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Hello world,
where I'm from in Japan
This is what a Japanese apartment is like
This is a place that you would put shoes
And in this cupboard
these are all the place that you can put
old shoes, or
brand new shoes that you will wear
and all other stuff.
and here it is
VO: Ok, let's go.
VO: To the next place.
And next is the storage room.
And in the storage room,
we have all of our stuff
and this is my pile.
It's kind of dirty.
And this is Shin's pile.
And next,
these are the books that we don't use,
or empty books
And these are just, other stuff.
And this is a place where you put pens, and other stuff.
And this is the coat rack
So this is the adult,
and this is the kid's one.
And the next room is the bathroom
In this place is the bathing room
And in here we just have a bath and clean ourselves
And pretty much it and on this side is
Just when you come back home we wash our hands and then this side
I mean inside here is just all the stuff and here all the towels
And there is our laundering machine or washer and dryer
Yeah washer and dryer.
And next room is the bathroom
And the bathroom is where you do your business
And next is the living room
And this room can also be the dining room or a living room
And this is the table for eating food and
And next is the TV
And so next is the chicken. Oh I mean kitchen
Kitchen, yeah.
So this is where you wash your dishes and this is where you like get your stuff
And this is a cupboard for more stuff and this is toaster and fridge and
And this table, this is for uh
this is a table for like if guests comes so like if you can't use this table then you can use this table
or for doing your home work
And next is the parents room
And this is where you edit stuff and this is just a bed and you just roll it up. And this is a laundry rack?
Laundry rack? Yeah, that's the laundry rack.
And next is the kids room
Your door seems to be a little broken there Aiko
Hmm, ok. You can squeeze in now
Ok. So what do we got here?
So this is all the bed sheets and you can roll it up
And then these are the stuffed toys and these are bunch of another toys
and these are closets where you can store stuff. LEGO.
That was nothing. Nothing.
And I'm gonna say you know door is just opening and that was Shin.
You can come out.
Ok. Ok. Ok.
See you next time.
No. Shin, no it's not [inaudible] time.
Thanks for watching. See you next time.Bye.
What are homes like where you're from?
Somebody's building something again.
Ok done.
HeHe. Bye.
Just look at the video.
And this is a table.
Shin don't close it. You needn't close it.
And inside here is the bathing room. Shin, I can see you.
And this is the storage room.
We hear you Shin.


日式公寓是什麼樣子的呢? (What a Japanese Apartment is Like)

804 分類 收藏
Jim 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 7 日
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