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Introversion is an often misunderstood term
because people relate it so much to shyness.
It actually doesn't go by a one-size-fits-all definition
as it can be categorized into four different types.
The four types of introverts can be vaguely described by the traits—
and anxious and restrained.
Social Introverts:
The belief that social introverts dislike socialization is false.
Rather, they prefer to socialize in small groups of people they feel compatible with and comfortable around.
Such as close friends or their family circle.
Thus, they're not exactly shy or reserved.
Thinking Introverts:
These are people who remain introverts in their thinking process,
causing them to be more thoughtful and self-reflective.
For instance, they can get lost in their own dream world,
drowned in creativity and imagination.
Anxious Introverts:
Anxious introverts prefer to be alone because they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable during social gatherings
as they're not confident about their social skills.
Consequently, they are likely to choose solitude.
But sometimes even solitude may not reduce their anxiety.
These introverts tend to minimize anxiety by ruminating on things that could've gone wrong had they been in a particular social context.
Restrained Introverts:
These are people who take time in everything they do
whether it's socializing or springing up in action.
They may seem slow since they think more carefully before they speak or act
and are more passive in nature than the active types.
Now, you've probably come across an introvert in your life and labeled him or her as so,
by identifying a trait that fits in one of the above types.
So, how do you know whether an introvert likes you or not?
One, making the first move.
Generally, introverts don't make the first move in a social context.
But if you find that an introvert is actively making an effort to talk to you or making a gesture to grab your attention,
you can bet he or she likes you.
Two, opening up.
Introverts are not easy to crack.
It takes time for them to come out of their shell and open up about themselves.
However, if an introvert is telling you a lot about themselves,
you are definitely someone they want to connect with.
Three, observing.
As introverts are good observers, they're not quick in making friends or including people in their social circle.
They take their time getting to know people and later choose them as friends.
If you find that an introvert is building a good relationship with you,
it means he or she wants to be close to you.
Four, inviting you into their personal space.
Introverts like spending time in solitude to reflect on themselves, their thoughts and emotions.
If you are invited into their personal space and asked to spend time with them,
they no doubt enjoy your company.
Five, talking about personal topics.
You wouldn't normally find an introvert engaging in a personal conversation.
Instead, most of their conversations are generic.
But if you come across an introvert that tells you about their likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, ideologies and goals,
that means they like you to the extent where they feel comfortable doing things that are considered out of character
Six, showing extra care.
Introverts place high values on relationships.
They show a lot of care, concern, and empathy towards people whom they consider friends or significant others through their communications and behaviors.
If an introvert is paying extra attention to you,
then they consider you as part of their close circle of friends.
Seven, going the extra mile.
Introverts are very warm and helping people.
If you find an introvert trying to do things for you without you asking for help,
you are someone he or she really likes.
Eight, constantly keeping in touch.
Even introverts distinguish between close and casual friends.
If they keep you a part of their daily lives,
then you are someone special to them.
Nine, revealing secrets.
Everyone has a secret they keep to themselves.
Introverts especially are very careful about whom they reveal their secrets to.
It can be something like allowing you to read their diary
or sharing an important aspect of their past.
If an introvert is allowing you to know a secret part of their life,
you are someone whom they really trust and like.
Ten, giving Feedback.
Introverts don't usually give others advice or feedback as they keep most of their opinions to themselves
but if you find that an introvert is giving you honest advice or feedback,
they're definitely concerned about you and you're well-being.
And those are ten signs an introvert likes you.
Do these traits sound like someone you know?
Do you consider yourself an introvert?
and if so, can you relate to these traits?
Let us know in the comments below!
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10個小地方,看出這個內向的人其實喜歡你 (10 Signs an Introvert Likes You)

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A1m4y6 發佈於 2017 年 11 月 8 日    詹舒伃 翻譯    Ann 審核


你覺得自己屬於內向的人嗎?或者身邊有比較內向的朋友嗎?那你知道內向的人都是怎麼表達情感的嗎?影片中提到了 10 個小小細節,能看出你在內向朋友心中的地位哦~來確認看看吧!

1one-size-fits-all 0:21
看到這個形容詞,是不是想到我們血拼時常聽到的 one-size 啊?正因為 one-size 代表「衣服尺寸皆宜的」,所以 one-size-fits-all 就隱含了「通用的、統一的、一體適用的、放諸四海皆準的」這個意思哦!
If we want to ensure that our education system can deliver for all, there needs to be a broader departure from a one-size-fits-all approach.

This new system allows us to break away from the one-size-fits -all model of education.

Salman Khan:影片能改變教育 Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

2introvert    0:27
這個名詞由 in- 開頭,本身就有「往內、裡面」的意思,所以 introvert 是指「性格內向的人」。相反地,如果是由 ex- 開頭,就有「往外」的意思,像是 exit (出口)、exterior (對外的) ,所以性格外向的人就叫做 extrovert
While Emily is an extrovert who enjoys socializing, her twin Emma is an introvert who prefers being alone.
雖然 Emily 是一個喜歡社交的外向型人,但她的雙胞胎 Emma 是一個喜歡獨處的內向者。

Because Ellen is an extrovert who enjoys chatting with others, she is an ideal talk show host.
由於 Ellen 是一個喜歡和別人聊天的外向者,她是理想的脫口秀主持人。

introvert 的形容詞是 introverted,指「內向的」,而 extroverted 就是「外向的」。
Lisa is more introverted than I thought.
Lisa 比我所想的還要內向。

Susan Cain:內向者的力量 The power of introverts

3compatible   0:44
The success of a relationship depends largely on how compatible two people are and how well they communicate.

Before we start the blood transfusion, we need to ensure both patients' blood groups are compatible.

如果要表示「A 和 B 一致、A 和 B 相配、A 符合 B」,則後面的介係詞要用 with。
Unfortunately, Jason bought a printer that was not compatible with his computer.

The project is not compatible with the company's long-term aims.

4company   3:15
company 除了大家最為熟知的「公司」,它作為名詞也有「同伴、夥伴、陪伴」的意思。
I didn't realize you had company (= were with someone/people).

We enjoy each other's company.

接下來介紹幾個和 company 有關的常見片語:

keep somebody company 與...作伴、陪伴某人
Mom was out, so I stayed home to keep my younger sister company.

We should keep him company while he is in the hospital.

be good/pleasant company 好夥伴、風趣的夥伴
He was good company and always interesting to be with.

很多人可能聽過 accompany 這個單字,也同樣代表「陪伴」,但用法有一點點不同!
如果用 accompany,因為是及物動詞,可以直接說 accompany somebody,注意中間不用加上 with 哦!
His faithful old dog accompanied him everywhere he went.

BBC - 我與我的自閉症 My Autism and Me


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