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- It has never been
more beneficial to be a good person
than it is right now,
because the shadows of our society
are being exposed
by the distribution of communication.
(hip hop music)
What am I doing right now?
Is she here?
I want to stay on track,
I got a lot going on.
What's up, Vlog?
What's up W.T. Clark High School
big shout out to Samir.
Hope you're representing
Vayner proper, my man.

Two seconds for all the
high school kids, listen.

You're young, and that's your
strength and your weakness.

First and foremost, the weakness.
Like, you haven't accomplished shit.
I don't know, you better beep that.
'Cause I'm sure they're
not gonna let it play

in a high school, but,
edit it, beep it.
You haven't accomplished shit!
And you've got the audacity like you have.
On the flip side that's your strength,
you're young.
And you've got your whole
life in front of you.

And all of you are trying
to prove yourselves,

put yourself on, have stuff.
And that's gonna make you impatient.
Please recognize how young you are,
and get real, real, real patient.
And last of all, find that thing,
whether it's eSports and video games
whether it's basketball,
whether it's painting or writing,
people are gonna tell
you it's not practical.

But it is.
Find your passion and go deep,
put in 18 hours of work.
Don't lay on the couch and go through your
Instagram feed.
Put in the work, find your passion,
know that you're young,
which means you're impatient,

but you've got nothing but time.
(reflective music)
- [Female] What advice
do you have for women

who just kind of carry around that baggage
that they can't make it
as a female entrepreneur?

- You know, I think
that's a great question.

I think there's a couple things
that run through my mind.

Number one,
I love that the internet
has eliminated the

truth behind a man's world.
You know, now,
I'm not naive and I don't
want to come across tone-deaf.

I am the first and have been for
long before it was popular,
like it sure seems now,
like everybody's different.
There are clearly advantages
for being a white male

in America,
versus a female, versus a minority,
versus being born in Iran,
that's just real life.
I think the bigger part,
and I was an early investor in Birchbox
and Micmac and brit.co
I've, to be very frank
have done quite well with my
female entrepreneurial ventures
because they have been underpriced in cost
because it has been a
'man's world' in VC Land.

And there has been a disrespect
of the female entrepreneur.

And I'm not Mother Teresa
or this amazing human being,

I'm just a businessman and I'm like,
it would never cross my mind to think that
a woman or an alien or a Latino
couldn't do it as well.
And so,
in a weird way I think
I took advantage of the

shortcomings of a lot of white males
and it was mainly on
the back of knowing that

the internet doesn't
give a shit who you are.

My thesis that I wrote in Crush It,
and The Thank You Economy
has played out, which is,
the internet doesn't care.
Everybody's got a shot.
You're more than welcome
to go on Twitter and CNN

and dwell from 7pm to 11pm
and shit on everybody, and call people out
and be upset and say this
one's bad and this one's good.

How about instead of those
four hours dwelling in the muck

of all this, realizing that
what it means is this is the

greatest opportunity ever
for anybody and everybody.

Because as long as you have this
and I get emails from
people that are homeless

every single day of my life,
who have this.
This is an unlock.
We need perspective.
Like everybody's on
their fuckin' high horse

and judging.
For every entrepreneur
that's listening right now,

go on the offense!
What do I say?
Make that woman chip on
your shoulder get real big

and use it as a driver of positivity
and opportunity, not looking backwards.
Whatever you are,
being the best version of what you are is
always going to be the right strategy and
I think we need to talk
more about self awareness.

The secret sauce is don't
overcomplicate stuff.

You have to work hard
you have to work smart,
you have to be empathetic

and grateful, you have to
be positive and optimistic

and every time you're not,
you're giving points off the board.
You don't have to be optimistic,
maybe you were born pessimistic.
But please understand that
will detrimentally hurt you

in your ambitions of
if you want to be an entrepreneur
because it takes blind optimism,
because everything in
your face every day is

telling you no.
And you're completely,
completely committed to yes.

- [Ray Dalio] Hello, Gary!
- It's good to see you, Ray.
- Now I get to do to you
what you did to me!

- The tide is turning.
- I'm in control.
- I'm worried about this!
- I know!
- This is real energy coming from you.
- Okay!
- I'm excited.

- Okay and I'm in control.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay, we're gonna do this.
I'm gonna do it to you, man.
- I'm listening.
- Okay.
what I'm trying to do is to
help you all
understand what the best
principles of winners are.

They're winning because
they're doing things.

