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Tomas. It's Janet. Someone from your office just called.
I heard what happened. Are you okay?
Hey Zack, it's me.
No, everything's fine.
did a silly thing. I lost my glasses.
Yeah, can't see a thing.
Well, I was wondering if you could come down and meet me in front of my office.
I kinda need a ride.
You know, are you sick or something?
I'm not dying, okay.
You know I haven't heard from you in nearly a year.
I just, I lost my glasses.
You lost your glasses.
Hey, uh, sir, what's going on? Call me back, please.
Looks like it's going to rain.
So, what are you doing for work these days?
I'm a photographer.
Have you entertained the thought of getting a real job?
Do you like what you do?
We didn't come here to talk. We came here to have lobster.
I always loved these little toothpicks. With the wheel on them.
With the wheel on them.
Tomas, I heard about the news. Call me back. I need to know the story.
I know how hard you've been working.
This is a party for a filmmaker, friend of yours.
Yeah, so she's just graduated.
Well can I have a ticket?
There are no tickets, Dad.
Tomas, where are you?
Tomas, sir, I'm sorry about what happened.
Tomas, I heard about what happened at the office this morning... I just want to make sure you're okay.
What's going on? Are you okay? Please let one of us know.
Are you crazy? What did you do?
I quit my job.
You follow the same path your whole life. And one day you wake up and wonder… is this it?
I did something I didn't love for 35 years.
So if you love it, do it, do it with all your might.
So what are you going to do now?


成長:作個好父母 ([Mercedes-Benz original] Grow up: Be a good parent)

5377 分類 收藏
Rigoletto Lin 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 8 日
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