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Greetings and welcome to our latest transmission sent
direct from the beating heart of this internet,
the one remaining open channel where
information can travel free from filters and barriers.
Today’s story: As a shadowy spectre hangs
over our ability to access and assess the facts,
is an honest media The Force that can free,
and restore balance and peace in this far reach of the Galaxy?
The battle has shifted at light speed to cyberspace,
where rebel journalists have made the jump to hyperspace,
challenging the Establishment’s grip on information
and are now being pursued by its sinister agents.
To learn more of what’s happening, we’re set to bring in
figures on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Thus, we welcome our first journalist at hand,
WikiLeaks founder, rebel publisher, Julian Assange.
Mr Assange, good to have you back on the show.
- Robert, it's good to be hack... I mean back. Hello.
- Tell us, what's happened since last we spoke?
- Well, WikiLeaks has continued to deliver master strokes.
For speaking more truth to power than all papers combined
we've been ostracised and greatly maligned,
by the lamestream media, where balls are sadly lacking,
and seen the State's haranguing of alleged whistleblower, Bradley Manning.
I've been under mansion arrest, tagged by Serco;
then the bastards imposed an extrajudicial embargo,
cutting off our PayPal donors and credit card flow.
- Why? Have you broken any laws or been charged? - No.
But a secret Grand Jury has issued a sealed indictment
saying I'm 'aiding the enemy', they're seeking to extradite me.
- I'm confused.... who is 'the enemy'?
- Clearly, since WikiLeaks aids Democracy, the enemy is the people: you and me.
- Ok, to compare to this, we turn to another Australian journalist;
his Media Empire spans the equator,
influencing every one of us in the world:
it's the Emperor of NewsCorp, Rupert Murdoch.
- Hello, Robert - Tell us your take on journalism.
- It's like playing monoply [sic] against the world and winning:
you buy up all the real Fourth Estate: The Times
the Sun, SKY, and many Stars are all mine.
I expanded my News of the World Order patiently,
now my Death STAR stations are fully operational.
- You've changed the face of the news, with tabloids, pay-TV...
- I foresaw that by putting titties on Page 3,
amidst a chronicle of crime, sports and inanity,
scandalous spam which the proles soak up avidly,
my Empire would expand globally, spreading the fear
giving me the power to make or crush political careers.
- Both of you have transformed journalism's focus
by exposing secret dealings, or by keeping truths enclosed; so,
can you explain why one of you is a rich media mogul
while the other is hunted like a criminal interloper?
- In '03 the media were feeding us lies about WMD;
WikiLeaks is here to ensure history won't repeat.
We publish truth instead of lies; that's certainly why
we're being persecuted: we're doing journalism right.
- You will pay the price for your lack of tele-vision;
you're headed straight for an American prison.
Journalists, take a good look at this rebel fool:
what's happening to him, soon could happen to you!
- If you strike me down the movement you're attacking
will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
This generation is burning the mass-media to its foundations.
Truth is a virus, and Courage is contagious
- Mwhahaha... you can't knock me out the Fox!
But I see that you are still capable of hacks:
the STRATFOR leak shows that we are alike.
Julian, my son, come over to the Dark Side
- I'm sorry to interrupt this riveting debate,
but to learn more of the alleged leaker and his fate,
we cross to the Pentagon, to learn what's happening
at the court martial of Private Bradley Manning.
- Ahh... Lord Baxter! - My Lordoch!
- How's the whistleblower?
- His resistance to the mind probe is considerable.
We've threatened 'Princess Leaker' but she's telling lies.
- I'm not a traitor, if anything, I was doing my duty and it's
the war on whistleblowers that's unconstitutional...
- I've not sensed such a disturbance in the Force Estate
since Daniel Ellsberg leaked the 'Pentagon Papers'.
- Bradley Manning is on the side of the law;
your overconfidence is your major flaw
- And your faith in your friends is yours
- Aaah, shit! - Silence! There's a transmission from an Imperial Starship.
Admiral Gillard. are you dealing with the Wikileaks obstacle?
- Yes, Lord Baxter, I said they're 'grossly irresponsible'
and their 'foundation stone is illegal'
- And, is it? - Yeah… No. They're within legal limits;
but we could invent new laws to get'em!
- Not if I can help it; I'm running for the Senate.
- What?! is this permitted? - Well, I guess it...
- You have failed me for the last time Admiral Gillard.
Enough of this! Send in the Swede Troopers!
- Hello ladies - Take him to the prosecutor.
- We have a warrant for your arrest; don't fight it
- What's going on? - Assange is being 'sex-tradited'.
- Ha ha ha! He'll make a good bride in prison!
- Hey, this reminds me of my time in Sweden.
- The rebels are crushed! We've accomplished our mission!
- The world is asking, what will this mean for journalism?
We now cut live to a surprise guest to let us know...
Wh... Is that... Julian Assange?
- No - It's Kristinn Hrafnsson!
- Hello. - A Wikileaks spokesperson! welcome to the show.
- Thank you Robert. - So, can you tell us further,
how these events will affect WikiLeaks' purpose?
- Recent events won't deter us or stop us.
Wikileaks will continue to publish
and encourage the disclosing of truth,
in spite of the tricks they've chosen to use.
- Hey, Obi Wan, you're screwed: we'll charge you with fraud!
- No problem at all: do you take Mastercard?
- My my, WikiLeaks, I'm impressed;
do you have an infinite supply of geeks to invest?
Tall guys with fruity-speakin' accents
deep-voiced, white-haired freaks? - Yes.
- Ok, thank you all for debating and providing opinions,
though it might at times have seemed a bit like science fiction,
where it's always much easier to espy the division,
between good and evil, and who is on which side of the schism.
But can’t a touch of fantasy also help us perceive
that our own story has indeed often been
about challenging the monopolies and dynasties
which have shaped our view of reality for centuries?
and so are the fate of Socrates, drinking hemlock and perishing,
the trials of Bruno, Galileo; book burnings, the inquisition,
all recurring in the current war on journalism,
where speakers of truth are censored and imprisoned?
Key chapters are being written in this epic saga
which will set precedents for centuries hereafter.
Join us for more reports as this story continues,
goodnight and good luck... and may these Thoughts be with you.


饒舌新聞系列-13 Episode XIII: A News Hope [RAP NEWS 13]

2376 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 7 月 17 日
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