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For those who don't know or didn't know,
I have some very bad news.
Today was National Boss's Day.
National Boss's Day started in 1958 by a real ass-kisser.
Tell you what, I'd like to find the guy who started that
and give him a wedgie he would never forget.
But in honor of National Boss's Day,
we went on the street this afternoon, invited people passing by to say a few words about their bosses
and to ensure they were able to speak freely, we let them wear masks.
This is what masked employees had to say about their bosses on this special day.
I'm sick and tired of no support at your company,
with, when we answer our phones with your mean customers, money and benefits are not enough.
Where do you work?
Charter Communications.
What's your boss' name?
Want to give Bill a shout-out?
Go suck it, Bill!
You are not a good boss, you stand and look out the window at Hollywood boulevard all day,
while we are busting our butts doing our little work.
How did you become the manager?
Where do you work?
JC Global. Oh, I shouldn't have said that.
Anything you'd like to say to your boss?
One thing I like to say to my boss, I would like a promotion,
I would like a little bit more money.
Have you asked your boss for a raise?
I can't ask.
Why? Are you chicken?
Because of the mask, I said that because of the mask.
Anything you want to anonymously say to your boss?
A little bit racist, they got to say.
Pretty racist.
Happy National boss day with your racist ass.
You know, learn a little bit,
meet some black people, chill out, Doug.
That would be my thing.
What's your name, sir?
Hey Andrew, where are you from?
From El paso, Texas.
What did you do out there?
I'm a server.
What kind of restaurant?
It was called Village inn.
Village inn?
Anything you want to say to your boss?
Look at the camera, and tell them right there.
Yeah dude, what's your problem?
Like why don't you let me help people?
Like you never let me do anything.
Like, yeah.
What's your boss's name?
Yeah, she's a [ bleep ].
There was no way Serena at the Village inn in El paso is going to know it's you out there.
Oh, okay, yeah, so screw you dude.
Like you never want me to go above and beyond what I wanna do.
I don't understand you, you're like the laziest person on Earth.
I'm doing more to help you,
you're just being a [ bleep ].
Like I don't understand why you have to be like that.
Okay, you know what actually now thinking about it,
the fact that you gave their name and the restaurant and your name,
They might catch on.
Oh, they might?
All right then. [Bleep] you Serena.
What is this?
I got you a gift for National Boss Day.
Oh you got me this for National Boss Day?
Did you just run out and buy this?
You didn't just run out and buy this?
When did you buy it?
I buy it this afternoon.
Can we look at the security footage outside the studio,
for like 2 minutes ago?
Are you sticking with the story that you didn't buy this?
I wouldn't do that to you, you know,
I love you.
I love you.
Let's see what you got me.
Oh, this is nice,
it's a little shirt that says "Girls club"
Oh, I know you like girls!
Thank you Guillermo.
That's very thoughtful, thank you very much.
Thanks for watching, if you like that,
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And if you didn't subscribe anyway, it's free, who cares.


【吉米秀】來看看員工對老闆節的「祝福」 (Hide & Speak - National Boss's Day)

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黃艾瑄 發佈於 2017 年 11 月 16 日    黃艾瑄 翻譯    李依庭 審核


大家知道 10/16 是「老闆節」嗎?這天的吉米秀就是以老闆節為主題,到街上隨機訪問幾個人,讓他們戴著面具對老闆說想說的話,想知道員工對老闆的祝福是什麼嗎?各種爆笑辛辣的祝福,看了才知道!

1in honor of 0:14
in honor of 這個片語是「紀念、對...表達敬意」,而後面所接的對象,可以是有特殊貢獻的人或值得紀念的事情,而另一個片語 in memory of 和 in honor of 的意思上基本上相同,大部分都可以互相替換,唯一要注意的差別是, in memory of 紀念的對象不能是現在還活著的人。
People constructed a monument in memory of soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the country during the war.
(軍人已經去世,可以使用 in memory of 或 in honor of)

We plan to throw a party for our boss who is going to retire next month in honor of his great devotion to the company for 40 years.
我們計畫辦一個派對給下個月即將退休的老闆,紀念他 40 年來對公司 的偉大奉獻。
(這裡只能使用 in honor of,因為紀念的對象並非去世的人)

