B2 中高級 美國腔 119 分類 收藏
Sisters, from Almighty God's words I have learned
that in the last days, Almighty God uses the word to judge and purify man.
This is the fact.
So how does Almighty God conduct the work of judgment in the last days?
How does He judge man, purify man, and perfect man through His words?
These are the truths we urgently need. (Amen! Yes.)
If we understand the work of Almighty God,
then we truly hear God's voice and are raptured before God's throne.
Can you please fellowship more about it?
The Lord is compassionate. How could He judge us?
If the Lord returns and judges us, aren't we condemned by Him?
You wish to understand how Almighty God does the work of judgment.
This is very important for man to attain salvation.
Almighty God speaks the truth to judge and purify man,
so He may take true saints into the kingdom of heaven.
But many who believe in the Lord don't understand God's will or
how saints will be taken into the kingdom of heaven.
They falsely believe the Lord won't do the work of judgment and chastisement.
They think God's judgment and chastisement means condemnation.
Therefore, they refuse to accept God's work of judgment,
and wait to be brought to the kingdom of heaven.
Actually, they totally misunderstand God's will.
The redemptive work of Lord Jesus
paves the way for the work of judgment in the last days.
His final aim is to purify man, so we may enter the kingdom to enjoy rest.
However, God does the work of redemption and salvation in steps
with a plan, not in one night.
After Jesus' redemptive work, He promised to return for the saints.
But how God will rapture the saints when He comes back?
No one could fathom.
In fact, when God comes in the last days to take the saints,
He first brings people before His throne
to accept His work of judgment and purification, and then make them overcomers.
This is how the saints will be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.
But there is one thing that is hard for man to accept:
The raptured must experience judgment and chastisement to attain sanctity.
So they produce false notions about God's work of judgment.
Think about it. Is judgment and chastisement God's blessing,
or God's condemnation and punishment?
Most cannot fathom this.
So, let's read some of Almighty God's words. (Okay.)
It is all for salvation.
From Almighty God's words, it is clear to see
that God's judgment in the last days is not meant to condemn us
or to strike us down.
God means for us to know the truth that we have been corrupted deeply by Satan,
to know our nature and essence of resisting and betraying God,
and to know God's holy, righteous, and unoffendable disposition.
God means to awaken our hearts and our spirits
to save us from our corrupt disposition,
make us live out the likeness of a real man and attain salvation.
If we do not experience God's judgment,
we are incapable of knowing our satanic nature,
of seeing the roots of our corruption that we sin and resist God,
or of knowing God's righteous disposition.
Then our corrupt disposition cannot be changed.
And we can't have true obedience and reverence to God.
As such, what makes us worthy to be taken into God's kingdom?
Clearly, God judges man and His final aim is to purify and save us.
If we are judged and then attain purification, this is God's greatest blessing,
and also God's great salvation and love to corrupt mankind. (Amen.)
Now then, how does God carry out the work of judgment?
Almighty God expresses many words about this truth.
Let's read some passages of Almighty God's words. (Okay.)
Sister, I will read this passage. (Okay.)
Almighty God's words are so practical.
God speaks words to do judgment work in the last days
for the saving and perfecting of man.
Under the judgment of Almighty God's word, we understand that
in this dark and evil world, all mankind lives under the domain of Satan.
Satan's corruption left us without any human likeness:
We are arrogant, crooked and cunning, licentious, selfish and corrupt.
Mankind hates the truth and adores evil, doing anything for fame and position,
just like monsters deceiving, fighting and plotting against each other.
We have lost our human sense.
Despite believing in God,
we value money, fame and position deep down in our hearts.
Mankind is easily influenced by evil, and often commits sins and opposes God.
Even if we sacrifice for God, suffer and pay the price,
we only do this for gaining blessing and rewards
and entry into the kingdom of heaven,
not for pursuing the truth or truly knowing and obeying God.
Even though we believe in God, we are full of imagined ideas about Him.
Nobody knows God's disposition or truly what God has and is.
What kind of person God likes and doesn't like,
what kinds of actions resist God, offend God's disposition
or will be cursed by God,
how many ideas and notions we have that are contrary to the truth,
what it is the sense we should have before God,
and what is the reality of truth we should have, and so on,
these are all part of the key truths of knowing God,
obeying God and worshiping God.
But mankind knows nothing about them.
Because mankind is so deeply corrupted by Satan,
how can we refrain from resisting and betraying God
without being judged and purified by God?
