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  • Higher!

  • Go on, more!

  • You looked good up there. Aren't you afraid of heights?

  • Hey, where are you going?

  • - To take a shower. - With all this water around us?

  • I want to get changed.

  • You're not a very good host, you know!

  • - It wasn't me who invited you. - Tell me how you really feel!

  • What do you want me to do, dive in and swim back to land?

  • Stefano!

  • Say, what do you have against me?

  • - Nothing. - Then why do you look at me like that?

  • Come on, let's have a chat.

  • Come on.

  • - How old are you? - 23.

  • And... have you been with many men?

  • Are you really interested? It sounds like you're collecting data for a census!

  • - How do you earn a living? - Oh, on whatever I find.

  • - In the city there are enough opportunities. - Like what, for example?

  • Have you seen those photographs sailors keep in their cabins?

  • Well, I've done that, as well.

  • - Can I ask you a question? - Yes, why not? Of course.

  • Have you ever been with a woman?

  • - Well... - So, you have?

  • - No. - Why? Don't you like women?

  • What does that matter?

  • If you liked them, you would have done it already, no?

  • Is that all you think exists between a man and a woman?

  • What else could there be?

  • There could be... love. One could fall in love.

  • That's what I'm saying! That's what I mean!

  • No, you're saying that love is to sleep with someone.

  • Of course! What else could it be?

  • You know, you sound so foolish.

  • - So, you would go with anyone? - No, with the men I like.

  • If someone is good...

  • What does "good" mean to you?

  • "Good" can mean many different things. If he buys you things, if he's kind...

  • But above all if he really wants you...

  • if he wants only you, and he wants you at all costs.

  • Then he really loves you. It's quite rare!

  • So, by "good" you mean...

  • good in general?

  • Good with others, you mean, good with everyone.

  • No, that's an asshole! I mean good with me, not with others.

  • If he's good with others, what would that make me? Just anyone?

  • - And that's it? Nothing else? - What do you want there to be?

  • So, for you a man is just something that you find useful?

  • If a woman doesn't look for protection and affection in a man...

  • what does she look for?

  • Anyway, a woman knows right away what a man is really like.

  • - And what's that? - I already told you!

  • It has to be someone who wants you at all costs.

  • So, then you're sure, you don't have to worry...

  • you feel supported. - Yes, even better if he's rich!

  • You're such an idiot!



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A1 初級 美國腔

LA CORRUZIONE (1963)節選 [英文字幕] (LA CORRUZIONE (1963) excerpt [Eng subs])

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