【情人節英文】七夕不孤單,單身也能很快樂!(Valentine's Day - How to be Happy Alone)

ensure, assure, insure 這三個單字的意思因為長得很像,很容易混淆或誤用,小 V 幫大家辨別一下。
ensure 的意思是「確保、保證」,能保證某件事情會發生或不會發生,所以 ensure 後面接的受詞是「事物」。
I can't ensure that I can arrive at the amusement park on time because I'm stuck in a traffic jam.

assure 的意思是「向...保證、使放心」,能很堅定地告訴某人某件事,所以 assure 後面接的受詞是「人」。
I assured my parents that I would graduate on time.

insure 的意思是「為...投保」,可以為健康、汽車、股票、房子等投保,insure 後面接的是「物」,但不能接人。
It's even more dangerous to drive during the winter, so make sure you get your car insured!


bust 這個字的意思是「使爆裂、弄壞」
I busted Judy's iPod accidentally. She was angry with me because it was her birthday present from her parents.
我不小心弄壞了 Judy 的 iPod。她對我非常生氣,因為那是她爸媽送她的生日禮物。

bust 還有另一個意思是「逮補」,和另一個動詞 arrest 的意思相同。
The thief who stole a woman's purse was busted immediately by the police.

而影片中使用的 bust one's butt 是美國口語上的用法,意思是「用盡心力地工作」,也可以說 bust one's balls。
I'd been busting my butt preparing for the exam for the whole week. However, I still flunked the exam.

bust 還有一個常用的片語,go bust 的意思是「破產」。
During economic recession, many companies went bust and lots of people suddenly became jobless.

【吉米秀】超爆笑!男神豁出去啦!湯姆克魯斯和吉米挑戰「對嘴」比賽!(中英字幕) Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise

racist 是「種族歧視者」,這個字是從 race 延伸來的。race 在這裡不是比賽、賽跑的意思,而是「種族、民族」的意思。
從 race 延伸出來的字除了名詞 racist 還有形容詞 racial ,意思是「種族的」。和 racial 的相關詞彙有:
racial discrimination 種族歧視
racial inequality 種族不平等
racism 種族主義
segregation 種族隔離 (南非曾實施過)

racial 常和另一個單字 ethnic 混淆,在中文上都有「種族的」的意思,但 racial 指的是先天上外表、膚色的差別,而 ethnic 指的是後天上文化的差別。
The government should face up to the problem of racial discrimination. It's a very serious problem that can't be ignored anymore.

The ethnic tensions in a country could cause a civil war.

人權鬥士永垂青史曼德拉逝世 - 成就和人生 (Nelson Mandela Biography: Life and Accomplishments of a South African Leader)

5chill out1:47
chill out 是美國人經常使用的口語,常常在一些脫口秀及影集中能聽見,意思就是「冷靜點、放輕鬆」。
A: Oh no! I missed the bus. I will be late for school. I have to take an exam this morning!
B: Chill out! The next bus will arrive in two minutes.
A: 噢不!我錯過公車了,我上學會遲到,我早上要考試啊!
B: 冷靜點!下一班公車再兩分鐘就來了。

也經常聽到美國人直接用 chill 來形容一個人,這個 chill 的意思和 cool 蠻類似的,但又有那種「好相處、做自己、不畏世俗、想做什麼就做什麼」的感覺。
A: Judy is so chill! I really want to be her friend!
B: Me too!
A: Judy 好潮!我超想跟她做朋友的!
B: 我也是!

chillchill out 也有 hang out 「和朋友放鬆、享受、玩樂」的意思。
A: Wanna chill tonight?
B: Nope. My family has a reunion tonight.
A: 今晚要不要玩玩?
B: 不了,我家今晚有聚會。

小 V 最愛最後一個員工,講到最後索性把面具拿掉,直接大罵老闆!大家記得明年的 10/16 也把對老闆的「祝福」大聲 (其實只能默默地) 說出來!

文/ Vicky Lee




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