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  • Bridgeburn hotel.


  • No, this is the Bridgeburn.


  • Ok, no problem. Goodnight sir.

    好的,沒問題 晚安,先生。

  • - Ooh, Hi! - Hi. How can I help you tonight?

    - 哦,嗨! - 嗨,今晚有什麼事嗎?

  • Well, thank you.


  • You can start by giving me a room. A bed isn't necessary.

    你可以先給我一個房間 一張床是不必要的。

  • - I'm so tired I can sleep on the floor.

    - 我太累了,我可以睡在地板上。

  • I'll see what I can do. The ones with beds are like gold dust.

    我看看我能做什麼。那些與 床就像金粉。

  • - but since you are our only customer I'll make on exception.

    - 但因為你是我們唯一的客戶 我會破例的

  • But, don't tell the others.


  • - So, just the one night? - Yeah.

    - 所以,只有一個晚上? - 是的,就一個晚上?

  • Where are you headed? If you don't mind me asking.

    你要去哪裡? 如果你不介意我問的話

  • No, I know where I'm going, I just don't know where I am.

    不,我知道我要去哪裡。 我只是不知道我在哪裡。

  • I was lucky to find you really. Where are we exactly?

    我很幸運能找到你,真的。 我們到底在哪裡?

  • Let me guess, you were looking for road 56?

    讓我猜猜,你是 找56號公路?

  • Yeah, I thought this was road 56.


  • Common mistake. We used to be on the 56 until they built the new 56.

    常見的錯誤。我們以前在56號公路上 直到他們建造了新的56。

  • My guess is that you hove an old map.


  • Yep, I just give you a new one in the morning.

    是的,我只是給你一個新的 在早上。

  • Oh, thanks. That's very kind of you.


  • You just fill that out please.


  • I'm afraid you have to make do with me being manager, concierge and bellboy tonight.

    恐怕你得跟我湊合著過了。 今晚是經理,禮賓和服務員。

  • Here we are.


  • - Your room madame. - Thank you.

    - 您的房間,夫人。 - 謝謝你的好意

  • It's not exactly an executive suite overlooking central park, but...

    這不是什麼行政套房 俯瞰中央公園,但...

  • - there is an shower, a toilet and more importantly a bed.

    - 有一個淋浴,一個廁所和 更重要的是一張床。

  • - Ooh, perfect. - Not to mention the glorious view.

    - 哦,完美。 - 更不用說這絢麗的景色了。

  • - What's that? - The old quarry.

    - 那是什麼? - 舊採石場。

  • There's a lake at the bottom of it. It's quite beautiful.

    在它的底部有一個湖。 它相當美麗。

  • - Looks creepy. - No, it's quite peaceful.

    - 看起來很詭異 - 不,這是相當和平的。

  • Especially at night. I go there sometimes.


  • - You do? At night? - Yeah, sometimes.

    - 你有嗎?在晚上? - 是的,有時。

  • Well, maybe I'll take a look at it before I leave.

    好吧,也許我會看一看的 在我離開之前。

  • Check it out before you check out.


  • Listen, is it too late to get a bite? - I'll see what I can do.

    聽著,現在吃東西還來得及嗎? - 我看看我能做什麼。

  • I'm afraid that's all we could rustle up for tonight.

    恐怕這就是我們的全部 可以為今晚的比賽做準備。

  • Are you kidding? This is great. I hope I didn't get you into any trouble.

    你在開玩笑嗎?這是偉大的。我希望... 我沒有給你帶來任何麻煩。

  • - I hope I didn't get you into any trouble. - No. No trouble at all.

    - 我希望我沒有給你帶來任何麻煩。 - 不,一點也不麻煩。

  • - can you thank the chef for me? - He doesn't mind.

    - 你能幫我謝謝廚師嗎? - 他不會介意的

  • - Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm the chef tonight.

    - 你確定嗎? - 是的,我是今晚的廚師。

  • - Well, in that case, thank you very much. - The pleasure is all mine.

    - 好吧,在這種情況下,非常感謝你。 - 這是我的榮幸

  • - You really do, do everything here. - I guess, yeah.