They're operating by recipes, essentially.
They're doing those things over and over
that makes them winners.
Okay so Gary is a winner.
And now we're gonna get into
Gary's principles.
- [Gary] Here we go.
- Here we go!
What do you think you're going after
and where did it come from?
- My intuition on this
and I do think I spend a lot of time on it
I feel like I'm going after
all-time legacy.
I think that it comes from a mix of
guilt, gratitude, insecurity and optimism.
Because I was such a poor
student at such a young age

- [Ray] Me too.
- And because I wasn't a good athlete,
in any shape or form,
it eliminated the two things
that boys were judged on

when I grew up.
Either you were a good
student and going to Harvard,

or you were a tremendous
athlete and going to USC.

I was neither.
Entrepreneurship was surely not cool
in 1984, 5, 6 and 7.
So what I was doing off the field
or out of school
was making money,
but that wasn't deemed as a merit
or a remarkable act.
- I hear you.
And so that void of the intellectual
is then also what
you're demonstrating.
- 100 percent.

- Great!
- I am completely driven
by a chip on my shoulder.

On my upbringing,
except that I am empathetic
to everybody else

so it's not manifesting as a negative.
It's manifesting as a positive.
- Boy, you're doing a good job, man.
Okay, this is going good.
Tell me about those principles
that you think would be

helpful, that have helped you.
- No question.
I am an unbelievable buyer,
and I think the grossly
underestimated trait

in the capitalistic game
is empathy.
Empathy will give you leverage
with the other party.
- Boom!
There's a principle!
- But because of empathy
and it is my binary north star,
I temper my expectations
of others on my team

and try to be realistic
to their realities.

Watching others with a lot of freedom
gives me context of how to put them in the
best position to succeed.
- Insecurity will lead
to undermining actions
that hurt the merit of your organization.
I am dumbfounded by people
positioning themselves

and their businesses
as if life is a sprint

when it is clearly a marathon.
I am devastated
that people make short
term financial decisions

to buy something that
closes the short term gap

in their insecurity,
and at the undermining of
their long-term wealth and happiness.
- Okay.
- Having humility to carry
two opposing points of view

and making them rub up against each other
- Okay, that's another one!
So let's,
we're gonna split that, okay?
- I've got principle for days, kids!
- Okay.
- You know,
- Okay

- Having the humility to be able to
- Have humility
- Have humility in being
able to carry opposing views

on an issue, and then creating friction
and making a judgment in
the context of the moment.

- Failure.
- Is tremendous.
I'm wearing a New York
Jets Christmas sweater,

not a New York Yankees Christmas sweater.
And at six years old, I
passionately cared about both.

There's deep insight into my love affair
with the Jets and the Knicks.
They have
- Tell me in the failure
how, follow that through,
what you do like
about failure?
- I prefer

I prefer the journey over the riches.
My personal wealth is disproportionately
being sabotaged by myself
because I enjoy the
process of gathering it.

I literally think I
- That's smart.
It's smart because you're not
you're out, look.
What you're doing is you're realizing
what really has value.
- You're right.

- Money, one of the challenges of money is
it's easy to count.
And because it's easy to count,
then people sort of say, I count it up
but I got more of that
and that's the thing of success.
If you can have happiness points,
if you can count happiness
- [Gary] I'm winning
- We would optimize for happiness
so what you're doing is
optimizing for happiness,

you're not optimizing for money.
That's a lot smarter.
- There's so much more upside on both
legacy and wealth
when you make it about legacy.
Especially compounded in,
what people do very poorly,
here is a principle.
People are very bad at understanding
the new context of communication
and they're deploying old principles
on new playing fields.
It has never been
more beneficial
to be a good person than it is right now,
because the shadows of
our society are being

exposed by the distribution
of communication.

Owning your shortcomings
and bringing awareness to them
is disproportionate strength and leverage
in the long term.
- Boom!
- Which is exposing your own shortcomings,
morally, intellectually,
Exposing your own shortcomings
is disproportionate

strength and leverage in our society.
Did you see 8 Mile, the Eminem movie?
- No.
- I want you to.
And I mean it.
- I will!
- But only because I want you to see the
last battle rap.
Because in the last battle rap,
Eminem's rap,
instead of making fun of the other guy
which is the framework
of the game of battle rap

- Yeah I have a son who battles.
- Love it!
he made fun of himself the entire time,
leaving the other person
- Relationships
- 51/49.
Give 51 percent of the
value of the relationship

to the other person,
and figure out how to maximize the 49.
- This was good!
- Thank you.
- Great!
- Thank you so much.

