B1 中級 美國腔 37 分類 收藏
You're all right?
Follow me!
Open the shutters!
The door!
Go in!
Why are you locking me in? I haven't done anything wrong!
The master forbids trespassing on his lands.
Get in there.
Stay right there!
- So, it's you! - Madam?
You're the one who was to come.
I've done nothing wrong. I just came because of the boat trip.
I had to watch the garden while the others... - What others?
- The Brigands. - What did they want?
Take back the things they had once left in the crypt.
- What crypt? - I don't know.
It was a game. They're not bad boys, just a little crazy.
They're children.
Where are you from?
From the castle opposite, on the other side of the lake.
There's a castle on the other side of the lake?
It's the school of Heiligenstadt.
- And you are boarders there? - We are.
Come close to me.
- What's your name? - Vincent.
- I'd like to tell you... - Yes?
You're beautiful!
No, you mustn't!
- Follow me! - Leave us!
The others have run away. He's the only one I could catch.
It's nothing serious, just children playing.
It was the students from the school opposite, not burglars.
They broke a window pane in the cellar!
It doesn't matter, I'm telling you. Leave!
You've come, I knew it! I knew it well, one day you would come.
You never see anyone here!
How long have you been in Heiligenstadt?
- Four months. - And before that?
I lived in Argentina with my mother.
In Argentina, but that's the other end of the world!
You see, there's no ocean deep enough to part what's to be joined together!
- Argentina! It's a big country, isn't it? - Huge!
When I was a little girl, there were words
like that. They carried me away. Far, far away!
Galaxy, mangrove, Argentina!
- Why is everything so dark? - He's not well.
He can't bear the slightest sound.
How about the windows, why are they closed?
Those are his orders.
He can't stand daylight.
And also, he's terribly moody.
The people from the village say the house is haunted.
Ah, they say so? Haunted, yes. He's all over the place!
He's got eyes and ears in the walls. He can see my thoughts.
He can hear the slightest footstep.
But you've come in spite of that!
How beautiful you are!
How sweet, how young you are!
And I'm sitting there, with all those dark years
on my shoulders, that never-ending solitude.
Days no different from nights.
Why don't you open the windows, let life in!
Let the lake and the mountain,
and the morning breeze in!
All those things were not meant for me.
You can't stay here! Confined within those awful walls!
You must do something! You must get out!
If ever I get out, his eyes are peering behind the closed shutters.
If ever I walk outside, the dragging steps of his club-foot cling to my own.
- Listen! He's just knocked. - I didn't hear anything.
He's knocked! It's his silver cane, he's calling me!
- You must go! - I don't want to go.
You must!
Perhaps we'll meet again soon, someday. But you can't stay.
You don't know him. He's merciless!
Keep me by your side!
- Child! Dearest child! - Just a while, a little while more.


瑪麗鞍的青春 (1955) (MARIANNE (1955) )

37 分類 收藏
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