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Good morning guys, today we're going to Kumamoto Prefecture
and we're having Kumamoto Ramen and Ikinari Dango!
Travelling to all 47 prefectures of Japan,
vlogging every day I'm out, this is Odigo47.
Alright, so right now we are getting ramen,
Kumamoto Ramen which is very famous in this area.
I love Ramen.
Alright Jun, how is the Kumamoto Ramen?
I'd say 9 out of 10.
What's the main difference?
So Tonkotsu Ramen is basically pork broth ramen.
This one has Ma oil. Ma oil is like garlic and sesame oil, they're fried and it's really great.
Before you eat it ... I mean ...
Once they serve it, it stimulates you up immediately, because it's really nice.
How's the Ramen, Mill?
It's good!
As soon as they serve this,
you can actually feel the difference.
It's smells differently, it's got the smoky smell from the Ma Oil,
and the noodles are thick and good!
Alright, so I got some Suica Cider here at Kumamoto Castle.
It's Watermelon Cider.
Watermelon's famous here in Kumamoto Prefecture, so I'm gonna try it.
Ooooh that's really good!
That is really sweet!
So it literally tastes like watermelon.
Watermelon Juice.
Basically carbonated Watermelon Juice,
so if you like Watermelon,
Kumamoto Prefecture! You should come!
Mill, how do you like it?
Too sweet?
Too sweet for you?
Yeah, a bit.
A bit?
You don't like that sweetness?
It's kind of refreshing.
It is right?
In this hot hot weather.
Alright, so we're heading up to Kumamoto Castle at the moment.
As you guys know,
really big earthquake hit Kumamoto Prefecture.
The Castle is in a lot of ruins.
Supposedly it's gonna take decades to repair,
because they want to make it look like
exactly how it was before
So as you can see the castle is not in very good shape.
It's gonna take a long time to rebuild
I never saw the castle before it was broken down,
but Millie over here did, so
let's hear Millie's take on it.
You were telling me that Kumamoto Prefecture was one of your favorites right? Because it's so beautiful.
and the castle's like supposedly one of the most beautiful castles in Japan
So it's pretty unfortunate right?
Yeah, it's pretty depressing to see it all broken down
It was all made out of wood because the law changed before they build it, so it was all made out of wood
and it was all like real life castle
It looked very realistic, right?
Compared to others, which I guess was his downfall
because it was built like that it was easily destroyed by the earthquake
Yeah, I was really looking forward to visiting that place again
but now...
You'll have to wait until you're older
Maybe when I'm 50 or something
Yeah it could be that long actually ... unfortunately.
Yeah, so the other main attraction besides the castle in Kumamoto is Mount Aso which is
near the airport
which we don't want to go because there was a big aftershock a week ago ... uh earthquake
And we don't want to endanger ... or put ourselves in that kind of situation just in case another aftershock may occur
So we're not gonna go up that way
The garden though was really beautiful as well
which is really close by to here
Kumamoto Square is also another thing you have to do if you're in Kumamoto Prefecture
Eat Ramen, Ikinari Dango
And tomorrow we will be exploring Miyazaki Prefecture so
stay up to date for that vlog
And we'll see you guys in the next prefecture, see you guys next time!
And once again guys this was Odigo47 where I'll be travelling to all 47 prefectures
so stay up to date because I'll be vlogging every single day
And if you don't know what Odigo is, it's a travel website that offers local and exclusive information all about Japan
Check the link in the description down below and we'll see you guys tomorrow! Bye!!


探索日本熊本縣|第 94 天-熊本 (Exploring Kumamoto, Japan|Day 94 - Kumamoto)

738 分類 收藏
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