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Greetings, I am...
You have come to the right place, neb! We have everything you could possibly want!
What I want is to ask about false idols sold at the market.
I have heard rumors of such, but there is nothing to them.
Now leave, if you want to avoid trouble.
You sold me an amulet of Hathor, and my wife got sick anyway!
These cat mummies are false!
Tell me of the fake mummies being sold here.
I have no desire to be dragged into this.
Menehet sends me. Your silence is an insult to his holy office.
Er, I wish to anger neither him nor the gods.
We are forced to sell items of lesser quality, or see our stalls destroyed.
Who's behind this?
I can say no more now.
Let us meet tonight, where the village turns to farmland.
My friend! I am glad to see you have kept our appointment.
come, sit with me and share a drink of wine.
I do not have time for that.
It is a beautiful night.
Let us enjoy the coolness of the air for a moment before turning to business.
Merchant, I am not here to take in the air.
Who is behind the traffic of false icons?
Well, you see, it is no simple story.
There are many involved in this terrible affair, but they would all tell you the same thing...
"Pity the trusting man, for he suffers great pain."
Seek evil, and you will always find it!
I can't wait to see what your guts look like.
The path to knowledge is perilous!
This one's a worthy fighter. A shame his curiosity will be fatal.
A man who fights as well as you can perhaps afford to be trusting.
Talk, or you will meet the same fate as your friends.
That will not br necessary.
Among the dunes southeast of here is the bandit camp where the fake mummies are made.
I suppose you will go and destroy it now.
Better I smash the camp than your head.
Destroying these forgeries will earn the favor of the gods.
As Ra lives! What a disgrace.
Menehet will rest easy, now that this is done.
Heh, how can I ease the burdens of an old friend?
Tonight we will stage a grand spectacle.
Our goddess Sekhmet defends the people against Isfet's chaos.
But Pamu, our champion, is nowhere to be found!
The high priest will judge me responsible for his absence!
I'll have a look.
Sekhmet bless you! His home is near the market... but check the tavern first.
It pains me to ask you for a further favor...
Pamu does like a drink now and again.
This must be Pamu.
Ugh. The man stinks of beer.
Oh, thank you. I've been trying to get him to leave for hours.
That is Pamu! What has happened to him?!
His passion for toasting Sekhmet has exceeded his head for drink.
This is a disaster! People havecome from the Red Land and the Black to see him fight!
If a fight is all that's needed, I could replace him.
Of course, Medjay! You honor yourself in saving me from disgrace.
Speak to the High Priest in the temple courtyard. He will take care of the rest.
Your Holiness I'm here to fight for Sekhmet.
You're not Pamu. He was meant to play Sekhmet.
Pamu is... ill. He's recovering at the temple.
Fine. Follow me.
Do not fear. Sekhmet will receive a fine tribute.
We give thanks for your presence on this sacred night.
We invite your witness on the the solemnity of our customs.
We unveli to you a ritual that has guarded us for century upon century.
For about five years, really.
Should malice cling too strongly to your hearts, Isfet, the Evil One...
...shall smite the Goddess and condemn Yamu to a hundred seasons of darkness!
...Should your hearts be pure--
The Goddess shall favor us, shielding us from the obscurity of chaos.
Let the battle begin!
Since a time unknown, Sekhmet the Lioness has shielded us from Isfet's greed.
Isfet was once husband to Ma'at, Goddess of Order.
Tampering with her Scales of Judgement, he grew fat on the souls of mortals.
Ma'at cast him out of the Hall of Justice. In his hunger, he returned.
But Sekhmet knew his heart, and guarded the door against him.
Their battle lasted twenty days and nights before Sekhmet subdued the Lord of Chaos.
Sekhmet's might enlivens your arm!
The Lioness's fangs will cleave the darkness!
The warrior of Sekhmet beats back chaos!
Look, his weapon is bathed in Sekhmet's fire!
Warrior, thy spine is golden and blazes with splendor!
You have to win, uncle!
Sekhmet blew heat in a warrior.
The Lioness's fangs will cleave the darkness!
May Sekhmet protect us.
I could swear you were the Blood-Eater herself!
Ha! The priest's recounting of the battle between the Goddess and Isfet was new to me.
