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Pixar's latest film Coco premiered to rave reviews.
In fact, it's become the highest grossing film in Mexico's box office history.
I had the delightful opportunity to meet
the star behind the main character in the film,
American actor, Anthony Gonzalez.
I was feeling weird asking this question,
'cause I've seen the movie,
I could give you the answer,
but what is Coco all about?
Ok, so, Coco is about a boy name Miguel,
who just loves music, and he's 12 years old.
He's family doesn't approve of him playing music.
The music competition for Dia De Muertos.
You want to be like your hero?
You should sign up.
Uh-uh, my family would freak.
Look, if you're too scared, then well, have fun making shoes.
That's what Miguel struggles with.
He really loves music, and he wants to do it as a career.
Just like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz.
What did de la Cruz always say?
Seize your moment?
Show me what you got, muchacho.
I'll be your first audience.
Anthony Gonzalez is an incredible kid.
He was one of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of boys
that we auditioned all over the United States and Mexico.
It was tough to find our Miguel,
but one day, thankfully, Anthony walked into our lives,
and he's just brilliant.
He's become so close.
We love his family.
He's an amazing kid.
He can act,
he can sing.
He gives great hugs, and I'm just grateful to have him in my life,
and grateful to have him be a part of this movie.
Because he's in practically every scene in the film,
and if we haven't found Anthony, I don't know what we would have.
Initially, you were involved, but you weren't casted.
So how did that all work?
So I auditioned for Coco when I was nine years old.
And it was a very long process.
So I actually got to go to Pixar in Oakland when I was ten.
I started doing scratch voices for Miguel,
which is like they put my voice in the character to see how it looks like.
And I did that for quite a while, like a bit over a year.
I went again to do some scratch voices when I was eleven,
and it was around Christmas.
And they actually told me that they had a Christmas present for me after I finish doing the scratch voices.
So, I was just so excited.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Thank you!
You've done such an awesome job, and everybody loves you.
These are all the people that are gonna be making the movie with Anthony in it.
I couldn't believe it,
because I knew that from here and now that my life would change,
and I would be part of a Disney Pixar movie.
I grew up with these movies.
I gotta ask, Mexico is one of my favorite place to visit.
I love the culture of Mexico.
It's gotta be so rewarding and awesome to celebrate this place in a big Disney film.
Yes, and especially how its shows this wonderful celebration, the day of the dead,
which is where you spend time and remember your ancestors and connect with them again.
For me, to be part of this amazing movie has been an honor
and also so special for me because my grandfather passed away when I was six.
And when I celebrate the day of the dead,
I can be with him and I can really feel him and connect with him.
That's what I love most about the celebration.
It's a joyful celebration.
And I love how it shows that in Coco.
Yeah, I really enjoyed it, too.
Such a pleasure time.
Good to meet you.
Thank you.



《可可夜總會》配音米高的小男孩!他拿到角色的反應太可愛了 (Anthony Gonzalez on Auditioning For Disney Pixar's )

14717 分類 收藏
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