    - 你真的做了,做這裡的一切。 - 我想,是的。

  • All alone?


  • Well not many people passing by since they built new road and

    不過路過的人不多 由於他們修建了新的道路和

  • - even fewer staying so...

    - 留下來的就更少了...

  • - It must be boring. - I keep myself busy.

    - 這一定很無聊。 - 我讓自己很忙。

  • Are you going to join me or are you going to start selling tickets?

    你是要加入我還是 你要開始賣票?

  • No, I should be getting back to the kitchen...

    不,我應該回去了 到廚房...

  • The kitchen can wait. How about some company? I won't tell the others.

    廚房可以等。怎麼樣? 某個公司?我不會告訴其他人。

  • OK.


  • So where are you headed exactly? You kind of avoided the question earlier.

    那你到底要去哪裡?你有點... 剛才迴避了這個問題。

  • - I did? - Yeah.

    - 我有嗎? - 有啊

  • - It's kind of complicated. - I graduated college. Try me.

    - 這有點複雜。 - 我大學畢業。試試吧

  • Well. Officially I'm going to a music festival about 60 miles from here.

    好吧,我正式去參加一個音樂節我正式去參加一個音樂節 離這裡大約60英里。

  • If here is where I think it is.


  • - And the unofficial reason? - It's kind of private.

    - 非官方的原因呢? - 這是一種私人原因。

  • You can't say A without saying B.


  • - I'm liaising with a friend. - Liaising?

    - 我在和一個朋友聯絡 - 聯絡?

  • - That's what I said. - Now I'm kind of curious.

    - 我就是這麼說的。 - 現在我有點好奇了。

  • To be honest. I really don't feel comfortable talking about it. Not with you.

    說實話我真的覺得不舒服 談論它。不是跟你說

  • - not with anyone. It's not something I'm proud of exactly.

    - 不與任何人。這不是什麼 我引以為豪的正是。

  • Ok. I understand.


  • - Do you like cocktails? - I love cocktails.

    - 你喜歡雞尾酒嗎? - 我喜歡雞尾酒

  • This is kind of a creepy place. Don't you ever get freaked out?

    這地方有點詭異。 你就沒有被嚇到過嗎?

  • I mean being all by yourself. I know I would.

    我是說一個人獨處 我知道我會的

  • Would you?


  • - You know, I've never really thought about it. - Never? What are you? Some kind of weirdo?

    - 你知道,我從來沒有真正想過這個問題。 - 從未想過?你是什麼人?某種怪人?

  • I guess. Heh.


  • No, I didn't men that you were o wierdo. I just thought it was a little bit weird that you

    不,我不是說你是個怪人。我只是覺得 有點奇怪的是,你

  • - never thought about it.

    - 從來沒有想過這個問題。

  • Whatever. You know what I mean. God knows I've done my fair share of weird stuff.

    隨便吧你知道我的意思。天知道 我做過很多奇怪的事情。

  • - Once... - Once what?

    - 曾經... - 曾經什麼?

  • - Once, something weird did happen here. - what? What happened?

    - 有一次,這裡確實發生了一些奇怪的事情。 - 什麼事?發生了什麼事?

  • No, never mind.


  • Come on. What happened to A without B?


  • No I really shouldn't. I mean, you seem to scare easily and I wouldn't want to.

    不,我真的不應該。我的意思是,你似乎 很容易被嚇到,我也不想。

  • - deprive you of your much-needed sleep.

    - 剝奪你急需的睡眠。

  • Fuck that! Now you have to tell me.


  • It was nothing really. It was just this one guest that stayed here...

    這其實沒什麼。只是這個 一個住在這裡的客人...

  • - Was it a girl? - Yeah.

    - 是個女孩嗎? - 是的,是個女孩

  • I don't remember her much but I do remember she just

    我不太記得她了 但我確實記得她只是

  • - disappeared. She vanished during the night.

    - 消失了。她在夜裡消失了。

  • - She left without cheking out? - Yeah.

    - 她沒打招呼就走了? - 對啊

  • She left her bags clothes everything. She just disappeared.