It is a a tale of his own invention! You will not hear it outside Yamu.
Would that you'd agree to stay with us longer... but I know that greater duties call you.
I'll say goodbye to the children before I leave.
Do so; they'll miss you.
You are always welcome in Yamu, whenever your journeys bring you to our nome.
The Snake will get his answer.
I wrote this.
All writing are to be copied by the Great Library!
How will I find Aya among all these endless scrolls?
I find that Phanos talks too much.
He has some interesting ideas, Very radical! It's almost alarming.
You are right about that, but can't he express them concisely?
The knowledge of the entire world is at your fingertips!
All right, Serapis, Now what? Where's Aya?
Ah Serapis, I wrote a tragi-pastoral-epic centered on him.
You're Bayek, yes? Aya is eager to see you.
Is she safe?
Quickly, follow me.
I am sorry my good fellow, you appear to be drunk, This library is for serios scholars only.
She is in hiding.
Who are you?
Ah! Interested in Homeric verse, eh? This way, please.
I am Aya's cousin, Phanos.
Ahhh yes, Phanos, nice to meet you in person.
Tell me what is happening with Aya, why are you being so discreet?
Gennadios sent his men on a house-to-house search.
Often they drag people into the street and torture them for information.
Typical of the system we live under.
A monster. The phylakitai of Alexandria. He is ravaging the city to find her.
And where is she now?
I have a very powerful friend. Apollodorus. No doubt you have heard of him.
I have not.
You will. in any case, he made a hiding-place available to Aya after she ran into trouble.
But what happened? You do not answer me.
It is a mess of political intrigue. She will explain all, fear not.
Look! There's Phanos! He thinks he's a poet!
The modern Sophocles!
You must hear his epic poet "ode to an anecdote".
This is as far as I go. The way to Aya is found in the monument ahead.
Right there. Have a little faith.
I missed you.
Never again should we spend months apart.
We only have each other without Khemu..
Ssh. Let us be together, us two, each to each.
I have news.
You are scarred by justice.
I bludgeoned Medunamun with this.
I hate that we have to do these things, but I am grateful that you did.
If I am honest, I took pleasure in it.
I have missed your touch.
I have missed touching you.
I killed as well. Actaeon. I hunted him down and discovered a mask in his room.
When he returned I forced him to wear it. then I thrust this knife through his eye slits.
But I was careless.
another of the masked once tracked me to my home.
He was even more difficult.
We have one more. then we will be done.
Look at this. I took it from Actaeon.
Apollodorus tells me it is a papyrus from the Royal Council.
Which means the Snake is in Ptolemy's court.
How does this Apollodorus know these things?
He has informants everywhere. Because of his work with Cleopatra.
Cleopatra? She's been declared a criminal.
By her treacherous brother yes.
She plans to take back the throne. She wants the Snake dead as much as we do.
And she trusts me.
She gave me this to slit his throat.
It's an ancient blade that killed the tyrants Xerxes. A weapon of justice.
I will go to the palace and discover who uses the seal of snake, and I will use this.
You'll find plenty of information in the Royal Scribe's office.
He spends his time at the bath house. Go search the palace...
What's this?
That's leads to the docks, I can't believe Phanos had you go through the pit.
You'll find plenty of information in the Royal Scribe's office.
He spends his time at the bath house.
Go search the palace while he's away.
And you?
I cannot leave here as long as Gennadios walks the streets. He is determined to kill me.
In addition to the Snake.
I will see what I can learn of this Gennadios and silence him.
Discover the Snake is and show him the face of death.
I'll meet you at the Paneum when you have killed both the Snake and Gennadios.
My heart aches until I see you again.
As does mine, my love.
Continue searching. I'll report at the palace.
Offer rewards to informers. But don't trust them. You can never trust the informers.
In fact, have them flogged once they've told us everything.
As usual, sir.
Why have you dragged me into the land of the dead?
You sought to kill my wife.
Your whore of a wife is a murderess!
Willfully and wantonly.
I did my duty as a phylakitai. And for this you have taken my life.
Is your vengeance above all law, Medjay?
Be warned, the phylakes will hunt you down and exact revenge.
May the Hidden walk beside you.
The lord of the Duat awaits.
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