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>> LELE PONS: I'm not screaming. >> RUDY MANCUSO: Why are you yelling bro? >> LELE PONS: Am I yelling right now?
[news music]
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Good evening I'm Julio Sanchez.
>> LELE PONS: And I'm Elenora Pons.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: And welcome to evening news with...Julio Sanchez.
>> LELE PONS: And Elenora Pons.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: So some crazy [bleep] is happening in the world right now.
>> LELE PONS: Really crazy [bleep]
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Excuse me [bleep]. I'm talking.
Um, at approximately 3 AM last night...
>> LELE PONS: That doesn't make any sense. >> RUDY MANCUSO: There was a robber.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I'm sorry?
>> LELE PONS: You can't say last night at 3 AM in the morning.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Actually, I can say whatever I want because this is my... >> LELE PONS: You either say morning or night.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I can say whatever the [bleep] I want. How about that?
>> LELE PONS: No you can't and you're turtleneck is stupid.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Please excuse my [bleep] [bleep], piece of [bleep] cohost.
As I was saying at about 3 AM reports came in of a bank robbery.
The robber was apparently armed and extremely dangerous.
Unfortunately the suspect remains unknown, but there is a police sketch.
As you can see here, so if you see anybody looks like this please contact the police.
>> LELE PONS: In other news, women all over the world are protesting
>> RUDY MANCUSO: No body cares about that.
Can we talk about...let's talk about soccer, huh?
>> LELE PONS: Soccer?
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Lele, listen to me. This is America. Okay. The people here only care about five things. Let me explain.
And um...
and [bleep].
>> LELE PONS: What about education? Poverty? Health care?
>> RUDY MANCSUO: Yeah. Nobody cares about them.
>> LELE PONS: [complaing in Spanish]
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Okay. We now have a live weather update from Carlos the weather man.
Can you hear us?
K. Guys forgive us. We're having some technical diff-
>> ANWAR JIBAWI: Thank you Julio! Yeah bro, they said it was going to rain, but like, it's not raining.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Okay. Thanks a lot Carlos.
>> LELE PONS: In other news, Donald Trump might be the president of the United States.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Ugh. >> LELE PONS: So we're all [bleep].
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Why's everybody tripping about Donald Trump?
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I think he's alright. >> LELE PONS: I don't know maybe because he hates everybody that's like us.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: What good-looking people?
>> LELE PONS: Oh my God.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: In other news, Jennifer Lopez, um, is...I just think she's hot.
>> LELE PONS: In other news, Julio here is a piece of [bleep].
>> RUDY MANCUSO: What can I say? I'm a ladies man.
>> LELE PONS: You think you're so good looking like that?
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Yeah. I think I am. I think I am good looking as a matter of fact.
Julio Sanchez. Follow me on Twitter.
>> LELE PONS: You look like a child molester.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Can we change this background? It's so depressing over here. Can we?
Oh yeah! Now we're talking!
Now we're talking!
This is what I'm talking about!
>> LELE PONS: Come here! Change it back!
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Are you serious? You're always ruining everything.
>>LELE PONS: Anyways the Prime Minister of Australia...
>> RUDY MANCUSO: The Prime Minster of...No one gives a [bleep] bro.
>> LELE PONS: You know why don't you talk about the truth.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I told you. Starbucks. [Bleep]. And me.
>> LELE PONS: What are you talking about? >> RUDY MANCUSO: Julio Sanchez. Follow me on Twitter. >> LELE PONS: You know what...
>> LELE PONS: Tell the truth! >> RUDY MANCUSO: Julio Sanchez. >> LELE PONS: Why don't you... >> RUDY MANCUSO: Julio Sanchez. Follow me on Twitter.
>> LELE PONS: Why don't you tell the truth? >> RUDY MANCUSO: Follow me on Twitter
>> LELE PONS: Why don't you tell everybody where you were last night?
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I was at home last night watching The Bachelorette.
>> LELE PONS: So you weren't robbing the bank?
>> RUDY MANCUSO: That's ridiculous.
>> LELE PONS: You know what? I bet he has a gun in his pocket right now.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Don't be ridiculous. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. She's making [bleep] up. It's so stupid.
>> LELE PONS: You saw that?
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Why don't you tell everybody about you?
>> LELE PONS: What about me? Calm... >> RUDY MANCUSO: What about me?
>> LELE PONS: Calm down. >> RUDY MANCUSO:Oh? I am calm. I'm super calm.
>> LELE PONS: We're on live TV!
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Oh. We're on live TV. I didn't...so we shouldn't talk about how you've had sex with everybody at the studio. Okay.
>> RUDY MANCUSO: You know. I can't talk about how you had sex with the sound guy, the camera guy, me, the weather man.
Ridiculous. You're just like your sister.
>> LELE PONS: Do not talk about my sister!
>> RUDY MANCUSO: You don't talk to me like that! [Lele Pons & Rudy Mancuso arguing]
>> RUDY MANCUSO: Oh wait, wait, wait hold on.
Okay. That's all for tonight folks. Thank you so much for watching.
I'm Julio Sanchez.
>> LELE PONS: And I'm Elenora Pons
>> RUDY MANCUSO: And thank you for watching.
>> LELE PONS: You [bleep].
>> RUDY MANCUSO: You're a [bleep].
>> LELE PONS: You're a [bleep].
>> RUDY MANCUSO: I had sex with your sister.
>> LELE PONS: I had sex with your brother and your father.
>> RUDY MANCUS: I...what?
[exit music]


疯狂 (Crazy News Reporters | Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons & Anwar Jibawi)

640 分類 收藏
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