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I give up. (laughs)
Way too difficult.
I just stood there next to her
and I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't even speak to her.
Oh my god, Eric!
Come on!
Hey guys, I'm Eric.
I recently moved to New York,
and it's a little hard to make friends here.
Everyone's always in a rush.
People are hard to talk to.
I don't know.
I feel like I'm, maybe it's my fault.
I feel like I'm intruding
or like I don't know what to talk to people about. So...
I just don't feel like I'm connecting with anyone,
so I'm just gonna break my wall,
and I'm gonna try to make more friends today
by talking to 100 strangers.
Huh, this is so scary, okay.
you can just talk to people.
How's it going, man?
Hey man, how's it going?
Good, how are you?
Is it cool if I sit here?
Yeah, go ahead.
Oh, cool man.
I'm just trying to meet people.
You play chess?
Nah, I don't wanna ...
You don't, no?
Yeah, I'm just having a quite lunch.
Quiet lunch?
Alright, dude. It's good, it's good.
I'm Eric. Nice to meet you.
I'm eating, you see?
Don't talk to people while they eat.
Don't talk when people are eating?
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry. Nice to meet you, though.
Who do I talk to, man?
I don't think anybody wants to talk to me.
Hey guys, what's up?
Are you guys from here?
Yeah? I'm new.
I'm sorry to make this awkward.
I've been here like two months.
Trying to make friends.
So I'm literally just going to the park
and, like, talking to people.
It's really awkward.
Grab a seat!
Yeah, really?
Yeah, of course!
Awe, you guys are the best.
Alright, I'm gonna do it.
No, it's cool. I didn't have friends here for like three months.
So I get it.
I'm Julie.
Eric, nice to meet you.
Where'd you moved from?
I moved from Philly.
Oh nice, so not too far.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Is it cool if I sit down?
Uh, yeah, I only have ten minutes, but ...
What are you reading?
Everything, Everything
What's that about?
A girl has like a disease, and she can't leave her house
and she falls in love with the guy next door.
Are you guys...
Do you want to eat something?
Yeah, sure.
Where are you guys from, Israel?
No way. I just went on Birthright.
Is it cool if I watch?
Oh, please do.
Oh, dude, thank you guys.
Can I hear a poem?
Um, I'll write you one if you want.
Yeah, man.
How did you get in to juggling?
I just saw somebody do it in the beginning,
and then I started balancing things on my face and juggling.
Where do you go to school?
Oh, that's awesome.
Design stuff?
Yep, design and technology.
That's crazy.
I don't think I've ever met a butcher before.
I actually did pre-med at Cornell,
and then a master's program at Columbia.
Jesus. Oh my god.
You're smart as hell.
Dude, if you ever want to jump in...
We're working through Macbeth right now as an ensemble.
We're trying to really develop this without a director.
I'd love to sometime, maybe take a lesson or something.
Do you guys have cards?
Or just, I'll find you.
I'll give you my number.
Yeah, let me get your number.
How did you decide to just start like this,
like writing poems on the street?
Have you ever seen the movie《Before Sunrise》?
No, I have not.
It's got Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy
and it's just them like having a conversation for 2 hours
And at one point, they're walking along the river
and this guy accosts them and says,
"Hey, let me write you a poem."
And I was like, "Oh, I could do that."
And so the next day, I went out and I made this stupid sign
Dude, this is gettin' easy.
I'm getting good at this.
The next few hours were incredible.
I met so many interesting people
and I hope this video can lessen the stigma
behind talking to strangers
because it truly is eye-opening.
I mean, strangers fed me a bagel, okay?
And there was just so much positive energy and joy.
Everyone was laughing, having a good time,
and I ended up adding 100 people on Instagram,
who I genuinely want to stay in touch with.
I know this is getting cheesy,
but I experienced something awesome,
and I hope everyone can see how much love
this world has to offer.
I just feel like I'm in love with strangers now.
I just want to talk to strangers all the time.
Just like, how's it going man?
Good, excited days.
Yay! Good, good, good.


在紐約挑戰一天搭訕 100 個陌生人! (I Became Friends With 100 Strangers In A Day)

17150 分類 收藏
Jerry 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 2 日    Jerry 翻譯    Evangeline 審核


大家有挑戰過搭訕路人嗎?或者你會接受路人的搭訕嗎?要克服心裡的那關才敢大方地去搭訕路人啊,好難!影片中的主角 Eric 一開始也是很怕,不過隨著搭訕的次數越多,他也越來越自然地交到新朋友,也聽到形形色色的人有趣的故事或經歷,來看看他到底在紐約遇到了哪些人!

1in a rush0:20
in a rush 是副詞片語,意思是「匆匆忙忙地」,和 in a hurry 的意思相同。
Hey, we're not in a rush. Take your time and remember to bring all the stuff you need.

intrude 在影片中的意思是「打擾」,還有另一個意思是「侵入、闖入」。
A: Is Jenna in the classroom?
B: She is taking a nap now.
A: Oh, I don't want to intrude. I'll come and find her later.
A: Jenna 現在在教室嗎?
B: 她正在睡午覺。
A: 噢,我不想打擾她。那我等下再來找她好了。

They intruded on our territory last night, so the king declared war on them this morning.

Hey, don't intrude in our conflict. Your intrusion only makes matters worse.

這個字從字面上一定馬上就能猜到意思了吧!意思就是「大開眼界的;有啟發性的」,而 eye opener 則表示「令人驚奇、大開眼界的,並從中學到很多新東西的事件」。
The show was eye-opening! I really appreciated that my friend brought me here.

Backpacking through Europe was definitely an eye opener for me. It's was an unforgettable experience of my life.

【阿滴英文】我學習英文的歷程分享 (How I Learned English!)

cheesy 這個字在口語上和起司沒什麼關係,而是「老套俗氣的;虛假做作的」的意思,很常在聊天當中使用到。影片中主角 Eric 說他所搭訕到的 100 個陌生人,都是他想繼續保持連絡的人,這聽起來真的很假、很場面話對吧!所以他才會說 I know this is getting cheesy.。
The plot of this movie is so cheesy. I really don't recommend it! You can watch another movie tonight.

青少年對九○年代愛情電影的反應 (DO TEENS KNOW 90's ROMANCE MOVIES? (REACT: Do They Know It?))

看完影片是不是有給你一點搭訕別人的勇氣呢?雖然小 V 還是很害羞完全不敢啦!><

文/ Vicky




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