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Where I'm from, this is what Japanese breakfast is like
Right now, my mom is making eggs, and it's called "tamagoyaki"
A little bit
Smash it to make it mushy
I never made one
I didn't know it takes a long time to mix it. Have to mix it a lot of times
That's not a lot of egg
Wait, another tiny egg...
We're doing it softly, mix it in wholly
I think there's a lot of pressure on her to
make the best egg. She gets nervous

Then put it again
When you eat it, it goes *makes sounds* in your mouth
I can't wait to eat it
Does egg usually have maple syrup in it?
As an ingredient?

No, we use sugar,
but we don't have it so we used maple syrup

...to make it yummy
So what are you making next, Aiko?
um... we're making miso shiru... like soup
My grandpa grew this spinach
So what's this here?
This is tofu. It's kind of like sponge
Wow, you put it all in
What's this? What's this?
This... wait wait wait...
Oh, it makes the soup
Ground up fish. Fish broth called "bonito"
Fish powder
Fish powder
And that's the miso
Mix it
So it makes the soup, the yummy soup
Don't mix it in the pot, you just mix it in the little... spoon
It's done
This is soup. Miso shiru.
Mmm... smells good. The spinach smells good.
The spinach. I like it.

So what did you get now?
Trying to eat already?
Okay one more time, one more time
This is "umeboshi." If you eat it,
it's spicy. So, *makes sounds*

What is "umeboshi?"
I don't know, it's like red seeds
It's pickled plums
That's what it is, Aiko
Hey don't film this. Why do-
Why? Shin's gonna test it
No... Shin's watching
Okay, okay
Next is mini sausages
She's making mini sausage octopus
Yeah, this is kinda different
Octopus. Two octopus that I can eat
You eat real octopus too, right?
Yeah, I do.
I like it
I just eat it *makes sounds*
Smells... good
Octopus, weee!
Does your mommy make this breakfast every morning?
Not every morning, but sometimes she makes sausages
Today is special
So I'm gonna make "natto"
This is soy beans
And take this off
Why is it so sticky?
I don't know
Mix it until it gets white
Like this
I don't know if you like it, but Japanese people like it
What's it smell like?
I don't... know... like soy sauce
Do you always have your breakfast so pretty like this?
I don't know, but Japanese people make it pretty and then eat it
So your miso shiru is here, your rice is here, your tamagoyaki is here, your natto is here, and sausages are here
So first, I'm gonna eat the egg
I really like the octopus
Do you ever put your octopus in the miso soup and then make it swim?
I eat the tofu first
Then the spinach
Taste good
We have chopsticks, so we use chopsticks for everything
So then how do you drink your soup?
You just drink like this
But, now I eat like this
WIth your leg there?
Why not?
You can't eat like that because "shisei ga warui" and then, that's like, we're not allowed to do that
I do that all the time
Yeah, but that's the manners of eating
Next... the natto
I don't know if you like it
Let's do a close up of this
Oh yeah good ol' natto yummy yummy
Next, gonna eat the rice
Do you wanna say "thank you" to the mystery chef?
Thank you, mommy
You're welcome
Wow, you always eat breakfast by yourself everyday?
No, I don't
I eat with everybody. When I eat with everybody, it's yummier
Why is your house always so clean?
One more thing, you can't do chopsticks and chopsticks
You're not allowed to do it
Wait wait, you can't touch them together? Why not?
You're not allowed
You're not allowed to do it
I do not know it has like dead people... do it
And you're not even allowed to do this
That's dead people
You did it. Can't believe you did it
I'm just telling you you're not allowed to do that
You could've just showed it though, you didn't have to put it in the rice
I like the soup
Goodbye, everybody


日式早餐 (What Japanese Breakfast is Like)

559 分類 收藏
Jim 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 7 日
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