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side chicks
Skinny people.
Fat people.
W-who pretend they're doing stuff for the camera.
The world is ready for the next really expensive product.
Hi, my name is Steve Trabajo, founder and CEO of Pineapple.
Pineapple is like Apple,
It's just a, it's a little crappier, or it's a lot, it's a lot crappier you know, thank you very much.
It's a lot crappier, you know? It's
We're very excited to announce our new product that you definitely don't need,
But we're gonna push it anyway,
Because we like money.
Introducing, for the first time ever,
The Pineapple iPhone X.
It's amazing ... it's ... I'm about to blow your mind of how crazy
... great ... it's gonna ... everybody's gonna have good time.
Let's talk about the new features. Thank you very much.
Last one, huh?
Ah ahh
Let's talk about the new features. Pineapple wireless headphones. Our scientists are working extremely hard
Using state-of-the-art technology to develop wireless headphones.
They're like the Apple wireless headphones,
But, they don't really w- they don't really work.
Apple has Siri. Pineapple has Maria. Maria is like Siri, or she, except
She's a little, she's a little crappier. She's got a little bit more attitude. Whatever you need, Maria will do it.
If she's in the mood.
Hey, Maria.
What do you want, Steve?
Can you give me directions to the nearest Starbucks?
Just look it up on Google.
Are you kidding, like, are you kidding me right now? What do I look like to you?
Relax, calm, calm down, calm down, I'm just asking. I'm asking, can you please help me out?
No way, Jose, you can Google it.
Yo, what's with the attitude, bro?
I don't have attitude ... already had coffee today, okay?
That's not true, that's not, that's not at all true, you're making stuff up, oh shut up!
Racist Pineapple music.
Are you ever scrolling through your library...
like, trying to find that perfect song?
Your problems are over.
Introducing our new music detection feature,
Where, as soon as you put the headphones in, it automatically plays the song that's perfect for you based on how you look.
[urban music]
[pop music]
[Latin music]
Some people call it racist. We call it the future. El futuro.
Waterproof case.
We've developed insanely advanced technology to make sure that if you have an accident with liquid and your phone,
Your phone is safe.
If you purchase the Pineapple iPhone X right now, we will throw in an external battery for free.
Our newest feature makes it very hard for somebody to unlock your phone.
With Blood-lock, you can only unlock your phone using your own blood. All you need is something
Just very sharp, like a knife, like this, and then you just, you know, you cut your...
Okay, then you take your phone, and you, just...
And it unlocks.
I want a safe... I have a vision of making the world a safer place.
I hope you rush to stores immediately to buy the new Pineapple iPhone X, because it is
Definitely a rip-off.
Think a little crappier.
But it's er, it's cheaper than Apple, but it is definitely a little crappier. I'm not gonna lie.


酸度爆表!PineApple iPhone X 發布會 (iPhone X by Pineapple | Rudy Mancuso)

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董得恩 發佈於 2018 年 2 月 26 日


這次的主編精選是 小 V 很欣賞的網路紅人 Rudy Mancuso 所拍的,他是義裔美國人和巴西混血,影片風格都充滿了他原本的文化背景,很常可以看到他反諷一些種族歧視。這次他整個砲火狂酸 Apple ,話不多說趕快來看看!

1side chick 0:06
side chick 的意思是「影響他人感情的情婦」,也就是俗稱的「小三」。
Jennifer's boyfriend always shows up with different side chicks. Can't believe she still wants to be with that trash.
Jennifer 的男友身邊總有不同的小三,真不敢相信她還想跟那個渣男在一起。

歐麥尬!暗戀對象交新女友!女孩心裡小宇宙即將爆發 (50 Thoughts When Your Crush is Dating Someone Else)

crap 在這裡指的是「糟糕的、彆腳的」,另外它也有「胡扯、垃圾話」的意思。
There will always be an audience for mindless crap, but not only for mindless crap.

3state-of-the-art 1:14
state-of-the-art 指的是「十分先進的;運用最新的科技或方法、理念等」,特別注意的是它雖然很長,但的確是當作形容詞使用喔!
Our goal is to make a state-of-the-art product.

【TED】辯論:這個世界需要核能嗎?(關心核四必看) TED 2000 Debate: Does the world need nuclear energy?

4in the mood1:38
in the mood 的中文解釋是「有意、想要做某事」,後面可以加上 for 接名詞,或者直接加 Ving 也就是動名詞。
I am not in the mood for joking.

If you're in the mood, go out and socialize, or get involved in sports activities.
要是心情好,就出去交際, 或者參與體育運動。

rip-off 指得是「賣價過高的商品、敲竹槓」,當作名詞使用,如果是 rip off 則可以當作動詞有「撕扯 (紙、衣服)、剝削、偷竊」等意思。
What a rip-off! The new car I bought doesn't work!

I thought I was getting a good deal, but when I saw the same shirt for half the price the next day, I realized that I got ripped off.

看完 Ruby 的鳳梨 iPhone X 手機,小 V 真的快笑死,完全就是 Apple 發表會的風格! 其實 Ruby 針對每一代的鳳梨手機也有不同的發表會,大家可以去看看喔!

文/ Primrose Huang




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