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Hey guys.
Welcome to this week's Cobra Camp video.
Today we're gonna train chest.
So I'll go through a some great exercises you can do for chest.
Also, I'll so teach you the correct way to perform a push-up.
So you can try these exercises a try
And if you think they're helpful or effective
Remember to drop a like on the video
And I'll see you guys next week!
So first I want to point out a few common incorrect movements
when performing push-ups.
The first would be a lot of people will
Flare their arms outwards
This is incorrect. Performing the push up this way
Will put emphasis on your delts instead of chest.
So whenever you're doing any form of push-ups
Your arms should align with your body.
Don't flare outwards, but tuck inwards.
Aligning with your body will allow you to push from your chest.
Flaring outwards its not an ideal position to push from your chest.
Another mistake is arm positioning.
They should be under your chest.
They shouldn't be above your head
Also, not under your abdominal area.
Doing them this way you won't be able to properly push from on your chest.
Another will be your body positioning.
Try your best to have your head, butt, waist and legs in a straight line.
Don't put your head too high,
Also not too low.
A lot of people do it this way.
This will cause injuries.
So try your best to have your head, butt and legs in a straight line.
A lot of people make mistake when performing push-ups.
Another mistake is a lot of people rely on momentum when doing push-ups.
"Wow, I can do them fast. I must good."
But this doesn't have any kind of effect.
You should stop for 0.2 seconds
At the top and bottom of the movement
To reduce the momentum when performing push-ups.
When doing push-ups you can do shoulder width pushing wide.
Also, diamond push-ups.
In the same way, your arms
Should align with your body while performing this exercise.
Lastly, you can also do narrow width push-ups.
So you can quickly change your hand position
And this will train the different areas of your chest.
Wide, Diamond, Narrow.
If you want to place emphasis on the lower pec
you can set your arms on an elevation.
Your feet below so you can push from your
lower pecs.
Furthermore, if you want to emphasize your upper pecs
You can place your feet on an elevation, hands below.
This will mostly train the upper part of the chest.
But this is more difficult.
The following are for those who don't have
the strength to perform horizontal or any of the other push-ups.
You can lean on your knees to perform.
You can also from an elevated position
place your hands up.
Legs below.
This will reduce the weight allowing you to do the push-up.
The last is for the more advanced.
If you still think it isn't difficult enough
You can lean on a wall to perform the push-up.
This will definitely increase the weight.
Increase the difficulty.
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伏地挺身正確的作法(怎麼練胸部)(subs) (The Correct Way To Do Push-Up(Strenghthen Chest))

1528 分類 收藏
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