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  • -I want to be a champion skater and a writer.

  • -I want my picture in all the magazines.

  • -Maybe I'll be a movie star.

  • -I want to be different from all other girls.

  • -I want to be a modern woman, I want to travel.

  • -I want to study languages - languages and history.

  • -I want everything.

  • -I want...

  • -My birthday!

  • -Surprise!

  • -Happy birthday, Anne!I love you.

  • -Thank you.I love you so much.

  • -Congratulations, my daughter! Your gifts are on the table!

  • -Flowers!

  • -The breakfast is for you!

  • -Yes, beautiful breakfast.

  • -This is the book!

  • -Yes, I love you. We love you!

  • -Thank you, dad. Thank you!

  • -Thank you!

  • -You're welcome.

  • -We have to go into hiding soon.

  • -Why, dad? Why are you talking about it now?

  • -The situation is not easy. Germanies could take everything away, including us.

  • -OMG.

  • -OMG!

  • -OMG!

  • -The convocation from SS....

  • -It's here.

  • -Can not be.

  • -We'll be here.Hopefully the police won’t find us here.

  • -Who is this?

  • -He is Peter, Mr. Dann’s son.

  • -Hi, Peter, I’m Frank, Anne Frank.

  • -Hi.

  • -Hi, I’m Margot.

  • -Yes, I know.

  • -Do you know?

  • -Yes, I studied in the same school as you

  • -Seriously?I Never saw you there

  • -I saw you a few times ....

  • -Peter, we sleep here.Margot and Anne sleep on the another side.

  • -Came on, Peter.

  • -Anne?

  • -Peter.

  • -What did you do this afternoon?

  • -I was cooking.

  • -Passionate?

  • -I love? But why?

  • -I dont know.

  • -Anne, when I find you, you always saw with two or three guys and a bunch of girls, always laughing and fun.

  • -Eras center. It's different now.

  • -Why?

  • -I dont know. But I see the real Anne.

  • -And I love this Anne...

  • -Came here!Came here!

  • -What happened?

  • -Run in silence! Run in silence!

  • -Well,well, well.You were hidded here! Come on, now everyone will go to the proper places:

  • -The concetration camp!

  • -Anne, I love you.

  • -C’mon, stop, just leave here....

  • -God bless you!

  • -I love you too!

  • -Margot, wake up!

  • -Margot? Margot?

  • -No, no, no! Margot!!!! No!!!!

-I want to be a champion skater and a writer.


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安妮-弗蘭克的日記CNA (The diary of Anne Frank CNA)

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