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Binti the Kiswahili word for
Girl a word that I didn't know until just a couple weeks ago
There are so many things that we don't understand yet still in this life we try to make a stand
For whatever we believe is right we choose our battles. We pick our fights
poverty, equality, human rights
But within this evanescent life for what should we choose to justify so that we can sleep with a clear conscience late at night?
A wise person once told me and this goes out to all the boys and girls equally
He who lives for family is a good son. She who lives for country is a loyal one
yet he or she who lives for the world is a saint
Now I'm not saying that I'm trying to be a saint
I'm not even close, and I don't think I'll ever be. But at least I can do this to help raise awareness and improve humanity
Because did you know that in
sub-saharan Africa one out of ten school girls miss school during their menstrual cycle, that's 20% of school days in a given year
Moreover some girls just drop out of school altogether out of shame, out of stigma, out of fear
And the reason behind this is unimaginably true, it's merely because they can't afford to buy sanitary products like how we did
And it's hard to imagine young girls sexually exploited to getting money from pads while in fact
4.5% of girls and Kenyan slums actually go through that
How can a person go through that?
No single person on this earth should ever go through that
Furthermore since
Sixty to eighty percent of working labor comes from woman, when a young girl in Africa drops out of school and misses out on knowledge
The impact goes beyond the individual, affects the family, affects a generation without the education
The day I got this email it got me thinking and I started reflecting telling myself maybe I should stop neglecting
that out there still there are people in need
And we're not just talking about feminine products. It's about the knowledge, information
sanitation facilities, clean water, menstrual hygiene education, and how to help girls and women boost their self-esteem
So, maybe just maybe out of our happiness bubbles where we fret over our daily little troubles
We can give a helping hand and help people stand on their own two feet
Cuz the last time I checked we're all human. So let's help bring back the humanity. Yes, you and me. That's all we need
to spread a little love and peace
Love Binti
And this is it


愛 • 女孩|把愛送到她手裡 #LoveBinti (JR Lee Radio)

781 分類 收藏
Icrt Jr Lee 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 14 日
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