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  • We finally made it Brian. We're in India excuse me man with no pupil. Where can we get a taxi cab around here?

  • All right, let's do it stewie. Let's go find padma shouldn't be hard in this dreamy land of wonder

  • I can already smell the enlightenment and tranquillity

  • This is wonderful. Is it Brian it's so tranquil. I'm tearing up come on

  • I think I see a cab with less than nine people in it

  • I tell you I love it here Brian the sounds the colors you know this is where the beatles came to ruin their music

  • Yeah, yeah, that's great. Anyway padma works in bangalore. So we got to hurry and catch the train company. We're really in India

  • There's cute little kids are playing Cowboys and Indians and Indians. I'm gonna shoot you with my six gun

  • I'm gonna shoot you with my bow and arrow. I'm just going to stand here wearing a shirt that appears to be a jacket

  • Do you think all those chickens had to buy tickets?

  • I don't know about I'm starving what I wouldn't give right now for a big juicy steak

  • How dare you to us? Cows are sacred? That's right

  • You're disrespecting our entire culture, and why did wes Anderson come here to make his worst movie Stewie?

  • What do we do quick hit the red buttons?

  • Wow, they came in handy. Yeah

  • Yeah, yeah, no, let's get out of here

  • We made it this is where padma works. I feel like I owe every bus in America an apology

  • So we haven't discussed what you're going to do. If she's a pig. She's already beautiful to me, and you know we'll see I

  • Caught how you gonna find her there are hundreds of people in here. Don't worry. I thought of that

  • Thank you for calling tech support. How can I help you? I'll tell you how stand on your desk Brian padma. Just do it. Oh

  • Boy, are you padma? No? I am Ronita. There is a python in my cube

  • I can't believe this. Why are you here because I was having a technical issue with my heart

  • 16 hours on a plane, and that's what you came up with I am touched you came all this way to see me

  • I'm so glad I did you're even more beautiful than I imagined

  • I

  • Have to admit you two do make a cute couple, but then again so did Chris Martin and Gwyneth paltrow

  • Do you take this woman to lecture you about?

  • Trans fats for as long as you both shall live I do and do you take this man to be a Watered-down Bono?

  • Until death do you part I do I now pronounce you pretentious and terrible you may name your daughter after a fruit

  • So this is my town

  • I have lived here my whole life well if you were born here that it must be a magical place

  • Yes, let's go get sandwiches at that new Deli. I keep hearing about

  • Thanks

  • I am so happy that you are here in fact. My family is having a big party tonight

  • You must both come as my guests. Oh

  • I hope they play that one song with the shrieking nasal atonal woman over the bongos and tambourines

  • You seem nervous are you worried about meeting padma's family?

  • Yeah, well dad, and this is always what it looks like on homeland right before there's a drone strike

  • Oh my you both look so elegant. Thanks do a little shopping today

  • Not me mine is actually an aladdin costume from last Halloween. I never travel without it

  • Family Guests and monkeys who have wandered in to steal fruit it is my honor to welcome you to this engagement celebration. Oh

  • Engagement, so who's getting married I am?

  • What?

  • Padma my beloved daughter dee Raj my future. Son-in-law, please come and meet one another

  • Well, that's a puddin jab to the figs. Where's the bar?

  • Everyone you were all so kind to come tonight, and it is so nice to meet you the Raj

  • But something happened today, and I can no longer marry you padma. What is it my true?

  • Love is here tonight tears come to me all the way from America

  • His name is Brian Griffin and my heart belongs to him

  • Quick everyone's looking at the dog go go go

We finally made it Brian. We're in India excuse me man with no pupil. Where can we get a taxi cab around here?


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