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I'm about to cook the classic fettucine bolognese.
Of course, it's that classic Italian dish.
I've got a little twist on it that makes it really sweet and delicious.
I'm going to serve it with mushrooms and a little bit of balsamic vinegar
which is really delicious.
This is how you make it.
You get a pan really nice and hot.
Of course, you use your old friend, the minced beef,
and I've got a little bit of oil.
Not too much.
And I'm going to throw that in... Like I said, nice and hot.
So you want to hear that sizzle.
Pre-heat your pan for a good couple of minutes.
Make sure it's nice and hot.
And then of course keep it on the highest flame that you can get it on while you put your beef in there.
The idea is, we're going to get a little bit of colour on the beef.
So go ahead and break it up.
Alright, so once you've got a little bit of colour on your beef like that,
just sort of push most of it to the outside of the pan
so you're giving yourself a pan within a pan, if you like.
You can see how I've got that big empty space in the middle.
Some of that beef fat that's coming out of the mince as it's cooking
is what we're going to saute our onions in.
So keep the heat nice and high. Take your onions...
..and just add that to the centre of your pan.
I'm just going to drizzle just a little bit of oil
into those onions there and you saute those.
Once they've had just 30 seconds or so, grab your garlic
and toss that in.
Now, I've got fettucine.
You can use any kind of pasta you like with bolognese.
Of course, the fettucine or the spaghetti is a great one
because you can sort of twirl it up
and get a lot of that meat sauce with it.
Just read your package instructions.
The fettucine that I'm using takes about 10 minutes to cook
and I usually cook it uncovered.
Make sure you add just a little salt to your water. Nothing else.
And then just pop that in and make sure it doesn't stick together.
So sort of just fan it out like that
and then once it sort of starts to float down into the water,
we're going to continue to give it a stir.
Right, so your onions and your garlic have had a couple of minutes now sauteing in the centre of that pan.
Mix that through my beef mince.
Make another little space for my carrots.
Now, I've chopped them up nice and fine
so they sort of end up blending into the sauce beautifully.
The truth is, chop them up however you like.
You see that pasta's just starting to sink down into the pot,
which is what you're looking for.
Just sort of pick it up and make sure, like I said,
that it's not sticking together.
Grab your spoon and just give it a bit of a stir around
to make sure that it's not clinging on to the piece next to it.
The next thing I'm going to add is my mushrooms.
So, again, I move all of this stuff to the outside of the pan
and in they go.
Now, you'll notice I haven't added anything seasoning-wise until now.
Once I have all of this stuff in,
I'm going to give it a good old go with the cracked pepper
and a little bit of salt as well.
I'm going to give my fettucine another stir.
So the mushrooms have had a minute or two just to get a little bit of colour.
and you'll see they'll start to release some of the natural moisture that the mushrooms hold.
So just give those a stir now
and you sort of bring
that beautiful meat, carrots, onions, garlic and mushrooms all together.
Get yourself a tin of tomatoes.
In it goes.
And then give that a good stir.
Ha ha ha! Yum!
So, you see, it gets all saucy.
The tomato brings a beautiful sweetness to it.
One thing that I like to do with my bolognese
is to get a little bit of thickness into my sauce
and the way I do it is I grab just a cup of the pasta water.
Once this sauce all starts to come together and you'll see it -
it'll start to transform from a bunch of ingredients
to a beautiful sauce that's starting to happen -
here's my secret weapon.
Just a little bit of balsamic vinegar.
I put just a couple of tablespoons
and it brings a little bit of acidity
and a little of sweetness to the dish.
It's just perfect and I promise you when you try this at home,
you'll always make it with this once you've tried it once.
Check that your pasta is cooked.
And of course the best way to do that is just to pick up your fettucine,
take one piece out of the pot.
You should be able to see just a tiny little bit of white just in the middle of that fettucine there.
Right, so under 10 minutes or so that it's taken my pasta to cook,
my sauce is ready, which is just perfect.
OK, I'm going to turn the water off for my fettucine
and just come and pick all of this up.
Don't worry if a little bit of the water comes with the fettucine
'cause that's gonna just thin the sauce out just a touch,
which is fine.
And just dump it all straight into the same pot.
So, what you do the last of all is you just sort of toss this together.
I've got a little bit of extra virgin olive oil
and I'm just going to pour just a couple of tablespoons of that in.
Right. So when it's time to serve, just get your serving plate.
You can, of course, use tongs
or you can use one of these spaghetti forks, if that's easier for you.
Just go ahead, pick it up, transfer it over to your plate.
Now, I love to serve it with just a little bit of parmesan.
I've got one of these fancy graters, but any grater will do the trick.
And then grab some fresh basil leaves.
Tear the basil up over the top
and you've got this beautiful fettucine bolognese
that I guarantee you will be a family favourite.
I've got a fork and I'm not waiting.
PEOPLE: Ta-da!



和「帥哥主廚到你家」學做波隆那肉醬麵!(How to cook Fettuccine Bolognese with Curtis Stone - Coles)

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