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you know
well they are
this is not there to inside
she would be a genocide throughout may

to help you make the transition to on
it's a well-known fact that sergeants
knew more about religion anybody else

so it's a good idea to mister when your
sergeant talked

out your you've all heard the same
there's a right way
out wrong way
any army when
my job is to teach you the uh...
the army waiting to everything
including many things you've been doing
all your life

things that will help you and your
future jobs anymore i mean

things that might be called
strictly personal
or in
mingling with allot of things
if that were anyways there is the world
indeed each of you will have to be
wanted about decimal i did

the army insists on a high standard of
going to

this begins with a cane you give your
own money

after all a twenty fourteen inside the
uniform that really count

keep your leads j
they look metering yes dr
keep your under arms control
it's one of the ways to guard against
natural body odor

peter laufer shower at least
gay debating is a necessity the dig into
it when living in a close hoon

he won't be fleet won't to get one
munching the monies one line
don't risk offending levels
to be really cool is being cleaned from
this came out

what do you want yourself contained unit
be sure to wash out to stockings enjoy
under clothes every day

and put on it means that every day to

in addition to hang in there
men would mean group
one home milken ruin the total

demand black
your head should be needed to mop note
to the show

but inappropriate blame
uniform in the car
it should not extend below the bottom
edge of the common

this obviously wanting
need to move in
known in the winds on the one thing
injured always tried to help them
do your best brush your hair once a day
and washing
pointed out that night if that's the way
to keep it looking

and don't violate one else's hairbrush
and home

they wouldn't hurt to knows it too
brushed your teeth after every meal
there's only one rightly to brush your

that's not it privately
brush with an up-and-down motion gently
massaging your guns while you clean your

that's more like private baking
you should have to toothbrushes
use them all to know
to do it in a plastic cup on your
monitor sir

by keeping your toothbrush is exposed to
the aid

then have a chance to drive op any germs
on them will die of natural death

wash your face a couple of times a day
washington post on it
gives you a little bit
like you'd put on your face in the
daytime is the army's business

you're not
my bedtime private baker to put on a
complicated makeup like that happened

but more important
wearing a lot of make up with a black
uniform is bad tapes

how to the next day parade no
all of the natural shape of your lips
and blah blah any excess let's stick
with the claims of jewish

another part of goodwill needed care if
you had a few days

and keeping a national so they don't
interfere with your work

if you're using your money
use a moderate or colorless one
way punish me
kindly anything that looks worse than it
should be o'connor

carrying a common dipstick movement
during the day

multipoint if rationing of your
appearance between classes

table always look mean
the well-dressed black is always ready
for inspection

stocking seen scraped
uniform press
brass polished incorrectly plates
morning one-inch about the right

not down on the moon
everything just dropped
but the home
can be spoiled by bad posture
and an off football
there are many different ways to work
isn't quality
waited for the appropriate the if
they've been gaby dot sloughed

brown and teenager waco but none of them
looks right or uses the muscles problem

there is only one comment wait awhile in
the wild

with head up displaying riding in the
and when you are posturing going feel
better and you look at it

and day
lacked the
marching to classes and even greater in
your future army assignments all your

the condition of your pain company
working hard and physical well-being

so it's important to take proper care of
them from the start

when you are clearly hurt you
group all over
and you're not much good for anything
that's why the army takes so much care
in fifteen your new shoes properly

but it's equally important
it s socks and stockings also be the
right size

they had to show what ought to know
they will make your pizza
and they may give you blisters
alternate among your shoes from one day
to the banks

so that they will get broken in
graduating pains

after they are broken and continue to
alternate they're wearing

and have randolph deals with pain
to avoid ingrown toenails train your
mail straight across

where your shower slickers to and from
the tree

he sure did drive carefully between your
toes after spending pork taking about

the shower
and watch for chronic skin between hippo
it may be the first sign of athlete's

painful infection which
thrives in the warm down a rep swimming
pools and the tree

and can spread rapidly from one person
to another

do you think you have acne split
we'd like to meet platoon sergeant

when you go into town to buy your

not good taste beyond god
get a plain black leather
unsuitable commercial design but closed
toe in kenya

he surely geo is at least
one of the house inches high
but not more than three inches high
the with these rules and mine
the redistrict any pair of plane hiking
you background promised offense

and expresses your individuality
fancy shoes do not belong with the
military uniform

the always inappropriate is this would

accorded hearing
and high level of energy
armenians are carefully planned to give
you a balanced diet is a proper wings

in the proper precautions
each day the army menu officer apparent
selection in the bottom

pastry incapable carbohydrates that give
you an answer

brilliant salads for minerals and
vitamins that build blood involved

bunker protein in fact that also give
you an answer

need updates for the protein that
develops muscle tone

starches like beans or potato
vegetables such as string beans

and of course such staples of read email
all of these aren't necessary food
so take somebody everything that every

only dot weight and make sure you get a
variety of food

to maintain health and energy
this is the right way to go down the

and games
is the wrong way
second helpings of violence
but when you eat more food in your body
needs nobody goes on

and when you concentrate on high-calorie
foods to the exclusion of everything

the same thing
i'm gonna love
don't eat snacks between means
dispassionately not candy and scream
still doesn't

or other fattening sweets
big represent excess calories along with
about what you need

and what is already being provided in
the muscle

one candy bar everyday
and putting extra ten to fifteen pounds
on you any year private baker



嚴格個人:女子軍團訓練 - 衛生,健康和行為(1963年) (Strictly Personal: Women's Army Corps Training - Hygiene, Health and Conduct (1963))

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