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For more than a decade,
our intention has been to create an iPhone that is all display.
A physical object that disappears into the experience.
♪ Music playing ♪
This is iPhone X.

Developing the form and display together
defines a whole new integration,
making the boundary between the device and the screen
hard to discern.
The custom OLED panel was engineered to fold
and seamlessly combine with the external surfaces.
Mechanical buttons give way to touch and gestures.
There's no Home button.
A single swipe takes you to the Home screen.
A more responsive touch system means the gestures in iOS 11
are more fluid.

The polished stainless steel band
reinforces the water-resistant, all glass design.
This new glass formulation,
the most durable ever in a smartphone,
enables, for the first time, wireless charging.
Our new TrueDepth camera system,
contained within this tiny space,
uses extraordinary depth-sensing technology
to let you unlock your phone with a glance.

We call this FaceID.
It maps the unique geometry of your face
with over 30,000 invisible dots.
This data is analyzed by the neural engine
on the A11 bionic chip, the first of its kind.
Your iPhone now recognizes you,
even in the dark, and will adapt to your physical changes.
This makes your face your secure password.
So with just a look,
you can authenticate your phone or use Apple Pay.
The TrueDepth camera also enables new experiences.
Like bringing emojis to life
by mapping more than 50 facial muscles in real time.
So you can be happy,
or sad,
or cross.

Both the front-and rear-facing cameras
now have Portrait Mode.
And for the first time,
you can actually define the light in a scene.
Based on fundamental photographic principles,
portrait lighting
produces the effect of real studio lighting.
On the back,
the dual camera system is completely redesigned.
It's made even smarter by the A11 bionic chip.
With machine learning,
the camera detects elements in the scene
to optimize the image before the photo is even taken.
The camera we use every day now delivers so much more.
And as iOS becomes
the world's largest platform for augmented reality,
it will redefine what's possible.

This is iPhone X.



果粉心動嗎?iPhone X 全新登場:官方介紹影片 (iPhone X — Introducing iPhone X — Apple)

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韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 22 日


不知道有沒有人已經入手 iPhone X 了呢?VoiceTube 有同事已經入手,小 V 真的好羨慕啊!在網路上看到有人用 iPhone X 拍出來的照片好好看喲!一起來了解這個十週年的紀念機有哪些超強大的功能!

discern 是動詞,意思是「分辨、察覺」。
The colors of the two lipsticks are hard to discern. I can't tell the difference between them.

用想的就可以瘦?科學家的奶昔實驗(A Milkshake Experiment)

seam 的意思是「縫合處、裂縫」,而 seamlessly 就是由 seam 加上 -less (沒有) 再加上 -ly 成為副詞,意思是「無縫地」。影片中 seamlessly 用來修飾動詞 combine, 說的是 iPhone X 的外殼是無縫接合的。
It was so awkward when I found out that my pants were falling apart at seams.

polish 當動詞時意思是「擦亮」,像擦亮鞋子就是 polish the shoes 或擦亮家具 polish the furniture。影片中使用 polished 是加了 -ed 變成形容詞,意思是「擦亮的、拋光的」。
當名詞時意思是「磨光、擦亮」,另一個意思是「上光劑」,像擦亮鞋子的鞋油就是 shoe polish,而指甲油是 nail polish
Mom told me to polish my shoes before going to the interview.

polish off 迅速做完大量工作、迅速吃完大量食物
I was so hungry after playing basketball for the whole afternoon that I polished off all of the food on the table.

polish up 潤飾、提升技能
I want to polish up on my Korean. I hope I can watch Korean dramas without Chinese subtitles.

【職場的進擊】打造上班最強妝容速成班!Work / Office Makeup Tutorial!

resistant 的意思是「抵抗的」,是由動詞 resist 「抵抗、抗拒」延伸而來的,resistant 通常會與一些名詞組成複合形容詞 (compound adjective),-resistant 的用法與 -proof 一樣,都是表示「抗....的、防...的」。
water-resistant 防水的 = waterproof
bullet-resistant 防彈的 = bulletproof
fire-resistant 防火 = fireproof
My cellphone is water-resistant. I'm gonna take pictures while snorkeling.

TED-Ed:為什麼要擦防曬乳? (Why do we have to wear sunscreen? - Kevin P. Boyd)

5augmented reality3:09
這個字就是這幾年很夯的 AR ,也就是「擴增實境」,不要和另一個字 VR (Virtual Reality) 虛擬實境搞混啦!
augment 是動詞,意思是「增加、提高」,reality 是名詞「現實、真實」的意思,實境秀的英文就是 reality show。
My sister augments her income by working part-time and tutoring.

窮窮的小 V 只能繼續在臉書瘋狂分享抽獎貼文,希望可以抽到 iPhone X 呀!
文/ Vicky Lee




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