    她留下了她的包,衣服,一切。 她只是消失了。

  • She was never found as for as I know. I guess that kind of freaked me out.

    據我所知,她從來沒有被發現。 我猜那是一種嚇壞了我。

  • I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. She probably just up and left.

    對不起,我不是故意嚇唬你的 I'm sorry.我不是故意要嚇唬你的。 她可能只是起身離開。

  • What would you like next? I make a mean Mojito.

    你接下來想喝什麼? 我做的是莫吉托

  • I adore them. But I don't know if I can afford it.

    我很喜歡他們。但我不知道 如果我買得起的話

  • - Compliments of the house. - What will your boss say?

    - 誇獎的房子。 - 你的老闆會怎麼說?

  • Nothing. He never does. Drink up.

    什麼都沒有。他從來沒有。 喝吧

  • - Who are you sending a message to? - Oh, to my sister.

    - 你在給誰發資訊? - 哦,給我妹妹。

  • - Older, younger? - She's a couple of years older than me.

    - 大一點,小一點? - 她比我大幾歲。

  • Very much the big sister. Career,fiancée and I wouldn't be surprised

    很有大姐大的風範。事業,未婚妻 我也不奇怪

  • - if there were kids in the pipeline.

    - 如果有孩子們的管道。

  • Are you guys close?


  • We are close. Maybe not as close that she would like, but we're close.

    我們很接近了也許沒有那麼近 她會喜歡,但我們是接近。

  • She keeps an eye on me and keeps me out of trouble.

    她一直在關注我和 讓我遠離麻煩。

  • She's the good girl if you know what I mean.


  • And in her eyes I suppose I'm the bad girl. But I'm not really.

    在她眼裡,我想我是... ... 壞女孩。但我不是真的。

  • That's a shame.


  • Thank you for escorting me to my room, but I think I would hove found my way.

    謝謝你護送我到我的房間。 但我想我會找到我的路。

  • I'm not that drunk I'm I?


  • No. Just call it a part of the service package.

    不,就叫它一部分 服務包的。

  • Service. I like that.


  • For someone who likes good service, you're not a very good tipper.

    對於喜歡好服務的人來說。 你不是一個很好的小費。

  • There's your tip.


  • It's way past my bedtime. Goodnight.


  • I'm sorry. I'm not very good at reading signals.

    對不起,我不是很好我不是很好 在讀取信號方面。

  • Signals? What do you need? Traffic lights?

    信號?你需要什麼? 紅綠燈?

  • - I didn't mean to take advantage... - Is that what you think you were doing?

    - 我不是想佔便宜... ... - 你以為你在做什麼?

  • Don't you think I can decide for myself? Or is that the reason you got me wasted?

    你不覺得我可以自己決定嗎? 還是說這就是你把我弄成廢人的原因?

  • What?


  • You'll have to save the full service packet for your next victim.

    你必須保存完整的服務包。 為你的下一個受害者。

  • No, I'm sorry. I'll just leave you to it and I'll see you in the morning.

    不,我很抱歉。我就不打擾你了 明早見。

  • - Breakfast? - Maybe.

    - 早餐? - 也許吧

  • David? David?


  • What's wrong?


  • - There was someone in my room. - What?

    - 有人在我的房間裡。 - 怎麼了?

  • - In my room. There was someone there. - That's impossible. There's...

    - 在我的房間裡。有人在那裡。 - 這是不可能的,有...有...

  • - No, there was someone in my room. - But, I looked all the doors.

    - 不,我的房間裡有人。 - 但是,我找遍了所有的門。

  • I went out to my car and I left the door open so I could get in again.

    我出門到我的車,我離開了門。 打開,這樣我就可以再次進入。

  • Ok. Come with me then.


  • Be careful.


  • It's no one here. It's empty.


  • - Someone was here. - Who was?

    - 有人在這裡。 - 誰來過?

  • I don't know who it was. It doesn't matter. I didn't see what he looked like.

    我不知道是誰。這並不重要。 我沒有看到他的樣子。

  • How can you be sure that someone was here.


  • Well, someone took a photo of me while I was sleeping.