Thank you everyone.
(reflective music)
The person that can make
America or the world

give a shit about things that they
don't give a shit about
is going to win this new world.
We need to make people in the world
care about the human
beings behind these sports,

not hoping pickleball
gets popular somewhat,

but looking at the current
state of pickleball,

and saying, holy shit!
There's this LeBron or holy shit,
there's the Andre Agassi of pickleball!
And we're gonna turn him into a Vine 2.0
Snapchat, Instagram star
because that's where the leverage sits.
I think that's the
machine you need to build.

The propaganda human machine compliment
to the stars of the 47 sub-sports
that you're gonna try to create,
now we've got something.
(hip hop music from smartphone)
(light, happy music)
(bell ding)
Hey are you filming?
- Yeah.
- Vlog, real quick
just a great moment just happened.
Kyle's been dressed up ridiculously
been filming all day, dumb shit
stuff that had no shot.
We just had the moment of the episode,
and he's got the camera like,
sticking into his, like, thigh.
Kyle the whole purpose
of filming everything is

knowing that at any moment,
I can throw out the haymaker that
changes the course of one's life!
- So, are you talking about the same day?
- Alright, what's going on here?!
What's this meeting about?
How are you?
- Good, how are you?
(bell ding)
- Heading to the airport.

- Yeah.
- Good, man, good.
- What's up, I'm Jake, nice to meet you.
- Such a pleasure, man.
- You were just talking to Elliott?
He's the only artist we ever met with
(bell ding)
who was like actually

social hacking on Instagram.
And then he's doing cool
things with the fans

that Quinn put me onto
where he's like,
he told all the kids,
yo, play my new song over
the intercom in your school,

and I'll feature you.
- Haaaaa!
- Kids are getting suspended!

They're getting suspended from school!
- That's what's up!
- So we actually had to like, stop!
- So if he did that,
and he's doing hacking like
what you were talking about with Dunk
then you're gonna win because
you have actual music down
that I already know.
And then the only other part
that matters is distribution.

And you are naturally,
it comes natural to you
to hack distribution.
I always talk about the example of P Diddy
going on TRL.
Or when I wear Christmas
sweaters courtside

at basketball games,
it's just understanding
what's gonna get you heard!

The end.
The end!
It's only two things.
Is it good enough?
And will people fuckin' hear it?
Straight up!
You know what's amazing
about you youngsters?

You guys are coming with so
much more entrepreneurial savvy

than the crew that came before you.
Everybody's trying to be a mogul out here.
It's cool!
It's good, man,
that's how you really win.
Dollars are more interesting than cents.
And everybody was settling for cents.
You know?

Everybody was settling for cents and
Puff and Jay-Z and Birdman, those guys
deserve a lot of credit,
they started to create a framework.
So good.
Makes me happy, man.
Good for you, how old are you?
- 18.
- That's what's up, man.
- So young, man.
- Yeah man.
Is there anything I can help you with?
Let me know.
Music in the vlog,
like if you want to
my number one recommendation,
the same thing you're
doing with kids in school,

go hard after YouTube vloggers
and get your music in their fuckin' vlogs.
It's the number one.
You get Jake and Paul to put
using your song or Casey or
and by the way,
those are the ones just
I know them and they're big,
there's fuckin' a hundred
thousand vloggers!

Collaborations in your music too.
Not, not up
but wide.
Let me explain.
Not sitting here and be like,
oh shit we gotta do
something with Gucci Mane

or 21 Savage or something like that.
Post Malone
well that's where I'm going.
Are there people in Country or Pop or Jazz
that are comin' up like you too,
that you just like their flavor?
Or, I thought Logic did it right.
Or just in culture?
With fuckin' auto-tune,
even Void could sound good!

What if somebody's just winning in life?
Baby Ariel just put out music.
I don't know it just feels like
almost anybody can get in
the game in certain ways

with the technology advances
and post-production.

So just being smart, you know?
- Yeah.
- Like,
Russell Westbrook to
some girl that's got 19
million followers on Snap.

Can I give you a good piece of advice?
- Yeah.
- Be patient.
That's the only thing that,
that's your kryptonite right now.
You got,
you clearly have your shit together.
The only thing that's gonna fuck you up
is, 'cause you know what's gonna happen,
you can feel it.
And sometimes youngsters are just like,
fuck, why hasn't it happened?
Like 13 months from now.
Happen like that song that
completely changed shit.

And then they start doing shortcuts.
Signing with somebody dumb,
doing a collab with somebody dumb,
talking about something
they don't believe in,

just 'cause they think it
will make a song popular.

They deviate.
This next chapter is
the most important one.

