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Go on, more!
You looked good up there. Aren't you afraid of heights?
Hey, where are you going?
- To take a shower. - With all this water around us?
I want to get changed.
You're not a very good host, you know!
- It wasn't me who invited you. - Tell me how you really feel!
What do you want me to do, dive in and swim back to land?
Say, what do you have against me?
- Nothing. - Then why do you look at me like that?
Come on, let's have a chat.
Come on.
- How old are you? - 23.
And... have you been with many men?
Are you really interested? It sounds like you're collecting data for a census!
- How do you earn a living? - Oh, on whatever I find.
- In the city there are enough opportunities. - Like what, for example?
Have you seen those photographs sailors keep in their cabins?
Well, I've done that, as well.
- Can I ask you a question? - Yes, why not? Of course.
Have you ever been with a woman?
- Well... - So, you have?
- No. - Why? Don't you like women?
What does that matter?
If you liked them, you would have done it already, no?
Is that all you think exists between a man and a woman?
What else could there be?
There could be... love. One could fall in love.
That's what I'm saying! That's what I mean!
No, you're saying that love is to sleep with someone.
Of course! What else could it be?
You know, you sound so foolish.
- So, you would go with anyone? - No, with the men I like.
If someone is good...
What does "good" mean to you?
"Good" can mean many different things. If he buys you things, if he's kind...
But above all if he really wants you...
if he wants only you, and he wants you at all costs.
Then he really loves you. It's quite rare!
So, by "good" you mean...
good in general?
Good with others, you mean, good with everyone.
No, that's an asshole! I mean good with me, not with others.
If he's good with others, what would that make me? Just anyone?
- And that's it? Nothing else? - What do you want there to be?
So, for you a man is just something that you find useful?
If a woman doesn't look for protection and affection in a man...
what does she look for?
Anyway, a woman knows right away what a man is really like.
- And what's that? - I already told you!
It has to be someone who wants you at all costs.
So, then you're sure, you don't have to worry...
you feel supported. - Yes, even better if he's rich!
You're such an idiot!


腐敗(1963) (LA CORRUZIONE (1963) excerpt [Eng subs])

185 分類 收藏
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