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Neil: Welcome to The English We Speak. I'm Neil.
Feifei: And I'm Feifei.
Neil: You're a pretty polite person, aren't you, Feifei?
Feifei: Well, thanks. I don't know. I do try to be!
Neil: That was a very polite answer! But sometimes
we want to say things that are very honest,
or that others might not want to hear.
Feifei: For example, I ask you: "Do I look tired today?"
Neil: Well, I could directly say:
"Yes, you do look a bit tired."
Feifei: Or you could start with this slang expression
'not gonna lie'.
Neil: Not gonna lie Feifei, you do look a little tired.
Feifei: I know, I need to get to bed earlier!
'gonna' of course, is short for 'going to'.
Using this phrase indicates that you're choosing
to be honest rather than polite.
Neil: It's not only used for honest criticism,
we might also use it before something we're very
proud of, or something we boast about.
For example: I love recording these programmes.
Though I'm not gonna lie, I'm the best presenter
in this team.
Feifei: Whoah, that's enough. I'm sure everyone listening
agrees that I'm the best presenter.
Neil: Of course you're a fantastic presenter, Feifei.
Just an example!
Feifei: Talking of examples, let's hear a few more.
Examples: A: Fancy coming round for dinner tomorrow?
B: Absolutely. If you're making your famous roast?
A: Oh yes. Not gonna lie, it's the best roast in town!
Slow down! You really are a terrible driver Mark,
not gonna lie.
Not gonna lie, I absolutely love my job.
I feel so happy when I walk through the office door every day.
Neil: That last example sounds just like me.
Especially as I'm (coughs) the best presenter.
Feifei: OK, OK, that joke is getting old now.
Neil: You're right. OK, one more thing.
This phrase 'not gonna lie'...
Feifei: Yes?
Neil: Not gonna lie, I think some people use it too much!
Feifei: Yes, it's become a popular phrase
on social media. Usually accompanied by
a photo of someone on holiday at the beach
with a post saying
"Not gonna lie, it's stunning here!"
Neil: The kind of post that makes me feel
jealous when I'm stuck in the office.
Feifei: But I thought you loved your job?!
Neil: Oh, I do.
Feifei: And yes, you are a very good presenter, Neil.
Neil: That makes me feel much better, not gonna lie.
Neil and Feifei: Bye.


【BBC】用 Not Gonna Lie 一句話打遍天下 (Not Gonna Lie: The English We Speak)

12101 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 4 月 17 日    羅世康 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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