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Louis-Albert De Broglie: The red tomato:
Well-balanced, well-shaped --
no taste.
We are what we eat -- bad news.
Jackie Savitz: As you know,
there is already more than a billion hungry people on this planet.
We are expecting that problem to get worse,
and we can expect to have greater pressure on our food resources.
That's why the oceans need to be their most abundant
so that the oceans can provide us as much food as possible.
Laura Boykin: I was born to study one vegetable.
Now granted, this one vegetable is the key thing
for 800 million people's survival.
You see, cassava is a poverty fighter.
If a small-scale family farmer has healthy cassava,
they can feed their family,
and they have enough to generate income.
Dee Dee Yates: If the brain is not fit and stimulated
in the first 1,000 days of life,
we are depriving that child of a healthy development.
Christopher Charles: Anemia has serious consequences
for human health and socio-economic development.
In science, we often learn the simplest answer is the best.
So I charged myself and those around me
with finding a solution to the problem - a simple solution -
one that would be cost effective, that would be environmentally sustainable,
and one that would be accessible to even the most remote rural villagers.
JS: There's a constant push-pull there; there's a constant tough decision
that has to be made between two very important things:
maintaining biodiversity and feeding people.
But in the oceans, biodiversity is not at war with abundance.
In fact, they're aligned.
We know that saving the oceans can feed the world, and we need to start now.
LB: We have to empower the scientists and the people.
It's going to take all of us not just the agricultural sector.
L-ADB: And I say, "Planting is a political act.
planting the garden, planting an orchard, is for the future,
it's for the next generation."
Thank you.
JS: Thank you.
CC: Thank you.
LB: Thank you.


【TEDx】TEDxSpotlights全球營養 (TEDxSpotlights Global Nutrition)

526 分類 收藏
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