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Beware! This can get quite cringey!
[cringey attempt
Er...I don't think I can do it.
(ghetto) Basically... (posh) today...
I still can't do it lulz
Nah, that doesn't work...
I'm just gonna talk in my normal voice...
Hi~ (lol oh so professional)
Today I am going to be talking about something called
"Multicultural London English"
a.k.a. "MLE".
MLE is this:
(Hi Mum!)


My arm's bare soft tho!
(My arm is really soft though!)

100% MOIST!
(100% LAME!)
(NB: Moist has 2 meanings the other meaning is sexual.)

I'm going yard
(I'm going home)


Y'guys know how much trouble I'm in, blud?!
(Do you know how much trouble I'm in?)

Just cotch, TJ, man!
Just relax, TJ!

R u dumb, blud!?
(Are you stupid?!)


MLE is an accent and a dialect that is spoken by a lot of young people in London.
But the thing is, no one really knows what MLE is.
No one really calls it that.
That's just the official linguistic term for it.
In every day language, you're going to hear it being referred as
"London slang"
"street slang"
"youth slang"
"ghetto accent"
"gangster accent"
So today I'm going to show you some MLE words
Before we do that, I just need to tell you some important things about MLE.
So...let's get started~!
It's a hybrid accent that has influences from West Indies,
Estuary English
and South Asian accents.
It's mostly influenced from the West Indies
Which is why it's often associated with Black people
And seen as a "Black people's accent"
But anyone from any race can have this accent and talk in this way.
It's a youth slang
And it's associated with young people
Because it's a fairly new accent that hasn't really emerged until around like the last 30 years or so.
Therefore, people who speak with this accent are young.
You won't really see anyone who is over 30 and talking in this accent.
I'll probably say the maximum age you're even "allowed" to talk in this accent
Is around... 20-25 years old?
Is that pushing it...?
If you're older than that, and you try and speak like this
You just sound like an oldie who is trying to be cool...
Like me...like me... lol
Three! Three!
It's labelled as a "London accent"
But not EVERY young person in London talks like this
And it's not JUST people in London who have this accent and use the slang as well.
Some other places in England use the slang and talk like this.
Accents can determine social class
And MLE has a negative stereotypical image.
So, if we're going to compare this to something like RP, which is "Received Pronunciation"
If you have a RP accent, you are likely to be stereotyped as being posh, rich, arrogant and well-educated.
In contrast, MLE has a negative stereotypical image
And is associated with antisocial behaviour, being gangster, being uneducated, being intimidating...
It's just not very good...
And it's so bad that even in some schools
They have banned the use of some MLE slang words
[A] school here in London has banned it's students from using certain slang words
A new clamp down on slang
Harris Academy in Croydon has banned words like "coz" and "innit"
in an effort to improve standards of English.
These are not terms that apply in the world of work.
It makes them sound stupid and uneducated
Hang on! Now wait, you said stupid, why does it make them sound stupid?
It's very controversial
Some young people don't talk with the MLE accent but they will use the MLE slang(dialect) words.
And a lot of people know how to code switch.
And what I mean by code switching is that they will change the way they talk depending on the context and the situation.
So, my accent is a stereotypical Estuary English accent
Which is like a standard normal accent you will hear in the south east of England.
I... know I had like... LOADSSSS of comments from my last video
- One of my old videos (The British English Tag)
Saying that I'm not British and that my accent doesn't sound very British...
But...erm...why don't you come to England and judge for yourself?
Because I'm pretty sure my accent sounds very common...
So my accent is an Estuary English accent which is a stereotypical normal accent you're gonna hear in the south east of England.
But if I'm in informal situations such as with my friends
My accent may turn more MLE and I may use MLE slang words
On the other hand, if I'm in formal situations such as at work or in an interview or something
My accent will sound more RP, a bit posher and I'll try and be a bit more well-spoken.
Even like right now in this video lol
So depending on the context and the situation, a lot of us can easily~ just switch.
Just like the way we talk differently between our friends and family and at work etc.
Same thing happens here...
Therefore, you should never ever ever use MLE in formal situations.
Like NEVER EVER EVER use it in a job interview
Because you won't get the job...
I'm serious...you won't get the job...
Six! Which I think is the most important thing
Which is that you have to "talk" in the accent for it to work.
You can't say it in like a RP accent
Because it just doesn't work!
And it just sounds cringey, and people are just going to laugh at you because it sounds awful
You can't be like:
(RP attempt) Wassup bruv
(RP attempt) Safe, fam
(RP attempt) Oh my days, blud
Basically, yeah?
It just doesn't work. You can't do it.
You can't do it in that way.
Otherwise you just sound cringey, you sound stupid, just don't do it in a RP accent!
Because it just DOES NOT WORK!
You gotta like TALK in the accent for it to work.
You gotta be like:
(MLE attempt
So lyk basically ye
wot happend ye wz lyk
bin gettin lyk bare comments on ma youtube, ye
sayin im nt british
r u f***n dumb, bruv?!
r u dumb, bruv?!
r u f**n dumb, bruv, ye?
lyk jus coz im not white ye, dnt mean im nt british
That's how you do it... (lol I tried)
So...that was MLE explained
And I'm like tired because that ended up being longer than I thought it'll be...
And now let's finally get into the main part of this video!
WADOOOOO~! ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
So here are some MLE words.
I apologise in advance that this can get quite cringey
And erm...I hope everyone just like...looks at this with an educational perspective...(Don't kill me lol)
Why am I doing this again?!
I just feel like a lot of people outside of the UK have misconceptions about London slang
And there's a lot of background information that you need to be aware of before you start using it.
Let's start off easy, yeah?
Never gonna use, innit?
You have now innit?
Abbreviation of the word "isn't it".
Which we usually just add at the end of every single sentence
Just to add... an extra POOF of effect!
No one's gonna find out about it, innit?
You flopped, you know that innit?!
Innit innit innit
Anything K, man!
Shut your mouth, man!
Don't get me involved, fam
Lesoi! Who's got more links, fam?
(links= friends)

