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- Okay, yeah.
-I saw you in Toronto. -Oh, yeah.
-It was like... -Yeah.
-On the InStyle party. -Right.
-You were leaving. -Yeah, that was nuts.
And everyone was screaming at you.
How is that part of the job, you think?
Well, at Toronto, it was important, you know,
because I had two films there, and
I felt a responsibility to represent them, so.
So it's what I did. How is it for you?
I mean, I like going to events, and stuff like that.
But I don't have to take selfies with people like you do, probably.
I don't have to, either. But I choose to, sometimes.
So this movie's pretty scary, there's ghosts in it, which
-Yeah. -I think it's really scary.
Do you believe in ghosts?
You know, it's so interesting.
Um, a lot of people have been asking me that question.
Uh, and I can't think of a concise answer apart from, to say, um
I'm open to it. I...
'Cause I've had some people explain, sort of give me scientific evidence
as to why they're physically not possible.
Uh... and
And I love the Ghostbusters, so... so
if there were no ghosts, there'd be no Ghostbusters,
so maybe we need the ghosts. -That's a good point.
-Maybe... maybe we need ghosts. -That's true.
'Cause then we get Ghostbusters.
But do you believe there's anything after death?
Because if there's ghosts, there must be something after death, too, kind of.
I don't know.
My hunch  is, we just get this one shot, you know?
Um... at least,
that's the only one I'm conscious of.
So, um...
That's just... I don't know where that comes from,
apart from just a gut feeling. Uh...
I think...
That's it. The lights go out, they go out,
and you go back into the ground,
-And that's sad. -Yeah
So I... that's... but it's also, it's a nice feeling, in a way,
it's comforting, 'cause it makes you try and live your life to the fullest, I think.
So, another thing I liked about this movie is the romance.
Back then, it was so easy to fall in love.
You can just look at someone, and then you're like, "We're in love."
That doesn't... that doesn't happen to you now?
-Not every day, no. -Not every day.
Do you think it has changed? Was it much easier before?
Oh, I think falling in love is the same as it's always been.
I think it's as, uh...
surprising, and shocking, and, um, chaotic, and beautiful as it's always been.
I think you can't... you know, you can't...
The heart is... is uncontrollable.
You can't legislate for who you fall in love with.
You just... it happens.
Uh... So, I think...
I think the structures for how we try to organize it intellectually have changed.
But evolutionarily, we haven't evolved, um, at that kind of a rate.
I think, you fall in love with somebody, you can't explain why you do it, you just do.
So, there you go. That's my take on it.
-What do you think? -I think...
I mean, I think maybe it changes when you get a little older.
'Cause when you're younger, it's much easier to just
get that crush on someone, and then...
You know, you think it's something more, maybe, than it is.
-Mmm. -And then... but when you get older,
you have more of a checklist.
But is that... but if you have a checklist, is that really love?
Do you know what I mean? That might be
someone you're trying to sync up with, and live with,
or someone you're trying to share your life with,
or share something with, I don't know.
You're trying to construct a relationship where you can run in parallel 
and work together, but that's... is that love?
I don't know. I think...
I think real love is about acceptance, and about truth, and about, um...
and about vulnerability, and, uh...
Yeah, and then I think in that...
you know, when you really can accept someone for who they are,
and... that's what real love is.
That's a great answer. Thank you, thank you so much.
Good to see you again.



這就是為什麼抖森會讓人戀愛!大談感情觀 (This is WHY we keep FALLING IN LOVE with TOM HIDDLESTON

35206 分類 收藏
kiki 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 14 日    Rose Chen 翻譯    李依庭 審核


喜歡湯抖森的粉絲們請舉手!(小 V 先舉雙手) 除了他的精湛演技和迷人的外表之外,還有他私底下十足的幽默感和毫不做作的蠢萌,讓這麼多人超愛這個飾演反派出名的抖森!然而,總是帶給大家歡樂的 Tom 其實在中學時父母親離婚,當時的打擊也造就了現在的他。到底被封為英國最性感男星之一的湯姆希德斯頓對愛情的看法是什麼?一起來看看抖森的感情觀吧!

1hunch 1:23
hunch 在影片中是名詞「直覺;預感」的意思。還有一個名詞意思是「肉峰;隆起的肉」,因此 hunch 用做動詞時表「彎腰駝背」;另外也有 hunchback 一常見用法,例如《鐘樓
怪人》的英文名就是 The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Mom has a hunch that something is wrong with my sister.
I have a hunch that this guy has bad intentions.

【明星點唱車】愛黛兒完全展現出超驚人表現 (中英文字幕) (Adele Carpool Karaoke)

2apart from1:36
apart from 這個片語是「除了、此外」的意思。其他同義詞有 besides, additionally, on top
of that 等等,都有「此外、除了⋯之外」的意思。
The homework for this week is to write a 2000-word-essay about this topic. Apart from that, we have to read chapter 7 of the textbook.
這週的作業是針對這個主題寫一份 2000 字的論文,此外,還要預習第七章的課文。

【千古難題】生產的痛 vs. 蛋疼,到底哪個比較痛? (Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls)

3crush  3:04
crush 當名詞時為「迷戀、愛戀」,或是指「喜歡的對象」。而當動詞時,crush 則有「壓扁、擠壓、擊垮」的意思。

This movie is about a student having a crush on her teacher.
Why did you put me on the spot in front of my crush? That's so embarrassing!

There are some cakes and cookies on the backseat, be careful not to crush them!

【TED-Ed】壓力會造成青春痘嗎?Does stress cause pimples? - Claudia Aguirre

4sync up    3:17
sync up 是「 同步」的意思,sync 是 synchronize「同時發生」這個動詞的簡寫。後面加
with 再加上對象,代表「與⋯同步」。在手機上有時候可以看到「是否要同步資料至電
腦」,就是用 sync 這個字。此外,表達同步、不同步也可以用 in sync / out of sync。
Google Photos is an app that can you help you back up and sync up photos on your phone, so you don't need to worry about losing them if you break your phone.
Google Photos 是一個可以備份並同步手機的相片的應用程式,即使你手機壞了也不必擔心相片不見。

睡覺好像很重要?不過我們到底為什麼要睡覺! (Why Do We Have To Sleep?)

5in parallel 3:25
in parallel 這個片語是「並行」的意思,parallel 為形容詞,是「平行的、同時發生的」的意思, 後面加上 with 則是「與⋯並行」。
The curriculum in this school is known for the teaching of academic subjects in parallel with creative arts.

【金融時報】圖解歐盟 A visual explainer to the EU | FT World

不得不說,抖森在回答的時候好認真好誠懇,看完影片再戀愛一次啊!在抖森心目中的真愛跟對方條件好壞無關,可以和諧共處的也不一定是真愛,而是能夠接受彼此最真、最原本的樣子,並且包容扶持對方的弱點。你們認同嗎?在你們心目中的真愛是如何呢?快留言告訴小 V 吧!

文/ Kate Chang




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