    有人給我拍了一張照片 在我睡覺的時候。

  • It was there. I promise. A polaroid of me sleeping.

    它在那裡。我保證。 我睡覺的寶麗來照片

  • - Listen. You've been drinking. - Fuck that David. I can handle my alcohol.

    - 聽著,你一直在喝酒。你一直在喝酒。 - 他媽的,大衛。我可以處理我的酒精。

  • - Unless you spiked my drinks. - Come on you watched me pour them.

    - 除非你給我的酒加了料 - 來吧,你看我倒的。

  • Ok so you weren't drunk. But are you sure you weren't dreaming? I mean-

    好吧,你沒有喝醉。但你確定嗎? 你是不是在做夢?我的意思是...

  • - the doors are looked, there's no one here and there is no polaroid.

    - 門可羅雀,戶可羅雀 也沒有寶麗金。

  • Oh, fuck. I don't know.


  • Like you said, this is quite a creepy place.


  • You had a nightmare and it seemed real at the time.

    你做了一個噩夢,它 當時看來是真的。

  • Maybe, but... Do you think so?


  • I think so. Nothing strange. We all have them.

    我想是的沒有什麼奇怪的。 我們每個人都有。

  • Would you feel more comfortable in another room? Something closer to the lobby?

    你覺得在另一個地方更舒服嗎? 房間?離大廳近一點的地方?

  • No. Never mind... I just wanna sleep.

    不,沒關係... 我只是想睡覺。

  • Listen David. I'm sorry about earlier. I might not have been very nice to you.

    聽著,大衛。之前的事我很抱歉 我可能對你不是很好。

  • I'm not myself tonight.


  • Sleep is a good remedy.


  • I'll be in the lobby all night and I can check outside your room once in a while-

    我將在大廳裡整晚,我可以。 偶爾到房外看看

  • - if it makes you feel any better.

    - 如果這讓你感覺更好。

  • - I feel so stupid. - Don't. It can happen to anyone.

    - 我覺得自己好傻 - 別這樣這可能發生在任何人身上。

  • Now, just lock the door, get some sleep and I will see you in the morning.

    現在,把門鎖上,睡一覺吧 明早見

  • - Yeah. Ok. Goodnight. - Sweet dreams.

    - 好吧好吧,晚安晚安,做個好夢 Goodnight. - 做個好夢

  • - Welcome to the Bridgeburn. - Thank you.

    - 歡迎來到橋本。 - 謝謝你。

  • How can I help you this evening?


  • - I'm looking for someone. My sister. - Has she gone missing?

    - 我在找人我妹妹 - 她失蹤了嗎?

  • I don't know. I haven't heard from her in two weeks.

    我不知道,我沒聽說過。我沒有聽說過 兩週後從她那裡得到。

  • She was on her way to a music festival.


  • - Do you have o photo? - Yeah.

    - 你有照片嗎? - 有啊

  • She sent me a text message from a motel somewhere between home and the festival.

    她從一家汽車旅館給我發了一條簡訊。 在家和節日之間的某個地方。

  • I've been checking all the hotels and motels in the area.

    我查了所有的酒店 和該地區的汽車旅館。

  • I think this must be my ninth since lunch.


  • - You're quite similar. - Have you seen her?

    - 你很像。 - 你見過她嗎?

  • - I'm afraid not. No. - Are you sure?

    - 恐怕不行不確定 - 你確定嗎?

  • Yes. I'm sure. I would remember. She's very attractive.

    是的,我肯定。我會記得的。 她很有吸引力。

  • Can you check your records? Maybe you weren't working when she stayed.

    你能檢查你的記錄嗎?也許你 她留下來的時候沒有工作。

  • I can assure you she hasn't been here. I'm always here.

    我可以向你保證她沒有 一直在這裡。我一直在這裡。

  • Ok. It's late. Is there any chance of getting a room and some food maybe?

    好吧,很晚了是否有任何機會 得到一個房間和一些食物,也許?

  • - I have just the room for you. - Nothing fancy though. I'm on a budget.