I'm not even lying, bruv!
Alien, bruv!
Are you stupid, blud?!
Are you deaf, blud?
You can use these interchangeably
And it's a way to address someone, usually your friend.
Something that is cool.
Dat is sik.
(That is cool)

Be worth bare money
A lot; many; very; so
She's bare annoying!
(She's so annoying!)

My arm's bare soft tho!
(My arm is very soft though!)

You know I like my boys bare skinny, innit?
(You know I like my boys really skinny, don't you?)

Ah, she's buff y'know, blud
Just means attractive
Shabba denaya! Dat gurl is PENGGGG!
(OMG ! That girl is hot!)

Now "safe" has got like three meanings:
(1) It can be used as a way to greet someone
(2) It can be used as a way to say thank you
It's for you
And (3) it can be used as a way to describe someone (or something) to be cool or chilled
So (for e.g.), "That guy was safe."
Allow it, my man
Allow it, man
Forget that something or just to let something go
♪ Let it go~ ♪ Let it go~ ♪ ❄️⛄️
Tell your Dad to allow it, man.
(Tell your Dad to leave it).

Allow it, man. (Leave it)
Allow it, man. (Forget it)

Allow her, man.
(Forget her)

What does it mean?
Shut your mouth you butterz sket!
(Shut up you ugly slut!)

Your sister's butters anyway, man
(Your sister is ugly anyway)

Butters butters butters
(Ugly ugly ugly)

Don't be so bait, man
I warned you not to be so bait, man. But you never listen!
Being blatantly obvious about something
You're too f***n bait!
(You're too f***n obvious!)

You can use it for another context which is like, if you get caught or found out about something.
So you can say something like,
"Don't bait me out"
Meaning don't grass on me (grass is another old slang lol)
Or don't...er...tell on me, kind of thing. (It's used to report the misdeeds of another person.)
Does that make sense?
I like this one lol
Is it beef, bruv?
Beef beef
To have a fight
You lot not been beefing again, nah?
(You two haven't been fighting again, have you?)

"You want beef?!
Meaning, "You wanna fight?"
"You two got some beef going on there?"
= "Is there some kind of like disagreement between you two or something?"
I'm not gonna have any beef between you lot!
(I will not have you two fighting!)

(British nursery rhyme)
♪ Jack and Jill went up the hill ♪
♪ To fetch a pail of water ♪

♪ Jack fell down and broke his... crown ♪
And what? I can't remember the lyrics lol
Let's jack it!
Jack a bullyvan
(bullyvan= police van)

To steal
Sam jacked my sister's Gameboy, yeah?
(Sam stole my sister's Gameboy)

"He jacked my pen"
= "He stole my pen"
Jacked it off my mum
(Stole it from my mum)

And those are some MLE words~
I don't know how out of date I am with these words...
Because..er...it's been a while since I was last in school lol
And I'm over the age range...
I'm like over 25...lol
So...erm...I'm not allowed to talk like this anymore!
So I hope this video is useful for people
ESPECIALLY for my non-UK viewers (I made this video JUST FOR YOU ALL!)
For my fellow UK viewers I hope this is approved by you guys... (I tried, man. I tried. Don't kill me lol)
And if you don't approve, feel free to write in the comments below
If you feel like I've missed anything, feel free to write them all down.
I know there are loads of other words that I haven't included
So feel free to teach people new words in the comments down below
Because I'm not doing a Part Two video
Don't expect me to do a Part Two. (Already embarrassed myself with this one lulz)
And I will see you guys next time~
I'm soooo friggin' tired of filming this sooooo MANY FRIGGIN TIMESSSSS (been trying to film this for 2 years now lol)
u f**n dumb, bruv!?
u f**n dumb, bruv? lol
shut up, man!
just cos im not white ye , dnt mean im not british
I was born n bred in the UK, ye?
U dun know me
U want me 2 lyk smash u up?
i'll f**n bang u up, bruv!
I don't know what I'm saying lol


Multicultural London English 101 (London Slang)

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