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  • Taranaki is a region on the west coast of New Zealand’s north island,

    塔拉納基地區位於 紐西蘭北島西海岸

  • about a five- hour drive south of Auckland.

    距離奧克蘭南部約 5 小時車程

  • It is named after the dramatic volcanic mountain


  • that dominates its skyline,


  • and known for its spectacular landscapes,


  • Set against a canvas of endless hiking tracks,


  • pristine surf breaks and world-class skiing,


  • Taranaki is a region where nature and creativity are intimately entwined.

    塔拉納基緊密結合 天然景觀和藝術創作

  • Art is everywhere here.


  • It’s in the jaw dropping landscapes.


  • It’s in the art trails and festivals peppered throughout the region.

    也遍佈於這裡的藝術步道 和節慶活動之中

  • It’s even in the bridges and on the wind.


  • New Plymouth, Taranaki’s main city, has a huge stature

    新普利茅斯是塔拉納基的主要城巿 儘管只是小城巿

  • in the world of contemporary art despite its humble size.

    但在現代藝術上 卻享有極大的聲譽

  • Start your adventures at the arresting Len Lye Centre

    行程安排可以從引人注目的 列恩雷中心博物館

  • and the adjoining Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.


  • Len Lye was a maverick kinetic sculptor and experimental film maker

    列恩雷是個特立獨行的動態雕刻家和 實驗電影製作人

  • whose work is now deeply embedded in the town’s identity.

    他的作品目前已和這座城巿的 形象緊密結合

  • Wander to the waterfront and take a look at his famous work,

    您可以漫步到海濱欣賞 他的著名作品

  • the Wind Wand,


  • a 157 foot kinetic sculpture that changes with the weather.

    這是一座 48 英呎高的雕刻作品 隨天候而變化

  • Follow the Coastal Walkway,


  • a promenade that links the town centre to many of its beautiful parks

    可由巿中心漫步前往 許多美麗公園

  • and black sand beaches such as Fitzroy and East End.

    和黑沙海灘 如費茲羅伊和東端等

  • Art meets nature again at the Te Rewa Rewa bridge.

    藝術和大自然在 特雷瓦雷瓦橋再次交會

  • This award winning bridge spans the Waiwhakaiho River

    這座獲奬的橋樑跨越 懷華凱歐河

  • and evokes the power of an enormous wave.


  • No matter where you are in New Plymouth,

    在新普利茅斯 無論您身在何處

  • Mount Taranaki is never far from sight,


  • a constant reminder of how richly this region has been blessed by nature.

    不斷提醒您這是一處深受 大自然庇護之地

  • Make the climb to the top of Paritutu Rock,


  • or discover a rich diversity of marine life


  • at the Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Reserve.


  • At Pukekura Park, right in the heart of the city,


  • light itself becomes the artist as it reflects off the lakes.

    自湖面反射的光線 宛如一位藝術家

  • If you are visiting don’t miss the festival of lights

    若您計畫前往 千萬別錯過彩燈饗宴

  • which transforms the entire park.


  • In 1956, a natural amphitheatre was converted into the Bowl of Brooklands

    1956 年,一座天然的露天劇場改建成 布魯克蘭斯舞台

  • which has been one of New Zealand’s finest concert venues ever since.

    並從此成為紐西蘭最好的 音樂會場地之一

  • It is also home to the world famous WOMAD festival,

    這裡也是世界聞名的 WOMAD 音樂節

  • the Brooklands Zoo,


  • and the picturesquePoet's Bridge.”


  • This bridge was named not after a local poet as the name suggests

    這座橋並非如其名稱一般以當地 詩人命名

  • but after a racehorse whose winnings provided the funds to build it.

    而是以提供造橋經費的 冠軍賽馬來命名

  • Conservation and a deep respect for the past is also evident

    從新普利茅斯區內的許多博物館中 可輕易感受到

  • in the many museums throughout New Plymouth,


  • such as Puke Ariki.


  • Explore the interactive exhibits and an ever-changing program of events

    探索互動式展覽及 推陳出新的展覽活動

  • that delve into the region’s history.


  • No visit to Taranaki is complete without getting close

    沒造訪過這整個地區 最重要

  • to the powerful presence that stands at the heart of the entire region.

    最具代表性的景點 便不算造訪過塔拉納基

  • Follow Surf Highway 45 to the Egmont National Park

    經衝浪公路 45 號前往 埃格蒙特國家公園

  • where Mt. Taranaki reigns supreme.


  • On the westernmost point of the Taranaki coast stands

    在塔拉納基海岸的 最西邊豎立著

  • Cape Egmont Lighthouse which has been protecting ships from

    艾格蒙角燈塔 自 1881 年以來就保護著

  • the treacherous Tasman since 1881.


  • Drive north to Lake Mangamahoe,


  • a magnet for those who love hiking and riding.


  • The series of picture-perfect surf breaks along the coast

    沿著海岸前進是一系列最上鏡頭的 衝浪點

  • lead to the dramatic rock formations known as the Three Sisters and Elephant Rock.

    隨之迎接您的是奇特岩石構造 聞名的三姐妹岩和象岩

  • Once there were four sisters,


  • but the sea is slowly reclaiming these natural sculptures one at a time.

    但大海正一個個慢慢地 召回這些天然的雕像

  • It is sometimes said, that great art picks up where nature ends.

    人們有時會說,偉大的藝術 始於大自然結束之處

  • The longer you spend in Taranaki, with its spectacular scenery,

    在塔拉納基駐留越久 欣賞這壯麗的景色

  • powerful artistic legacy and epic outdoor adventures,

    動人的藝術遺產 及史詩般的戶外探險

  • the more you realise that the two are so closely linked

    您就越能了解 自然與藝術如此地緊密連結

  • it is sometimes impossible to tell the difference.


Taranaki is a region on the west coast of New Zealand’s north island,

塔拉納基地區位於 紐西蘭北島西海岸


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