    - 我有一個適合你的房間。 - 沒有什麼花哨的,雖然。我的預算不多

  • Ok. Standard room standard price. If you could just fill that out please.

    好的標準間的標準價格。 請你把這個填上

  • Yes fine.


  • Do you keep the slips? Maybe I can see them?

    你還留著單子嗎? 也許我可以看看?

  • I do keep them, yes, but I'm afraid-

    我確實留著它們,是的,但我怕... ...

  • - I can't show them to you. That would be against the law.

    - 我不能給你看那會是 違反法律。

  • I'm afraid you just gonna have to trust me on this one. She hasn't been here.

    恐怕你只能相信我了 我在這一個。她沒有來過這裡。

  • Ok, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be pushy. It's just that it's been a long day.

    好吧,我很抱歉。我不是故意要咄咄逼人。 只是今天很漫長。

  • That's alright. That's room 15 just down the hall.

    沒事的那是15號房 就在大廳裡。

  • - Let me help you with that bag... - Thanks, but I think I can handle it.

    - 我幫你拿那個包... ... - 謝謝,但我想我可以處理它。

  • - Let me at least escort you to your room. - I'll manage. thank you.

    - 至少讓我送你去你的房間。 - 我會處理的,謝謝你

  • - Yeah? Hello? - Hi honey.

    - 什麼事?喂? - 嗨,親愛的。 - 嗨,親愛的。

  • - Hey baby. How's it going? - I just checked in to this hotel-

    - 嘿,寶貝。最近怎麼樣? - 我剛住進了這家酒店

  • - run by this weird guy.

    - 由這個奇怪的傢伙運行。

  • Oh, any luck?


  • No, nothing. I've given up for the night.


  • Where is she, John? I'm so worried about her.

    她在哪裡,約翰? 我很擔心她

  • You know anything could hove happened to her.

    你知道什麼都有可能 發生在她身上。

  • Listen. This is not the first time this has happened.

    聽著,這已經不是第一次了這不是第一次 這已經發生了。

  • Yeah,but that was a long time ago. She knows better that now.

    是啊 但那是很久以前的事了。 她現在更清楚了

  • Don't be so sure. She's probably having a great time now.

    別這麼肯定她可能是 有一個偉大的時間了。

  • Most likely she hooked up with some amazing guy at the festival.

    很有可能她和一些 驚人的傢伙在節日。

  • Or maybe you know, batteries run out on her phone. It could be anything-

    或者,也許你知道,電池用完 她的手機。它可能是任何東西 -

  • - a bunch of coincidences and that's why she hasn't called. Ok?

    - 無巧不成書 為什麼她還沒有打電話。好嗎?

  • Yeah, well I'm not convinced. There are a lot of maniacs out there.

    是啊,我不相信。有 有很多瘋子在那裡。

  • Well, they say no news is good news. Right?

    嗯,他們說沒有新聞 是好消息。對吧?

  • Well, they're full of shit.


  • Look,I got to get some sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning,Ok?

    聽著,我得去睡覺了 我明天早上再跟你說,好嗎?

  • - Ok, babe. Love you. - Bye honey.

    - 好吧,寶貝。愛你。 - 再見,親愛的。

  • Yeh?


  • - I'm sorry to disturb you. - That's Ok.

    - 對不起,打擾你了。 - 沒關係

  • - You said you were hungry. - Yeah. I'm starved.

    - 你說你餓了 - 是的,我餓了

  • Then you can come to the dining room when you're ready. There's food...

    然後你可以到餐廳來 當你準備好了。有食物...

  • - Ok. thanks. I'll be right there. - OK.

    - 好的 謝謝我馬上就來 - 好的。

  • - Did you make this? - Yes, I do most things round here.

    - 這是你做的嗎? - 是的,我做的大部分事情在這裡。

  • You're not a bad cook. Do you hove any training?

    你的廚藝不錯 你受過訓練嗎?

  • I hove a diploma in hotel management. I've done my share of catering work.

    我有一個酒店管理的文憑。 我也做過餐飲業的工作。

  • But I don't get much use for it here so I try to brush up on my skills-

    但我在這裡沒有什麼用處,所以 我試著去刷我的技能--

  • - whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    - 只要有機會,就會。

  • - You're good. - Thank you.

