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This is something I think you'd enjoy
And those of you who were parents know that
children love animals, especially talking animals,
you know kids keep talking with animals on TV
and there are movies a lot
They love them
But I always wonder how they will react of they saw a talking animal in real life,
so we've got a Hollywood makeup artist,
and we ask him to transform me into a very realistic looking pig
And then we invited young kids to come in off the street
to meet Jimmy the pig
Alright, Jetta, I'll introduce Jimmy the pig
Just a regular pig
He's pretty cool
He's sleeping now
But you can pat him here
You want pat him for a little while?
After go breastfeed the koala bear.
Good luck.
Can I pat him?
Have you ever met a talking pig before?
Can you guys keep it a secret?
That cowboy
the big jerk that brought you in here
we did not let him know that I could talk
Okay, and I won't be able to come to live in your houses with you.
I think I here the boots
How's everything going?
Still sleeping
Hey, I brought bacon for you guys
Do you want to eat some?
You must be really hungry
Yeah, it's good for you
Leftover from this morning
Okay, such a good pig
Alright, eat you bacon now, I'll be right back
You're ugly
Excuse me?
The pig said that
The pig said what.
-Nothing -Did you call me ugly?
I'm gonna be honest
I've known the pig a lot longer than you
When he says he didn't talk, and he can't talk
Then I believe
Can you talk?
He just said he can't talk
These girls says that you could talk
isn't that ridiculous?
It's ridiculous.
Now, I gonna take my bacon back
As you become more honest to me
They said you talk
That's crazy.
Hey, what's the big idea?
You told him I talk
I didn't!
I know you didn't. How could you told him I talk?
I didn't...
Did you see that bacon he gave you?
You know where he got that?
From the last pig that was in this fence
So I don't want to end up like that
You like bacon.
No, it's made up of pigs.
I do.
Sorry, no I don't. I was kidding
Okay, so when the cowboy comes backs in here
what you guys will say
"I'm sorry, we were lying and we want to..."
I don't listen to talking pig.
-You don't listen to talking pig? -I do
You do? Good, good
I only listen to my parents
I'm not telling to listen to me
I'm asking you to help me
Will you help me?
Okay, thank you.
So when he comes in...
Alright, listen to me
I'm freaking out of here
I need to know the truth
Do I have a talking pig or not?
We made it all up
You made it up?
That why that we call you names
How about I offer you each 20 dollars
Tell me the truth
-We all made up that he can talk. -Yeah
You made it up?
Yeah, but we're sorry
Yeah, we're way sorry.
I have 40 dollars each
40 dollars for each of them of you.
40 dollars, tell me the truth. Does he speak? -Yes
He does?
Oh no!
Oh no!
Why would you do this?
We had a good thing going of three of us
And then the money came in, everything changed
Let me tell you something, girls
One morning, when you're eating breakfast,
and you bit into a piece of bacon,
and that bacon starts talking,
I want you to know, that was me
You turn into bacon?
Oh, forget it
I am Jimmy Kimmel, did you know there were things other than
pornography on the Internet?
Watch them on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Youtube channel.
Which much like your own body.
I encourage you to explore


【吉米秀】什麼?吉米變成豬了?! (Jimmy the Pig)

7345 分類 收藏
Crystal Wu 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 25 日    jenny 翻譯    Crystal Wu 審核
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