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We can't all be sluts.
We can't all be asking for it.
I am here to give you permission to be angry.
This reality might not have to be our reality anymore.
I felt this crushing sense of powerlessness.
This is the time to take my power back.
Here is my story.
I felt that it was my duty for the women who are silent to be brave.
It's ok to stand up for yourself.
People forget a lot that there is a human behind this, someone who was very hurt and wronged.
I always thought maybe things could change from my daughter.
I never thought things could change from me.
Honestly, I was furious.
I had had a man grope me in front of multiple colleagues,
and I was tired of wondering if it was something I wore,
I was tired of wondering if it was a vibe I was giving off.
And when I talked to other women, they were furious too.
I felt that if I can speak out, maybe if I just stand up,
then someone else will stand up with me.
There wasn't a place for us to report these experiences,
but I sure did talk about it a lot over the years.
The least I could do was actually tell my own story and validate theirs for them in a way,
just as I was hoping someone much bigger than me will help validate my story.
And I knew that other women would continue to apply for jobs there,
and that made me feel really uncomfortable.
I was afraid of the retaliation.
I know the power of patriarchy.
I know what men can do when they are angry.
They did everything that they could to prevent me from raising my concerns further.
They ask me if there were other girls,
maybe that he has done this, too and can I go get them?
I had to show them that I wasn't lying.
It's like they took me for a joke.
And if they couldn't stop us from talking,
well they were gonna stop everybody from listening to us.
People digging into my Instagram,
and you know pulling up sexy photos as if that kind of discredited me.
Well, I have seen you in committee, you're really tough.
Why didn't you just hit him?
Why did you let it go on for so long?
I was a smart young woman that gone to college that knew how to fight
and I still was manipulated and conned.
I felt ashamed that I hadn't spoken out sooner.
Not having the strength earlier on to make it stop.
That feeling of being humiliated as a woman
and there's a point you think is it my fault?
For so long, I went around harboring this ridiculous belief
that because I was a non-white woman in my 20s
that somehow it was expected that I would have to be treated this way.
We don't have to just live like this.
I always thought maybe things could change from my daughter.
I never thought things could change from me.
I am here to give you permission to be angry.
People are afraid, especially women were conditioned since birth to be polite.
To be nice.
To be kind.
To be liked.
To not make waves.
We can't all be crazy, we can't all be sluts, we can't all be asking for it.
And I am telling you that all the people who stand up, all the people who speak out,
you are teaching people how to treat you
and you should not be shamed for that.
The shame is not ours to hold.
The shame is on the perpetrator.
Me too can be a conversation starter or it can be the whole conversation.
It took away the power from the predator and placed the power on the victim.
And maybe, just maybe we will be able to get a glimpse at the magnitude of this problem.
The amount of people sharing the stories with me is so intense.
People that were complete strangers reached out to tell very personal stories.
It's what they did with this hashtag and they did a lot
and not only in France, in Hong Kong, in Japan.
It's an international movement.
I feel like the day that I spoke up and I said you are a sexual harasser, I changed.
[Spanish] And to know that I was courageous in speaking
[Spanish] and saying what was happening,
[Spanish] in spite of all the dread and fear that I had.
It's an honor to be the person who can say that "Hey! I spoke up about this. I took on the risk."
And I was very humble and I was very proud.
I am very glad now that the story has been heard.
It's a direct response to that arrogance and that show of power and that bullying,
that says we won't be silenced.



時代雜誌 2017 風雲人物:打破沈默的人 (TIME Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers | POY 2017 | TIME)

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Katharina Yang 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 2 日    Katharina Yang 翻譯    Ann 審核


2017 年好萊塢爆出數個性騷擾事件,由女星艾莉莎米蘭諾開始的 hashtag #MeToo 也在社群網路上得到廣大的迴響,要求社會正視性騷擾問題。這一波的事件不僅止於影視界,從政經界、學術界、體育界到社會大眾,除了促使女性們站出來表明自己被騷擾過的經歷,也不乏有受害的男性出來發聲。現在,就讓我們看看影片,一起打破沉默!

wrong 除了大家熟悉的形容詞「錯誤的」、副詞「錯誤地」及名詞「錯誤」,還可以做動詞使用,意思是「冤枉;虐待;委屈」。而影片中,過去分詞形式 wronged 的意思即為「被冤枉的;被委屈的」。
How could you wrong me like this? I've done nothing wrong!

如何繼續前進及結束? (Wellcast - How to Move On and Find Closure)

vibe 起源於 vibration「波動;震動」,作為名詞,廣泛地在口語中被使用,有「感覺;氣氛、氛圍」的意思。而影片中的用法即是 Abby Iwu 在講述自己遭逢性騷擾時,曾一度認為是不是由於自己釋放出「某種氛圍」而受到這種對待。
We had some great vibes during our talk last night.

詹姆斯柯登:未來的體操冠軍? (James Corden: Future Gymnastics Champion?)

retaliation 為名詞,意思是「報復」,它的動詞形為 retaliate,意思是「報復;回敬」,後面常接上 againstonupon 等介係詞。
Retaliation is what keeps haters going.

美國總統歐巴馬針對敘利亞議題發表全國演說 (President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria)

patriarchy 為名詞,指「父權;父權體制」;而相對地,matriarchy 則指「母權;母權體制」。這兩個詞彙分別為希臘文的 patēr「父親」及 matēr 「母親」與 archein「治理」所結合出來的。
I'm so sick and tired of this patriarchy that should have been abandoned long ago.

con 作為動詞有「哄騙;欺騙」的意思,作為名詞亦有「圈套;騙局;花招」等意思。此外,con 作為名詞還有另外兩個常見的意思:在片語 pros and cons「優缺點」中為「缺點」之意;而作為 convict 的縮寫,con 則為「囚犯」之意。
Here's a list of the pros and cons for the new project. Please check it out and see if there are any problems.

而一個常見的片語 con somebody into doing something 的意思則是「欺騙某人某件事」。
He conned me into joining this dirty scheme.

【TED】FBI「造恐」策略方興未艾 (Trevor Aaronson: How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists)


文/ Lilian Chang




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