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  • Hey, I am a homosapien

  • Starts a conversation like that. I just sat down geez what's your problem Peter sorry quagmire

  • I'm still just upset about the damn government sticking its nose in my business

  • I hear you

  • Wasting our tax dollars on ridiculous causes we got to protect bald Eagles bald Eagles should be allowed to make their own decisions

  • Honey, I don't care that you're bald. I find you just as attractive. It's not about you. It's about my confidence as an Eagle architect

  • Just four Eagles will give you thicker fuller more natural hair so you can just focus on eagle stuff

  • You're an excellent architect

  • Frickin government given all a good hoses to firemen. I want dem hoses good evening

  • I'm Tom Tucker

  • And I'm Joyce Kinney coming up autism is it real or just another excuse for kids these days to forget their Manners?

  • But first thousands are expected for tomorrow's tea party Rally celebrating their new quahog headquarters

  • That's right Joyce the tea party has gained a sizable following based on their message of low taxes limited government, and happy birthday, Tom

  • Oh my God you guys

  • Tea Party, huh, well I'd like to be part of a movement

  • But what movement would want an angry fat guy with a lot of opinions who hates listening for more details on the tea party platform?

  • We now go to this totally boss fireworks show

  • oh

  • My God that's everything I believe in why they try to take that away from us. I hear you well. That's it

  • I am going down to that Rally tomorrow, and I am joining the tea party. I'll wait

  • That's the same time as my men's knitting club although they have been really critical lately

  • You're still not knitting honestly peter. You're knitting like you want us to like you. It's not coming from inside. It's very superficial

  • Thank you. You made my decision easier. Yes, that knit rat

  • Good key party morning, everyone peter you joined the tea party. That's right brian

  • I finally got something better to do with my Saturdays and sit at the mall and watch Japanese girls laugh at normal conversation

  • so I dropped all of this money to

  • Stop for coffee

  • So there's a Starbucks near my house

  • People are a Circus finally

  • I'm part of a movement of regular people trying to take back our government

  • Look the tea party isn't the grassroots movement. You think it is

  • It's actually funded by big business types who are using you to get the government out of their way so they can roll over?

  • Everyone mom held hands with a woman at the gas station this morning

  • Don't know what that means just reporting it all I'm saying is you're being used and you're too clueless to know it you just think

  • You're so superior. Don't you like that first creature to walk on Dry land?

  • Hey, where'd you go? I went for a jog. What's a jog?

  • It's a great way to stay in shape is what it is is it like a swim uh uh uh no no?

  • it's it's nothing like a swim a

  • Lot of people here today. Yeah, man. I love street fairs. They got rides games and ethnic food cooked horribly by white Americans

  • Cackles hot tacos here are those tackles you better believe they're checkout aisle of campos

  • especially on a corn tortilla

  • Oh, hi, laughs Santos on a corn tortilla

  • Boy, they're really against socialism. That's right the tea party is all about self-reliance look there's even a tunnel of self-love

  • Would you like to buy a photo of yourself on the Ride sir? No I would not

  • Welcome everyone

  • It's great to see so many

  • Regular people out here folks who are tired of big government and are ready to stand up for their rights?

  • Yeah, Dad with a spindle crack

  • We are Marshall and now it's my privilege to Introduce another regular blue-collar guy our quahog chapter

  • Spokesman Joe Workingman

  • Afternoon friends and socio-economic equals is anyone else out there sick of government crap

  • Android it's like he's saying everything. I'm listening to that's right the government wants to tell you what foods to eat

  • And what shirts you can go to?

  • And then you can't own a chimpanzee because you're not responsible enough. I

  • Would feed it also the government wants to tell you how many children you can have what?

  • And the government wants to tell you you can't throw your old TVs into the river this how I supposed to hang

  • TV if you join the tea party together we can fix all that

  • But you probably don't want to join the tea party because all you get are these stupid awesome?

  • Keychain oh

  • My God, it's the keychain from the dream

Hey, I am a homosapien


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家有兒女 - 彼得加入男士編織俱樂部 (Family Guy - Peter Joins Men Knitting Club)

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