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Do you ever just feel like a fish out of
water like nobody really gets you and
you feel out of place?
That's why I wanted to make today's
video to share with you three tips of
what you can do when you're feeling this
way. So before I get started I just want
to share a really short story with you
guys. When I say feeling like a fish
out of water out of place I don't
necessarily mean that you feel like this
all the time it can be just in a
particular area of your life.
So when I was younger I always had great
friends around me but i always loved
talking about spirituality and universe
philosophy for as long as I can remember
and it was an area that i really had a
hard time connecting with people on so I
remember this one time when I must have
been 12 years old or something like that I was at the park and I started asking my
friend if she thinks that when we're
born on this earth if we have all this
predisposed knowledge or if were born
like a blank slate and we learned
everything as we go along from our
parents and our influences also now known
as the nature versus nurture debate
which back then I didn't even know what
that was but I remember she looked at me
like i was a weirdo and the conversation
kind of ended there and to be honest I
don't blame her because we were 12 so
that being said I know that there is a
lot of times when I wanted to talk about
these things or initiated conversation
and people were just not really
responsive and it made me feel like a
little bit of a weirdo back then so i
wanted to share with you guys my three things
that I know now that I definitely
didn't know back then and what i do now
when I feel like a fish out of water i
feel out of place!
Alright so the first thing i want to say
about this is that it's actually a
so what I mean by that is if you read
the biographies of some of the most amazing
entrepreneurs and philosophers around
the world you'll see that a lot of the
times they felt misunderstood out of
place, didn't get the school system
questioned everything were always told
that they were weird or strange or silly
and they should just stick to the norm
so if you do have something that you
love talking about or you love and
researching about or whatever it is i
would say hold on to that and pursue it
because these people have gone on to
create amazing organizations to change
the way the world works and to change
the way we think about a lot of things
in this world so it's super important
and I promise you it is a blessing so
For me if you take a look at what i do i
basically combine spirituality and
science in my practice as a mindset
coach and kinesiologist so ALL I do these
days is talk about the universe and
spirituality and philosophy and how the
mind works and psychology and all these
things so it's absolutely served me and I
could definitely see where that interest
sparked as a little girl how it helped
me get to where I am today so if i had
just shut myself down and not let myself
explore it on my own further and thought
i was a weirdo
I definitely wouldn't even be where I am
today. The second thing I want to say
is if you have something that you love
to talk about or you love to do make
sure you seek other like-minded people
around you
so if you guys don't know I actually
grew up in Canada and I moved over 12
Australia three years ago. And when I
moved to Australia i took a whole bunch
of seminars and I studied and I met most
of my friends here now in the natural
health industry so we have very similar
interests and we could talk about things
like spirituality in the universe and
all these things for days and days and
days but that's because I consciously
sought out to make connections and make
friends with people that had similar
interests to me
alright so the final thing that you can
do when you feel like a fish out of
water and you don't have any like-minded
people around you is to actively seek a
connection point so for example say you
go into a workplace and there's no
like-minded people around you - you know
that what I would encourage you to do is
find a common
point so for me yes i love spirituality
and all that kind of stuff but i also
love yoga and i also love traveling and
I also love marketing and i also love
you know interior design or whatever it
may be
so if I'm speaking to somebody that I
know has zero interest in what I do for
a living or spirituality or any stuff
like that then actively try to find
something that we do have in common. Is
it a place that they've traveled to
around the world that i can ask them
questions about etc sometimes it's
really a simple it's just finding a book
or series or a TV show or movie maybe
both enjoyed and you can talk about that
because if you're talking about
something that you love and they're
talking about something that they love
you're automatically going to feel
alright so those are my three tips of
what you can do when you feel
disconnected and like a fish out of
water so just to recap some really
really quickly
number one is that you're just a genius
so remember that there's actually
nothing that's wrong with you
number two is to seek out like-minded
people and connect with them and number
three is if you know somebody has
dissimilar interests, find something on
common ground like a TV show or series
or a place that you both traveled to so
you can connect over that
alright guys if you liked this video be
sure to hit the like button below share
with your friends and subscribe for
weekly videos every single tuesday on
how to master your mindset! Bye!



78 分類 收藏
Hhart Budha 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 9 日
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