This is the one that decides everything.
It's easy to stay down
when there's nothing to go up to.
But when you're on the cusp,
it's what I do.
It's hard, like I'm fuck
I won.
But I'm trying to win
the whole fuckin' thing,

so I'm just eatin' shit, still.
- One love.
Take a picture, man.
- A hundred.
- I appreciate you.
- I wish you nothing but the best.
(bell ding)
I might steal your hoodie.
Your beanie.
- You can't.
- I don't think I have
do I have one?
- Oh shit.
- Was this mine or was
it yours originally?

- It was mine.
- Tyler.
- Now it's mine.
But you're disappointed
'cause he was just kind
of weirdly borrowing it

and then you were gonna have it?
- Nah.
- No!

- I need more beanies.
Guys, this is the
You don't want me to do that,
you want me to make a
beanie situation, right?

But in totally of the beanie situation,
let me put all the aspiring entrepreneurs
that are trying to build
look at Baller!
Look at Yeast!
What do you think we're doing here?
We're putting people on!
Fuckin' hustle!
Send me some fuckin'
beanies and I'll wear 'em.

'Cause Tyler's not my fuckin' boss!
And when I come out with
a beanie collaboration

with a huge brand, like K-Swiss
huge meaning, I can refurbish it
or it's fuckin' huge,
call me, fuckin' Adidas.
Until I have a fuckin' beanie deal,
or start my own Vee fuckin' beanie,
which we've tried to start a year ago
and didn't,
I'm gonna give to my community
and put people on,
and get exposure for them,
is that okay with you, Tyler?
- More than okay!
- Alright.
To sell something they're passionate about
so it feels like a hobby
and not a business.

Do not run after the money,
Don't go after sneakers or slime or
iPhone cases 'cause
that's where the money is.

Sell something around
an elf costume or
Smurfs or Captain Crunch cereal
because you love it.
Big side hustles,
side hustles require passion.
Because you're already
tired from your real job

and so if you're gonna do something from
8pm to 4 in the morning,
well it might as well be the
same thing that you would have

watched the movie of or played
whether it's soccer or video games or
your side hustle has to be completely,
completely tied to your passion
otherwise you won't have
the energy to succeed.

Definitely not, I'm not
doing the behavior yet

to buy the Jets, but
2038 feels good.
If you're working on the fuckin' project,
the Plane Project.
(bell ding)
- Not yet
- Did you guys watch

the videos yet?
(bell ding)

- Not yet.
- Did you?
- It's on the list.
- Did you, Kyle?
Don't lie.
- I'm gonna watch this weekend

- [Kyle] I watched the
opening one in the email.

Colin did
- Hello.
hey team,
have you guys watched the videos?
Because three people haven't.
Have you watched them?
Have you?
- No.
- Don't lie.
- [Female] Lying is the devil.
- Can you guys watch them, please?
- Yeah.
- Sure.

- Thank you.
Such a pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
- How are you?
- Hi.
- Hi.

What up, man?
- Got the kicks.
- I love it man.
Want me to sign 'em?
- Yeah.
- You tryin' to make
that side hustle money

or you gonna wear 'em?
- Nah I'm putting these in a box,
I'm saving them!
- Smart.
That long-term investment.
(bell ding)
Hello, sir.
- How are you?
- I am very well.
Thought you might want to
put this in your office.

- I mean, if it was
- Is that Larry Bird?
It doesn't really look
like Larry, you know?

- Slapping me?
- Trippin' you off in your office!
- Do what you do
- I love it!
(slowed down audio)
I love it, I love it!

(slowed down audio)
- Okay!

- Am I gonna have to fight Ray Dalio now?
Ray Dalio, 3pm at the flag pole!
Fuck this!
- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
a couple great things happened
with me not having wi-fi

yesterday on my flight home.
Number one,
I created a new
a new version of making an album
it's called,
13 rants in a row.
I'll be launching that on Tuesday.
I'm not joking, I'm
super excited about it.

I think it's not gonna work.
I'm excited that I'm doing it.
And then I finished that in time.
By the way this is
literally what happened.

Note, the wi-fi was broken,
I went to sleep right away
'cause I hadn't slept in like

48 hours.
But was so
knew that I had to do work
and get some answers for everybody,
that I spooked myself
after an hour and woke up.

Then tried to get on wi-fi for 30 minutes,
looked at the map and when you're
close to the North Pole,
sometimes it doesn't work.
Then they told me it was broken.
I got pissed!
Then I crushed my email
that it was in there
as you guys
some of you got that.
Then I still had four hours,
so I decided, you know what?
Fuck it, I deserve it,
let me watch a movie.
I watched the Tupac movie, right?
I watched the Tupac movie,
and got so inspired
that I decide to literally

and like, I cried in one video.
D-Rock, you saw the
parenting one is crazy.

