layers of various types of strong polymers and are bulletproof.
Furthermore, these windows are almost always rounded to decrease drag while in flight,
thereby preventing cracks and decompression.
You're more likely to die in a car than during aviation with a 1/114 chance of car accidents compared to 1/9821 for air travel related accidents.
So fasten your seat belts, pay attention to your safety videos, and above all enjoy the flight.
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飛機恐慌!機艙門在高空打開怎麼辦? (What If Your Airplane Door Burst Open Mid-Flight?)

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Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 28 日    Evie 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


近幾年飛機失事的新聞頻傳,讓小 V 自己每次出國旅遊時想到都會心驚驚,身邊有個朋友更誇張,因為太害怕墜機,整整八小時的旅程都睡不著!但你知道,飛機出事的機率其實比車禍低了好幾百倍,電影中那種機艙門爆開的場景其實也不太可能發生嗎?一起學習相關知識壓壓驚吧!

slim 這個形容詞的用法很多元,一般我們可以將它解釋為「纖細的」或是「微小」的。影片中提到 survival rates are very slim ,指的就是生存機率非常的「微小」,此外很多人也會拿 slim 來形容一個人的身材,指對方很「苗條」喔!
Mary retains a slim figure by working out every week.
Mary 藉由每週健身來維持她苗條的身材。

2kick in1:01
kick in 同樣也是個意思多變的片語,可以譯作「起作用」、「開始」、或「發生」。在影片裡,kick in 用來指缺氧症狀,也就是 hypoxia 的「發作」。
The effects of her therapy gradually kicked in and she has been recovering from her mental disorder.

拒絕另一伴發生關係的 101 種方法 101 WAYS TO SAY NO TO SEX

3descend 1:13
descend 指的是「降下」、「落下」、或「走下」,影片中提到 (f機長) 駕駛員讓飛機下降,用到的就是這個動詞。此外,如果在 descend 後面加上 from 的話則會變成一個意思截然不同的片語: descend from N 意指「由⋯⋯演變而來」。
As you descend down the valley, you will see the river on your right hand side.

According to archaeologists, human beings descended from ape-like creatures.

4freak out1:21
相信大家可能常在美劇或電影中聽到 freak out 吧!這個較口語化的片語通常是用在情緒極度恐懼、憤怒、或激動的情況下,包含「嚇壞」、「崩潰」、「暴怒」等。
I totally freaked out when my friends tried to scare me.

女孩們,喜歡他時,妳會有這些奇怪的表現嗎? Weird Ways You Hide Your Crush

5equivalent 1:46
equivalent 很常在各種英文文件裡出現,指的是「等量的」、「相當的」,就像影片中提到,要將飛機的機艙門打開,就「相當於」要移動三隻非洲草原象的重量呢!
If you haven't taken any TOEFL tests, you will have to provide an equivalent English proficiency certificate.


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