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Hello, this is Ray!
Today I'll be talking with you about studying abroad
My education background is kinda special
I went to elementary school in Singapore and junior high in the US
It was not until high school that I came back to Taiwan
So, many people ask about my study abroad experiences
I also have many friends who
have rich experience in studying overseas
As the new semester begins
Many of you may start to think that
"Should I study abroad?"
It doesn't matter if you are
a high school or a college student
In this video I want to focus on studying abroad
sharing my thoughts with you and
what you'll have to do
if you've decided to study overseas
First of all, try to consider
your purpose of studying abroad
I think if you do it simply because you
want to "study," then it's kinda sad
I didn't mean that one should
always not study but go out and play
Don't misunderstand that
PLZ don't press "dislike." Just let me finish this
It's actually stressful to study abroad
and it's harder to graduate overseas
So a prerequisite is
you'll need to be prepared that
you have to study hard
Besides, some families make every effort
just to send the children overseas
In this case, "getting the degree" is the main goal
This is undoubtedly right
However, if you study abroad just to
"study" or "get a certification" there,
I think it is kinda sad because
those things can be easily done in Taiwan
When you finally get to a new environment
stepping out from your comfort zone
you should go explore more possibilities of you
and experience something you'll never do in Taiwan
So, besides studying hard
I organized 5 Must-Dos for those
who is about to or thinking about studying abroad
First, blend with the culture and make friends
I often noticed a problem overseas and that is:
People tend to define their friend zone by their colors
Asians are with Asians
White people are with white people
I know this is human nature
as we've heard the saying goes:
birds of a feather flock together
They attract each other
But, since you are overseas
knowing friends from other countries is a must-take course
because it not only expands your social network
but also helps you learn
different cultures and ways of thinking through their perspectives
When you have friends from different places
you may start to have new views on
what you always take for granted
like Taiwan's health care, public safety, acceptance of religions...
and you may also see what you don't have
I think the so-called "worldview" is when
you understand different cultures and perspectives
and are able to self-reflect and improve
Since you've decided to go abroad
the best way is to experience everything in person
But as a student
besides meeting people in class
there are other ways you can use
to increase connections with local people
That is, Second, join local activities
If you're always indoorsy
except school time, that's too bad!
The Internet is the same in
either Taiwan or the US, okay? Go outside!
There are actually many activities to join as a student
Either school clubs and activities
or local holidays are worth experiencing
There's International Program in many US colleges
which is an institution particularly made for international students
or at least which organizes information for you
Through this
you can find many activities you're interested in
"Potlock" is what I found interesting
It is a gathering where people bring
food from their own countries
You can have different exotic food there
If you can't cook, that's fine.
Just bring them pineapple shortcakes
they'll love you so badly
Also, there are various activities during holidays
like St. Patrick's Day, Halloween,
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Streets will be full of people
and it'll be fun to join the crowd
No matter what
you should go out often in your spare time
know more people and just don't always stay indoors
Third, enjoy your independent life
Living alone is a pleasure? Why?
Some people go abroad because they
don't want to be controlled by the parents
Am I right?
I got you, right? Huh?
Living alone actually helps you form many good habits
You have to learn to do many things by yourself
such as cooking, moving places,
applying cards, paying bills, doing the laundry...
You have to do all of these by yourself
No one would help you
The feeling of being alone
can be scary at first
but you'll feel free when you get used to it
You will unconsciously be more mature
When you come back with the experience of living alone
you'll find that it is an ability you'll never forget
Even when you live with your family afterwards
you will be capable of doing many works
But, before going abroad, the application process can be really complicated
So looking for a great study abroad agency
can really help you save a lot of time on
preparing documents, finding school and housing...
Institute or agency like OH! Study
not only helps you do the things I've just mentioned
but makes a contract with you
as well as a ten-million life insurance
to protect you, so it's highly recommended
Fourth, introduce Taiwan well
I still remember a leadership camp I joined in the US
There was one night when we were doing International Presentation
which is to introduce each country
At that time I was very excited introducing Taiwan
to the nearly 3000 American high school students
I also wrote "Taiwan" in calligraphy
As a result, many people came to me after
for the calligraphy I did
So I wrote another dozen pieces for them
The point of the story is that
"RD can do calligraphy." NO! NO!
The point is to introduce Taiwan well
Most foreigners don't actually know Taiwan
our culture, history, and speciality
So, studying abroad is an
awesome chance to introduce Taiwan
And if someone's not interested in listening
just give him a pineapple shortcake
and make him listen
Fifth, learn through the environment
The last point will of course echo
the topic that RD is good at talking about
which is?
Uh no. It's English. English
Learning English well via the environment before coming back
is for many students the second goal except schoolwork
But there are also people who'd been abroad for a long time
and came back with not so much improvement in English
So, in a foreign environment
how exactly do we learn English well?
The answers are actually included in the previous four points
knowing people, joining activities, communicating in English
If you only learn the English in textbooks
you can do it in Taiwan
There are foreign teachers in Taiwan, too
Since you've decided to go overseas
go experience the things never taught in books
learn some daily English you'll never learn in Taiwan
As long as you develop this habit
continuously getting in touch with English
you can make "English" your lifelong learning goal
after coming back!
After this long talk
do you have some new thoughts on studying abroad?
If you want to learn more
about what's suitable for you
and the procedures you have to follow
from 10/8 to 10/12, there will be
a free study abroad expo of OH! Study
If you've decided to study overseas
you can also reserve an one-on-one consultation online
so that you don't need to wait in line there
Click on this link
and reserve on OH! Study website
I'm also invited by OH! Study
and will be at the expo on 10/8
I'll be broadcasting live on FB to interact with you guys
So please join us if you're interested in
I heard that there will be some
exclusive benefits and discounts for students
So, stay updated and I'll introduce them for ya!
Okay, so this is all for today
If you want to study abroad
I hope you can achieve the 5 things I mentioned today
Or for those who have been back
if you notice what I haven't covered
about the things a student overseas should do
feel free to comment below!
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And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!


留學生注意!5件出國留學必做的事 (5 Things You Must Do If You Study Abroad)

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