    - 你是好的。 - 謝謝你。

  • No, I mean it. I eat out a lot and this, this is good.

    不,我是認真的。我經常在外面吃飯 而這,這是好的。

  • Thank you.


  • Have you ever thought about leaving this place?

    你有沒有想過 離開這個地方?

  • I don't mean to be presumptuous, but you are young.

    我不是故意要自以為是。 但你還年輕

  • Why waste your talent in this backwater?


  • Don't get me wrong it's a great hotel, but, you know, it's kind of dead.

    不要誤會我的意思,這是一個偉大的酒店。 但是,你知道,這是一種死亡。

  • No, no offence.


  • I have ties to this place. You can call them emotional ties.

    我和這個地方有關係。你可以... 稱之為情感紐帶。

  • But, when I'm ready I'm going to go make my mark somewhere else.

    但是,當我準備好的時候,我要去 去別的地方做我的標記。

  • - Please, sit down. - Thank you.

    - 請坐吧 - 請坐,謝謝你。

  • So tell me about your sister. Are you much alike?

    跟我說說你妹妹吧 你們很像嗎?

  • Not really. We look alike, but that's where it ends.

    不盡然我們長得很像。 但這是它的結束。

  • Jenny, she's more spontaneous than I am. I'm more of a planner.

    珍妮,她比我更隨性。 我更多的是一個計劃者。

  • You know, I like to have it all mapped out. No surprises. I hate surprises.

    你知道,我喜歡把所有的事情都安排好。 沒有驚喜我討厭驚喜

  • I know where I'll be in 10 yeors and I know where I'll be in 20 years for that matter.

    我知道10年後我會在哪裡,我也知道 我20年後會在哪裡呢?

  • She's the crazy, good looking sister, and I'm the straight, strict, older sister.

    她是那個瘋瘋癲癲的,好看的姐姐,還有。 我是直爽、嚴謹的大姐。

  • I think you're good looking.


  • That's very sweet of you.


  • - Do you like cocktails? - Yeah, but-

    - 你喜歡雞尾酒嗎? - 是的,但是...

  • - I'm not really in the mood for cocktails. I'm going to bed now.

    - 我真的沒有心情喝雞尾酒。 我現在要去睡覺了。

  • Thank you for a delicious dinner and thanks for keeping me company.

    謝謝你的美味晚餐 謝謝你陪著我

  • - Good night. - Good night.

    - 晚安,晚安 - 晚安。

  • If you need anything just give me a call.


  • can I help you with anything?


  • I was dying for a cigarette and i thought I saw a vending machine back here.

    我很想抽根菸,我想 我在這裡看到了一臺自動售貨機

  • I was dying for a cigarette and i thought I saw a vending machine back here.

    我很想抽根菸,我想 我在這裡看到了一臺自動售貨機

  • We don't have a vending machine.


  • But I have some cigarettes in the office, if you would like.

    但我在辦公室裡有一些香菸。 如果你願意。

  • - Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that. - Ok, then I join you for a smoke.

    - 是啊,是啊,我喜歡這樣。是啊,我喜歡這樣。 - 好吧,那麼我和你一起抽菸。

  • - Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that. - Ok, then I join you for a smoke.

    - 是啊,是啊,我喜歡這樣。是啊,我喜歡這樣。 - 好吧,那麼我和你一起抽菸。

  • - Ok. - Ok.

    - 好吧,我知道了 - 好吧,我知道了

  • - Aren't you gonna have one? - No, there was only one left.

    - 你不是要吃嗎? - 不,只剩下一個了。

  • - But, you can hove this if you'd like. - No, Please enjoy it.

    - 但是,如果你願意的話,你可以把它扔掉。 - 不,請享受它。

  • - We can share. - No really. I'm quite alright.

    - 我們可以分享。 - 不,真的。我很好。

  • - We can share. - No really. I'm quite alright.

    - 我們可以分享。 - 不,真的。我很好。

  • Ok. Thank you.