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What are you doing? Reading my comic book. you're reading your comic book at breakfast
You know the rules. I am sorry. Go stand in the corner quickly
When and how to discipline a child is always a hot topic
What is your problem look at the stain you look like a pig, but there's one technique
That's particularly hard to swallow tops off. That's what you get it. No mom again
Yes again, open your mouth stick out your tongue
It's called hot Saucing
Have seen in this episode of Dr.. Phil
I won't do it again open your mouth now stick out your tongue further you little baby
Come on. Be a man if you saw mom. Hot saucing her child. how does that feel? It burned.
Yeah, maybe you'll learn next time. What would you do?
We're at the Park Avenue diner in South Plainfield New Jersey where the only thing that sizzles more than the food is
Barry's temper
Filling your shoes all over the treasures. It's a five-alarm situation to this woman no more juice for you not to cook in the corner
And she tries a reasoned approach to cool down Barry
Yeah, she's dropping stuff all over the place
But there should be consequences for everything
you could talk to him and say things a thousand times, he's a child
Like when you explode like that yeah what does it do to him
Finn let's go sit down
Quickly come on sit down
you know what I need a minute from this I can't. What did I do?
you all right, frustrating your mom
Like I can't do anything right? My mom does really mean things like she puts hot sauce on my mouth really?
Now she makes Fiin a promise. She's not goona put it on your mouth while we are sitting there.
I'm pretty sure she will. I am pretty sure she's not.
Trust me, okay
But is her promise about to go up in flames. I told you not to talk to strangers. I am sorry
That's it open your mouth
Open your mouth
That's not gonna happen. That's enough! That's not gonna happen, not today!
What's wrong with it? You can't do that, are you serious? Not today, not here!
That's not gonna happen. You need a break. I don't understand what's so wrong. That's What Would You Do TV show. Are you serious?
It was about to be issue up in here. He's not going with her. Where was he going? He was going to go with me?
Share your message to the parents if you see a kid in trouble. That is do something s it is not safe something
And that's exactly what this next woman does oh my gosh. Oh
God, that's it. I've had enough of them. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it
Not missing a beat
Florence a former teacher heads over to help clean up Finn's mess. Well if you did another here
Water do you think you can
Careful yes, I'll begin
Well, it's sweet you have to give it to me
If I sit here and watch you will you be able to?
Cool. I don't get it. I'm really overwhelmed you just deal with him, please this camp
She always is really mean to me and she presents
I'm lucky that she didn't put hot sauce on my tongue. So that's what she usually does when you go to school. Yes
Examples are they gonna do about it if I make you humble judges talking to somebody about it?
He look like John toa. That's why
We're rolling one last time don't embarrass me in public. Okay, okay, mom
Well this teenager have the courage to confront our mom
What are you doing?
What do you think this is a toy sit up straight? Take your hands out of your mouth. She might wear a nervous smile
Oh my goodness look at that. He could sit straight
But mom's behavior is leaving a bad taste in her mouth would you like a milkshake? No no no no?
He doesn't deserve a milkshake. She's only 17
You behave yourself you get something but finds the courage to defend then
Yeah, it's really not your place. You just dictate your stop. You know she backs off until barry storms away
She puts hot sauce on my tongue
Will she take her friends advice? I'm sorry mom. You should apologize
Do you want backup?
If he doesn't behave himself that's what he guess
We now who are you to judge me?
time to meet fans underaged heroine
tell us
Why you got involved it just you know stuck a nerve with me. I don't ever want to tell someone like you're not
Parenting your child right, but sometimes you know when you see something. You should say something
here Houston
I salute you I think and those aren't just empty words for these
Compassionate diners today in word and deed they stepped in for a child in need


有洋蔥!當看見媽媽過度管教兒子,這些路人這樣做... (What Would You Do: Mother Uses Harsh Punishments on Son | What Would You Do? | WWYD)

559 分類 收藏
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