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  • Alright fellas open mic at the library your first gig go get 'em

  • Hey, do I have time to get a drink at the water fountain where the water does not crest above the dispenser sure!

  • I Can taste the previous person's cough. Fellow card holders, please put your hands together for Griffin and Quagmire

  • I can't open strange places. I can only open my home

  • It's as though. I'm watched by strangers I

  • it is why i never roll

  • Excuse me. I just want to grab one of those newspapers

  • Just grab one and go I'm looking for a job, okay

  • I've left Stewie alone with strangers

  • Satisfy my fecal needs I put my whole family in danger

  • Huh, everybody left well this was a waste of time I could have gone hiking with the girls

  • We don't hike we just wear tight pants and get coffee

  • Well I guess no one cares about our music I thought we were pretty good yeah, I've seen worse performance sheesh

  • I was walking home around 8:15 p.m.. To my car. It was very dark, and then I heard the footsteps

  • boo, get to the sex

  • guys I got great news

  • What is it Mort?

  • I put your performance on jouTube the promoters of the New England Music Festival saw it and they want to book you

  • What are you kidding me? Oh my god you hear that quagmire? We're on our way. We gotta celebrate like girls in their 20s. Oh

  • My god we are so random

  • Okay, that's quagmire. We're making music living the dream and to think just last week my only creative outlet was picking hockey fights at work

  • Griffin I need these shipping reports filled out by five o'clock today

  • Hey Peter, I just wanted to wish you good luck. Oh, that's great. Thank you so much. What's your name, honey?

  • It's me Lois all right backstage whore. Here's the key to my hotel room

  • You can flush the dump I left in there what ladies and gentlemen please welcome

  • Griffin and Quagmire

  • Peter we're on

  • Have you ever put butter on a fuck time it's so friggin good

  • Have you ever put butter on a pop-tart if you haven't better think you should I?

  • Was sitting in the kitchen one day

  • And I was itching to fill up my belly with the piping hot jelly of the best damn treat in the world

  • He's talking Bob time and I saw a stick of butter red it almost made me shudder and scream like a baby girl

  • I don't want a giant penis or

  • Win the lottery

Alright fellas open mic at the library your first gig go get 'em


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Family Guy - Peter Beats Up Angela (Family Guy - Peter Beats Up Angela)

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