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The Australian city of Townsville sits on the sundrenched coastline of Queensland,
around 700 miles north of the state capital, Brisbane.
It’s a gateway to the Wild Outback,
the Tropical North and the Great Barrier Reef.
Townsville’s also the gateway to a laidback state of mind,
where everything gets done, in its own time.
And why rush when there’s over 320 days of sunshine a year to enjoy,
and some of Australia’s best natural attractions right on your doorstep.
You’ll find plenty to admire in the city itself too,
fabulous heritage buildings,
a waterfront esplanade that stretches away forever,
lush tropical gardens,
a football team that’s the envy of the nation,
and that legendary northern hospitality.
Looming large over the Townsville region since the dawn of time,
is Castle Hill.
This granite guardian has witnessed thousands of years of history,
from the campfires of the Bindal and Wulgurukaba peoples, to the coming of Europeans,
first as passing explorers and castaways,
and eventually as settlers.
First established as a port town in 1866 by Sydney entrepreneur Robert Towns,
Townsville quickly blossomed.
Take a walk along Flinders Street and admire some of Australia’s finest 19th century buildings,
including gracious pubs,
which have been serving up ice-cold beer to thirsty locals for generations.
For years Townsville was a busy but provincial port,
until her northern skies darkened with the clouds of war.
At the Army Museum of North Queensland,
learn how the city became one of the largest Pacific allied bases during World War Two,
a strategic importance that continues to this day.
Discover even more of Townsville’s historical and natural treasures
at the Museum of Tropical Queensland.
Right next door, dive into Reef HQ,
where the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef have been brought to shore for all to enjoy.
While you’re there, be sure to pay a visit to the recovering patients at the turtle hospital.
Just a few miles south of Townsville,
continue your walk on the wild side at the award winning Billabong Sanctuary,
and get close to some of Australia’s most treasured and fearsome animals.
To experience Townsville’s brightest natural jewel,
take the 5-mile ferry ride to Magnetic Island.
From Nelly Bay, rent a Mini Moke, hop on a local bus,
or set off on foot to discover Maggie’s national parks and coastal communities.
Explore coastal tracks, World War Two forts, and meet friendly locals along the way.
When the temperature climbs you’ll find plenty of fabulous beaches to cool off at,
some patrolled by lifeguards, others completely deserted.
When it comes to Aussie vacation adventures,
why not set aside a few days in Townsville.
Because sometimes it’s the lesser-known places which hold the sweetest surprises,
and offer the warmest welcomes.


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464 分類 收藏
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