Based on the needs of a mankind that is corrupt,
the incarnate God expresses all the truth for man to be saved,
reveals to us God's righteous and majestic disposition, tolerating no offense,
and completely exposes the substance of man's nature,
and truth about man's corruption which makes everyone utterly convinced.
We have tasted the judgment and chastisement of God's word,
and seen that we are haughty and arrogant, selfish and base,
and live by Satan's philosophy and rules.
Whatever we do, we do it for fame and fortune.
We even work and preach just for reputation and position.
Boasting and promoting ourselves to make others think highly of us,
but simply not for exalting God and testifying to God.
When God's work does not match with our notions, we define God and judge God,
stand in stubborn opposition to God, having no obedience at all.
When doing our duty, we follow our fleshly comforts,
deceive and lie to God often without any loyalty to God.
Under the revelation of God's word,
we see that we've been deeply corrupted by Satan
without conscience, sense or dignity.
We're not human but simply the brood of Satan which are in enmity of God.
Therefore, we are too ashamed to behold the face of God.
We have to fall down before God, bitterly repent, hate, and curse ourselves.
We have truly experienced God's righteous disposition
that is intolerant of man's offense.
So we have begun to fear God and understood God's kind intention of saving man.
God chastises man because He hates the sins of man and their disobedience,
because He means to save us from our satanic disposition and gain us.
When we stand in stubborn opposition to God and resist Him,
God chastens and disciplines us.
When we return our hearts to God, God gives mercy to us.
He does not punish us according to what we have ever done,
but enlightens us and guides us, letting us understand His will.
Under God's judgment and chastisement,
we develop some true knowledge of God's disposition,
realizing that God's disposition holds His mercy and lovingkindness.
We see God's holiness and greatness,
gaining reverence and admiration for God.
We can more clearly see our satanic nature and understand some truth,
and have discernment between that which is positive and negative. (Yes.)
Our viewpoints change on some things,
bringing forth a heart that yearns for the truth.
We are not willing to live by Satan's philosophy and rules,
nor make demands of God unreasonably.
Our conscience and sense have been restored.
We begin to seek the truth and practice the truth in everything,
doing our duty as a created being honestly, and obeying God's sovereignty.
We are increasingly transformed in disposition,
having some likeness of a real man. (Amen.)
Praise Almighty God.
All of our transformations are brought about by God's work of judgment.
Amen! Thanks be to God!
So today, all those who accept the work of Almighty God in the last days
fully understand that
only by accepting and obeying God's judgment in the last days
can one be saved and perfected.
Your fellowship is very beneficial to our life.
You experience Almighty God's judgment in the last days,
and you share that experience of knowing yourself and casting off corruptions,
while we merely talk of the testimonies about God's grace.
It's like we're in a different world!
We only think to enjoy the Lord's blessings and enter His kingdom,
but do not know to pursue the truth and care for His will.
We are so ashamed.
It looks like Almighty God's words of judgment
can really cleanse us and save us all.
I admire you so much.
You have accepted Almighty God's work after hearing His voice
and have received much abundance,
while we live in our notions and imaginations, never heed the Lord's voice,
and so fall into darkness.
I regret not examining Almighty God's work in the last days,
and missing out on many chances to gain truth. (Amen. Yes. Indeed.)
Yes, we are so poor, pitiable, blind.
After hearing your fellowship about Almighty God's word, I'm so very touched.
Although I haven't experienced God's work of judgment,
after your testimony, I saw God's judgment work is so meaningful. (Yes. Amen!)
God bestows upon us grace to enjoy, which is God's love.
God judges us, purifies and changes us, which is more God's love.
Amen. Yes. Praise God.
Only by experiencing God's work of judgment
can we know God and know ourselves.
Amen. Yes. That's right.
If God does not do this work and we just enjoy His grace,
we really cannot know God's righteous disposition,
nor can we fear God and shun evil. (Amen! Right. Yes.)
Sisters, you say that Almighty God's work of judgment
can purify us and change us.
Your fellowship is practical.
If we practice according to the words of judgment expressed by Almighty God,
we can certainly be purified and transformed.
But I have a few questions.
Through experiencing Almighty God's judgment,
what knowledge have you gained about His disposition?
What transformation have you achieved?
Could you share with us your experiences please? (Yes.)
Right, testify about it.
If you have really been changed by Almighty God's word of judgment,
we would be convinced. (Right!)
Over the years, experiencing God's judgment in the last days,
I deeply believe that the word of Almighty God
can certainly purify us and save us.
I'll share my testimony
of how I experienced God's judgment and His chastisement.
Great. Yes. Please share some with us.
