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Hey guys, it’s Ro!
Halloween happens to be my absolute favorite

So today, we are going to be making some spooky
Halloween Treats.

Let’s get started!
The first treat we are going to be making
are these simple

Chocolate Pumpkin Pretzels. The things you
will need, will be:

Orange melting chocolates, one bag of mini
pretzels, a bunch of

green M&M’s and a little squeezy bottle.
The first thing you’re gonna do is heat
up your melting chocolates in a bowl.

I just put them in the microwave, and then
pour half of your melting

chocolates into a squeezy bottle.
Then, take a pretzel and completely submerge
it into the bowl of melted chocolate.

Using a fork, let the excess chocolate drip
off and place it

onto a piece of wax paper. To make them look
more like a pumpkin,

take your squeezy bottle and fill in the three
holes with orange chocolate.

And then, finally take your green M&M’s
and place them on the

top to look like a little stem! Make as many
of these as you want!

Om nom nom nom nom! And put them on a plate
to serve.

Our second treat that we’re gonna make are
these Candy Corn Sugar Cookies.

The things you will need, to make these yummy
cookies, will be:

Sugar cookie mix, or your favorite sugar cookie
recipe, flour,

1/3 cup of butter, 1 egg, yellow food coloring
and orange food coloring.

In a medium bowl, combine your cookie mix,
butter, and egg.

Then, mix together until your dough is thick
and smooth.

Doo-doo-doo-doo. Now divide your cookie dough
evenly into

three separate bowls. Using your yellow and
orange food coloring,

dye two of your batches of dough. Once you’ve
worked the dye into

the dough, place it flat on top of a piece of
cling wrap, and then wrap

it tight. Do this to all of the colors, and
put them in the freezer

for about 10 minutes to chill.
While it’s chilling, we’re going to make
a little bit of egg wash.

You’re gonna need one egg, crack it open
put egg whites in one,

put the yolk off to the side, and mix a little
water into your egg whites.

And we’re gonna use this little rubber basting
brush to apply.

Once your dough has chilled, brush the egg
wash on top of the regular

white dough, then place the orange dough on
top. Use your egg wash again,

and then place on the yellow dough. You do
this so the dough will stick

together when they bake. Wrap your dough up
again and place in the freezer

for one hour to chill. After freezing, cut
your dough into thin slices,

starting at the end.
Using a triangle cookie cutter, or a knife,
cut out the cookies

and place them onto your baking sheet.
Bake these cookies for about 7 minutes at
350 Degrees and then place

them onto your favorite serving tray.
Ermahgerd! They look just like little
candy corns!

Next, we are going to be making a Halloween
themed drink.

One of my absolute favorite tropical drinks
are pina coladas, so we are

going to be making those with a spooky twist.
Get ready for Pina GHOULavas! This recipe
can be made with or without

spirit, it tastes good either way! The things
you will need will be:

Coconut rum, if you’d like, 20 ounces of
pineapple juice, raspberry puree,

15 ounces of cream of coconut, which is one
can, 3/4 cup of water,

2 cups of sugar, 1/2 a cup of light corn syrup,
1/2 a teaspoon of red

food coloring, 1/2 a cup of heavy cream, 1/2
a cup of orange juice and

a bowl of ice.
Before we make our drink, we are going to
decorate the rim of our glass

by making candy blood! In a medium sized saucepan,
add your water, sugar,

corn syrup, it’s pretty sticky, you can
use a spatula, and red food coloring dye.

Heat on top of the stove until a candy thermometer
reaches 310 degrees.

Then you’re going to remove the sauce pan
and wait for the bubbles to stop popping.

And then you’re going to slowly dip the
rim of your hurricane glass, spinning

it around, into the candy, and letting the
excess drip onto the glass.

While the creepy candy is setting, we are
gonna make the drinks.

First, pour your heavy cream into the mixer,
then add your orange juice, pineapple

juice, and creamed coconut. This is also where
you can add a little spirit if

you’d like, 10 ounces. Now turn on the blender
and mix it up!

Pour all of your belnded drink mixture into
a large pitcher, and now

we’re going to make the drinks individually.
Add one cup of your mixture back

into the blender with two and a half cups
of ice and mix it up!

Using your raspberry puree, pour in a small
amount, onto the sides and

bottom of the glass, then pour in your blended
drink to finally our Pina GHOULavas.

wah wah wah wah!!!!!
For our last treat, we are going to be making
a Halloween themed chip dip,

The things that you will need for this recipe
are: 3 avocados, 1 bag of blue chips,

sour cream, a red onion, some fresh limes,
4 garlic cloves and some black olives.

To make our guacamole I’m using a food processor today, but if you don’t have one, you
can just mash the ingredients together in
a bowl, I’ve made guacamole

both ways and they both taste delicious!
First, add your garlic and then 2 tablespoons
of freshly squeezed lime juice.

And then a 1/4 cup of chopped red onion, and
then mix them together.

Once mixed, slice your avocados and add them
in and mix together until your

desired texture. Do you want smooth or chunky
guacamole? It’s up to you!

Put the guacamole onto a big serving plate
and shape into a big rectangle.

Now for the fun part, we are going to create
Frankenstein’s face.

I put some sour cream in a plastic bag, and
I’m piping 2 circles for his eyes.

Then, I’m going to cut our olives into different
sizes to complete little

details on his face! Lastly, I’m placing
a bunch of chips at the top of his head

in layers to look like hair.
Here are all the yummy Halloween themed treats
we made today!

We’ve got Frankamole chip dip, we’ve got
Pina GHOULavas, I love pina colavas,

Candy Corn sugar cookies, and Chocolate Pretzel

I hope you guys enjoy these treats and I hope
you have a happy Halloween!



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