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  • There it is you guys the best roller coaster in all a cohort the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the ride

  • You know I think we kind of figured that movie was gonna turn out to be bigger than it was oh come on Lois

  • It'll be awesome. It simulates all the fun of um

  • What was it now light was like a like a tall guy in a black hat and a cape or something?

  • Yeah, yeah, and there was the guy with the mask who wore a mask and one guy I had an umbrella yeah

  • And I believe he opened it at one point yeah, and it wasn't overly long. Yeah, I know not overly long

  • Sorry, sir. There's a weight limit on this coaster. Oh really what's the limit the rule is you can't look hilarious on this motor scooter

  • I'm sorry. There's just no way

  • Big news out of Six Flags Columbus today as they unveil what promises to be the largest roller coaster in the United States

  • That's right. Joyce. They call it the Holocaust the ride has several Jewish groups up in arms as they go over the first rise

  • No, I'm kidding there. They're actually pretty upset Wow

  • I had heard about the Holocaust, but I never believed it till right now. I have to ride that ride Peter come on

  • They're not gonna let you ride that ride either you're overweight

  • Yeah, if you want to ride that rollercoaster you're gonna have to go on a diet a diet. Huh all right?

  • Well, how does that work? Well I suppose you can start by keeping a food journal like quagmire does yeah in fact?

  • I got it right here today. I ate peaches ginger honey. Candy olive

  • You know what this is the wrong list all right? If that's what it takes to ride that ride

  • I am going on a diet

  • And I'm not stopping till I look as good as my great aunt legs go all the way up Griffin

  • Hey, baby, those legs go all the way up. Why yes, they do aah. Oh my god. You're a monster

  • My legs are shaved like a little girl

  • Hey, what do you got there Peter rice cakes never had one, but somebody told me this is a really good way to statute diet

  • Who could think of such a horrible thing ha ha ha we know you not like rice cake

  • All right Peter the most important thing when you're on a diet is willpower now

  • I'm gonna put this steaming pile the windowsill to cool now

  • No matter how many beckoning fingers that steam morphs into or how badly it tries to sneak its way up your nose

  • I want you to resist the urge to

  • Levitate off the ground and float towards the pie and seem too hard all right go stand over there

  • Ha ha I know you don't

  • Know no you can't go in there no no stay out of there. That's my special area

  • I'm saying what kind of pie is this Peter. It's making me watch

  • I

  • Don't understand. Why we have to drive all the way to Ohio to write a stupid roller coaster

  • Yeah besides, they're still not gonna let you on you haven't actually lost any weight

  • Oh, I think my live figure would suggest otherwise a girdle is not a substitute for weight loss Peter

  • Hey, I'm riding that roller coaster, and that's all there is to it now. Let's get out of here. This thing's squishing my organs around

  • Aaron is kids Columbus, Ohio now remember there are no rules about who can wear stretch pants here

  • So you're gonna see some pretty shocking things Brian is this our vacation. Yeah, Oh?

  • Are we trash kinda

  • I'm sorry, sir, you're too fat to ride the coaster. Oh darn it. Yeah, once you go back to your pond hippo

  • Hey, how about me, sir am I too fat to ride? No you don't seem to be

  • You gotta hand it to him he had a dream and he made it happen. That's what the Wright brothers

  • Did so how's your boyfriend ovale doing?

  • ex-boyfriend if you don't mind and who cares

  • He's probably off in a barn somewhere working on a contraption with that weird brother of his you

  • Haha, bitch

  • You're so pretty I miss you

  • Well this has given me a lot to think about

  • My son is dead

There it is you guys the best roller coaster in all a cohort the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the ride


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