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Hey Guys!
Today I wanted to show you how to make cute lemon soap.
It is great as a gift and for any other soap making project.
It's easy and fun to make.
Start off by melting some clear glycerin soap
Once it's completely melted add a tiny bit yellow soap colorant.
And to make it smell like a lemon I used a lemon, I used lemon soap scent but you can use an essential oil as well.
Mix everything very well and then pour it into a small round mold.
Spray some rubbing alcohol on top to remove bubbles and then wait for the soap to harden completely.
Now you can remove the soap from the mold
I repeated the same with a green and orange colour, to create orange and lime soap.
now with a knife cut the soap into small section like you would cut a pie.
The more section you create the more realistic it will look in the end.
I created about 10 to 12 sections.
Once you are done with that, take a toothpick and score the outer surface of the soap.
This way the next layer of soap will stick a little better to the sections.
And if you want to make it even more realistic and you're not lazy for that...
You can also cut off a small piece on each outer corner.
This way the shape looks a bit more realistic in the end.
Now place the soap into a bigger round mold...
and arrange the sections so that you have tiny gaps between them.
But be sure that the gaps are wide enough that the next layer of soap can run through them.
Spray some rubbing alcohol on top, so every side is covered with it...
and then pour white glycerin soap to the side.
You want the soap to cover the sides and the small gaps between each section.
If they start to move around a bit you can use a toothpick and move the back a little.
And now let the soap completely harden again.
If your mold was a bit too big, you can use around cookie cutter, and make the wide layer slightly smaller.
Now with a toothpick score the outside of the soap as well and spray some rubbing alcohol on top.
Then place the soap into a round mold that is slightly bigger than the soap it self,
and pour in lemon scented yellow glycerin on top, also spray rubbing alcohol again.
And let the soap completely harden.
This is how it looks once you remove it from the mold.
But if you want you can carefully slice the soap with a knife.
and you get cute lemon slices.
But you can also create limes and oranges the same way you create the lemon. Just with the right color.
I hope you liked this idea and found it helpful.
If you did please like this video to support this channel,
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Have a wonderful day everyone! And see you next week.


驚喜小禮物DIY:檸檬造型肥皂 (DIY: Lemon Soap - Citrus Fruits Melt & Pour Soap)

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