Did you cry a little?
- [D-Rock] Which one was that?
- There's a video that can get
50 million on Facebook if it hits right.
About just asking parents to stop
imposing their insecurity on their kids.
Like, just really good shit,
like four or five minutes.
Not my normal minute rants.
They're long
and like, anyway.
(reflective music)
Is this a private
- [Group] Heyyy!

- [Gary] Is like a private pre-party?
- [Man] Yeah.
- [Gary] You guys are pre-gaming?
- [Woman] We're waiting
for the crowd to thin out!

- [Gary] I like you guys' arbitrage.
- [Woman] We're the media team!
- [Gary] You guys are quanting out.
How'd it go?
- Winding down.
- Wait, question.
You know Tabby?
- Tabby?
Of course, the artist?
- Yeah.
- Yes.

- So I was supposed to
email you about this

but I didn't 'cause I started a month ago
and I was nervous.
I've had like, two glasses of wine.
- You're all warmed up.
- I went to high school with her.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- Yeah.
She's a year
younger than me.
- She's super sweet.

- So sweet.
In the office the other day,
I don't think you were here
- I,
I think she's gonna be a star.
- Yeah.
She's awesome.
(bell ding)
Always been like,
really like, go-get-'er,
- Lindsay Bernstein
- Hi Linds.
- [Group] Wooo!
- She's
I really like her.
- She's awesome.
- I think she's got a real shot.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
I'll see you guys there.
- Yeah.
- Yes.

- If I don't see you,
have a great holiday.
- We will see you, Gary!
- Alright, cool.
- [Man] Okay, so I have a question.
The Airplane
it's good because I understand what you're
trying to do,
meaning, I love
love how you're formulating
your thoughts throughout.

I'm trying to like,
it's very raw
and I know you like that.
I know you like that.
- Go ahead.
moldable dictatorship.
It's very raw.
So raw that you don't think it can do
as well as it can
if we do something else.
- You know what I love?
When you go on keynote,
and exchanging your thoughts,
you have already thought about them.
And you're trying them out onto me.
And you're testing them out.
This is that step where you're
formulating them
- [Gary] Correct.
- [Man] And
I know the energy that you had on them,
I know it.
I know you had the energy of like,
you need to get this to them
but you were just
formulating your thoughts.

- Great!
- And I love that!
But I don't think we
need 45 minutes of it.

- I think you're wrong!
- Okay.
- We do what you're saying all the time.
You have to have an off-speed pitch
to set up your fast ball.
Even if the project doesn't succeed,
it's a success.
- Okay.
You want me to cut it down at all?
- (laughs) No!
I understand, listen
I remember
- I love you, man

I love
- Listen!
- The creative process

I love it.
- Guys!
This is amazing.
You have to understand,
I for sure don't think
it's gonna go viral.

- No no no
- No no, I'm just talking,
I can't wait to hear what Andy says.
I want it this way
because I think of things
as a holistic thing,

not in the silo.
- [Andy] Yeah
and I just want,
we need to package that.
- That energy
- Your words,

when it's released on the dot com.
- Meaning
- Great!

Guess what?
You just fuckin' recorded it!
- Yeah, nah I know.
- So dear fuckin' fans
- Do you want these 11 tracks?
Do we definitely want them to be videos?
Versus audio?
- Yes.
- We definitely want them videos, okay.
- We want video, audio
and the written word.

I, listen,
I totally get it.
If you think of it in the micro.
I think the macro of it
is what helps the overall thing.
- When D-Rock and I were talking,
basically it's like,
some of it's hard to watch.
And I was like
- That's interesting,
nobody's ever seen that from me!
- It was like, yeah
- That, that's how
- That's his whole
theory about everything.

- Like, this is to document
- Great news, great news.
hey everybody,
that's how we thought about
launching this project.

Here's your into to the
fuckin' Plane Project.

I hope you enjoy it.
(hip hop music)
(bell ding)
- [Man] Do you have your company ID cards?
- Do you guys have your company ID's?
- Well you're not getting
in because of the shirt.

- [Gary] I'm out?
- [Bouncer] Yeah, you're out!
- I'm out?
- Shit is un-fuckin'
- You can't be mad at this!
The Jets don't bother anybody!
- You're good.
- Thank you, brother.
What up, brother?
- You got the wristbands?
- Nah.
- [Gary] Do not let this
guy in the red hat in.

Thank you.

(music and audience talking)
Thank you.
- Would you like some drink?
- No thank you.
Is this where the VIP's hang out?
- Yeah.
♪ It's only water ♪
♪ It's either sink or swim ♪
♪ Can't hold back your
light and expect to win ♪