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What the...
Eggs...Sell by yesterday?
Orange juice...Best by two days ago
Yogurt...use by last week?
Well, now I have to get rid of all these food.
If I don't, someone could get sick.
No, you don't. "Best-by", "Use-by-", "Sell-by"
Contrary to popular belief,
none of these dates actually tells you when food stops being safe to eat.
In fact, food can still be good way past the date on the label.
According to food safety experts,
eggs can be eaten three to five weeks past the sell-by date.
Sell-by dates are a yolk.
And the USDA says canned and dried foods can be saved indefinitely.
Ho! Ho! Ho! I won't go bad for years.
And if food isn't handled properly, it can actually go bad before the date on the label.
Even something as simple as leaving it out on the counter too long
or setting your fridge at the wrong temperature can cut shelf life short.
So hot in here.
I think I am....I am going bad.
At the end of the day, these dates just don't tell you that much.
Instead, you need to check your food for signs of spoilage,
like changes in smell, color or texture.
Oh...Well then this milk is definitely bad.
Nope, you can still drink me.
Oh yeah, milk is a really neat exception.
Even after its "spoils," it's still totally safe to drink.
Oh ew~ Stop! You're gonna get sick.
Nope! Milk is pasteurized,
which means any harmful bacteria was removed long before it hit the shelves.
Even though it might not taste great,
the safety risk of drinking spoiled milk are virtually zero.
Adam, stop! I get it, I get it.
But, if the date doesn't say when the food is safe to eat,
why does the federal government put it there?
Hate to break it to you: They don't.
We all assume that these labels are some kind of big government safety regulation,
but, with the exception of baby food,
the federal government actually doesn't require date labeling of any kind.
The citizens of this great nations have inalienable right
to eat five-year-old mayonnaise if they want, for this is... America.
Instead, it's all left up to the states, and every state has their own rules.
In fact, nine states have no date labeling regulations at all.
Well, who does put the dates on the food? Seems like they don't tell us anything at all.
Oh, no, they do tell you one thing: when the manufacturer thinks their food tastes the best.
Here at Hulko, we use cutting-edge food science to determine
the exact best-by and use-by date on which our food is the most snack-tabulous.
Mmm...I am still pretty good.
Pretty good garbage, you mean. Date it, boys!
But that food is not dangerous, and he just said it, it still tasted good.
Not good enough. We need our customers eating our food at maximum crunchitude,
or they might buy something else.
And hey, if they think they have to throw it away sooner and buy more...
But that's wasting food.
That's right, Melinda, and it's a major problem.
Melinda, this is Dana Gunders.
She is a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council
and a co-author of a major 2013 Harvard report detailing the massive problem with these dates.
American trash over one hundred and sixty billion pounds of perfectly good food every year,
roughly 40 percent of our food supply is thrown out,
and these confusing dates are a huge factor.
One survey found that 83 percent of Americans
have prematurely thrown out food based on the sell-by date,
but that date isn't even meant for consumers.
It just tells stores when to turn over their inventory.
Wait, sell by today? But I bought it today...
This is ridiculous. Someone should do something.
Well, some leaders in the grocery industry are pushing for clearer, simpler labels,
but until there's a nationally mandated system,
their recommendations are just voluntary.
And the worst part is we're trashing all this perfectly good food while
millions are going hungry.
Wow! That one's alive. All of these is gotta go.
No, I am still good~



什麼?!過期的食物還可以吃? (Expiration Dates Don't Mean What You Think)

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林恩立 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 24 日    林恩立 翻譯    jenny 審核



1best by0:08
best-by 是「最佳賞味期限」的意思,影片中還有提到其他食物保存期的說法,包含 use-by (有效期限)、sell-by (保質期)。另外,expiration date 是「到期日」的意思,所以食物上面常常會印大寫的 EXP,後面日期也就代表食品的到期日喔!
Although this cake is best by last week, it still tastes alright.

2contrary to0:19
contrary to 是「相反的、對立的、相對於...」的意思。有一個相同意思的用法是 on the contrary,也就是「從相反面來說...」。另外,一個常見很類似的用法是 contradict with,是「和...矛盾」的意思。
Contrary to what we expected, our school's soccer team won the medal in the competition.

最難解的癮 Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

3go bad0:42
go bad 字面上是「變壞」的意思,在這裡指的是「食物壞掉、腐敗」。
During summer days, you should store food in the refrigerator if you are going to put it overnight to prevent it from going bad.

4at the end of the day1:04
at the end of the day 字面上翻譯是「一天的結束;一天的結尾」,而就引伸成為「到頭來」、「最後」的意思。
At the end of the day, grades don't matter that much, what's important is what you've learned throughout the course.

Michael Norton:如何買快樂 How to buy happiness

except 是「除了...」的意思,exception 就是「特例」。
This general rule applies to most situations, but there might also be some exceptions.

【TED-Ed】海龜的生存之道 The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass

看完影片之後我們可以了解到,原來這些食物上面印的日期多半是廠商認為他們的產品最好吃的時機,並不是食物真正「無法繼續食用」的時間。下次看到食物上的保存期限不必急著把它丟掉了,反而可以用其他客觀條件 (像是:味道、顏色、質地的變化) 來判別食物是不是真的壞掉了。

文/ Tina Hsu




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