When I believed in the Lord, I had great faith.
To be saved into the kingdom of heaven, when the Lord comes,
I set aside my work and my family, sacrificing to preach and work everywhere.
Although I suffered lots of sneers, slanders, and many hardships,
sometimes so painful it weakened my resolve,
yet once I thought of the blessings of the kingdom of heaven,
my heart would be greatly comforted and encouraged.
I felt that it was valuable and meaningful to suffer this.
That's why I continued preaching and working fervently all these years
while believing in the Lord.
Yet I had never considered whether or not it was the Lord's will
for me to pursue the way I did.
Later, I accepted Almighty God's work of the last days and saw the words of Him.
Facing the judgment and revelation of God's word,
I felt too ashamed of myself to show my face.
Almighty God revealed all my true inner state.
My intentions of gaining blessings and bargaining viewpoints in faith in God
were exposed thoroughly.
All during these years, I sacrificed and gave a lot, suffering many pains.
But I did it to gain benefits and blessings
for rewards and entry into the kingdom of heaven.
I never did it to carry out the Lord's word,
much less for loving God or obeying Him.
I took my outward labor and sacrifice
as the bargaining stock for God's blessings in the kingdom of heaven.
Wasn't I making deals with God? Wasn't I cheating Him and just using Him?
Did I have any love for Him?
I felt myself such a covetous person, too selfish and crafty.
I had no conscience or sense, no different than an animal,
truly unworthy to come before God.
I felt God was looking into my very soul.
The base intentions of my belief, work and my suffering
were very clearly observed by God.
God hates opportunists who flaunt the banner of sacrificing for Him
but intend to get blessings just like me.
And for those who cheat God, betray Him, and belong to Satan,
how could God allow them to enter His kingdom?
In God's judgment,
I realized that God's holy and righteous disposition allows no offense.
I couldn't help falling down before God,
filled with bitter regret, hating and cursing myself.
I no longer wished to live for myself,
my desire to gain blessings was set aside.
I would pursue the truth and do my duty in a down-to-earth manner
to repay His love as required by Him. (Amen!)
Yes. Praise the Lord.
Whether I was to be blessed or cursed in the future,
I was willing to obey God's arrangements,
devote and give myself to God with a true heart.
By continually taking in God's word and experiencing His judgment,
I better understood the truth and the will of God to save mankind.
My perspective on believing in God slowly changed,
and I had fewer impurities when it came to my duty.
My conscience and sense were fully restored,
and my corrupt disposition was transformed more and more.
I finally felt that I was behaving myself like a real man did. (Amen!)
I very deeply feel that the meaningful transformation I've achieved today
is all a result from God's work of judgment. (Amen. Praise God.)
I thank Almighty God for saving me! (Amen.)
All the glory be to Almighty God! (Amen. Praise God.)
Praise God. That was amazing. So practical.
Sister, after hearing your honest testimony,
I also feel utterly abashed and ashamed.
Your experience describes how I really feel.
I've always believed in the Lord,
and worked hard for rewards and entry into the kingdom of heaven.
I'm also under the judgment of God's words. My conscience nags me so.
I find myself to be deeply corrupted.
Through years of belief, I've only been cheating God and making a deal with Him.
I truly grieved God's heart.
I am a corrupt person. God didn't abandon me,
but let me hear His word of judgment
and woke me from the dream of working for blessings to get into heaven.
It's indeed God's mercy and salvation to me!
Actually, all of our corruptions are the same.
In my life of faith,
I worked for the Lord just for a crown and blessings.
I never knew I was resisting God and offending Him.
I didn't understand His heart at all.
I was ignorant and pathetic!
Almighty God's work of judgment is crucial for us to know God and know ourselves
to cast away our corrupt dispositions and to be saved!
Yes. The words of Almighty God can really change man and save him. (Yes. True.)
Sister's testimony of experiencing God's word is real and touching.
It benefits us so much! (Yes. That's right.)
Such testimony is so practical!
It is a testimony of being purified and saved by God. (Amen.)
Praise the Lord! If we hear more of these testimonies,
then we will know how to be rid of our sins. (Amen! Praise the Lord!)
Believers in Almighty God are quite honest.
They're so innocent and open and ready to accept the truth. I can't make it.
If I tell everyone my sins in public, what would the others think of me?
Am I not lowering myself?
But their experiences and testimonies are real. I'm fully convinced.


梦中醒来3-在末世神用真理审判洁净人 ("Awakening From the Dream" (3) - God Uses the Truth to Judge and Purify Man in the Last Days)

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