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Hey guys! It's time to get all crafty because today I'm going to show you how to make your
phone girly and cool. We're going to glam up a bunch of phone cases, headphones and
we're even making a protective pouch. So are you ready for some awesome phone DIYs, which
for sure you haven't seen before. If your answer is "yes" then just keep watching.
Let's start off by making a protective pouch for our cell phone. First you need to get
any hollow rounded object, with the dimensions big enough to fit your phone. This paper cup
works perfectly for my Samsung Galaxy S5. Besides you will also need a glue gun, bobby
pins, yarn, scissors, embroidery hook and a needle. Before we start knitting we need
to make a simple knitting loom. Take a cup and a bunch of bobby pins. Start placing pairs
of pins on the edge of the cup like so, leaving about half an inch space between each pair.
Now it's time to get the glue gun and put some glue over and around each pin to assure
they will stay in place while knitting. If you don't have a glue gun you can just use
a tape and wrap it around the cup and the pins. When all the pins are glued in place,
wait for the glue to dry and then we can proceed to the fun part, knitting! Take your yarn
and this is optional -- a straw. Straw makes it much easier to wrap the yarn around the
pins. Cut a piece of a straw and thread the yarn through it. Leave about five inches of
yarn loose like so and then start wrapping the yarn around each pin and make sure that
you have loops on the outer side and the connecting line of yarn on the inner side. See how the
straw helps me to quickly wrap the yarn around the pins. When you reach the first pin again,
just continue with one more row above the first one. Now take your hook and pull the
bottom loops over the top ones. Grab the bottom loop, go over the top one and over the pin
like so. If you don't have a hook you can make one from a piece of wire. Go all around
the loom until our first row is finished! Now I need to again wrap the yarn around the
pins, but from now on I only need to wrap them once. When all the pins are wrapped take
the hook again and pull the bottom loops over the top ones. These are the two steps that
you need to keep repeating until your pouch is long enough: wrap the yarn around the pins,
pull the bottom loops over the top ones and again wrap the yarn around the pins so that
you can again pull the bottom loops over the top ones. It's so simple! Ok, one final row
and my pouch will be long enough for my phone. Here I am showing you that you can also wrap
the yarn without a straw. Takes a bit more time but works totally fine too. I need to
pull the bottom loops over the top ones for the last time now and here we go!
Cut your working yarn, leaving about ten inches and thread on a needle. Go under and through
the loop that has a working yarn hanging out and pull the yarn all the way through the
loop. Then go under the loop next to it on the right, pull the yarn through and proceed
to the left. As you do that you can take the loops off the pins. Just work your way zig-zag,
go through the right loop, then left one, then right again and so on until all the loops
come off from pins. Now the pouch should easily come off the loom. Pull the working yarn so
that the pouch tightens on one side in a straight line like so. Thread the working yarn on a
needle and make a couple of stitches and knots to secure the work. You can flip the pouch
inside out, or you can have it on this side if you prefer. The pattern is slightly different
and I decided to flip it around, because I like it better that way. As you can see we
still have a piece of yarn hanging out from the side with the opening. We will attach
the pom pom on it. Just thread the yarn on the needle and make a couple of stitches through
the pom pom. Cut away the extra yarn and we are all done with this beautiful pouch. If
you don't know how to make a pom pom, check my DIY beanie tutorial. It's so easy to make
but adds a little extra cuteness to the pouch. I can now throw my new Galaxy S5 in the bag
together with keys and other pointy objects and my phone will stay protected and without
scratches. Let's continue with beautifying your headphones.
You'll need some plastic beads and scissors. Using scissors cut the beads along like so.
Beads need to be from a softer plastic, which is easy to cut and can be opened like this.
Just continue cutting the beads until you have them enough to cover the length of your
earphones cable. Then open the bead along the cut and place it on your earphones like
that. Continue doing this until your headphones are entirely covered with colorful beads.
Beads also prevent headphones from getting tangled, which is really useful for me particularly.
I usually start using them by spending several minutes untangling them first. Colorful beaded
headphones are also super cool to look at. And voila, now you have the coolest and most
unique headphones. Now that our headphones look awesome and we
have a cute little pouch for our phone, it's time to show you some quick and easy ways
to decorate a phone case. You will need some plastic cases, which are very cheap. I got
some transparent, some white and pink ones. First I'll show you how to dress up a plain
phone case using a water marbling technique! We're going to make cute water marble stickers.
Take a little cup and fill it with room temperature water. You'll also need a phone case, needle
and nail polish of your choice. Drip drops of the polish onto the water surface like
so. Always aim in the center of the previous circle. You can use two or more favorite colors
of polish. I used four bright and happy ones. Pretty cool, don't you think!? Then draw in
a design with a needle. I am making a flower. Well half of it because I'll only need half
of the design. Here I am making colorful circles and I decided not to draw anything in, so
I'm just leaving it like this. Instead of dipping your finger in the water, as we do
with water marble nails, leave the polish on the water surface until it's completely
dry. I left it for couple of hours just to be sure. Then take the polish off the water
and if you want you can cut the edge away like me to make it neater. And you're left
with a beautiful sticker that you can stick on any flat surface. We will use them on our
white phone case and we don't need any glue for this. The polish tends to stick firmly
on the case especially if it's still a bit wet. And this is how my case looks when all
the marble stickers are on. To protect your work you can cover it with a layer of decoupage
glue so that the case stays as new for a long time.
You can also decorate your cases using washi tape! I'll show you two quick and lovely designs.
For the first one I'll be using this white tape with pinky flowers. So take a case, washi
tape of your choice and scissors. Cut a piece of tape and stick it a bit diagonally across
the case like so and cut away the excess tape on the sides. Cut another piece and stick
it above the first washi stripe, leaving some space between the stripes. And there you have
it. You can totally go crazy with washi tape and stick it all over the case or just add
a simple detail to the plain case like I did. Either way, just have fun with it.
Here, for example, I chose this green patterned tape. I placed one piece horizontally across
the case and the other piece vertically on the side. Now my phone case looks like a birthday
present. When you get bored of your phone case, you can easily peal the tape away and
make a new design. You can basically have a new phone case every day!
Another way to jazz up a plain phone case is using a scotch tape. Again you can stick
it all over or just make something simple, like this wide leopard print stripe that I
made. I think it looks so elegant and the thing I like the most is that it took me five
seconds to achieve it. A super fun case decorating method is using
a bunch of stickers. You can get cheap stickers everywhere! Probably a lot of them already
laying around your house. I have these thick puffy stickers with colorful rain drops, umbrellas
and cats. Just stick them on your phone case and look how adorable this looks in the end.
A great thing about these stickers is that you can simply switch them up so your phone
case can be brand new in a minute. I can't get over how flipping cute this case looks
now. Kind of want to have that bunny umbrella with ears.
Now I'll show you how to decorate a phone case with googly eyes. Sorry if I scared you.
You need a plain case, googly eyes and super glue. First place the eyes on the case just
to see where exactly you want to have them. I placed bigger eyes on the bottom and then
smaller and smaller pairs moving up. Take your super glue, drip a tiny drop on the back
of the googly eye and stick it on the case. This case works perfectly for boys too, except
you would probably want to choose a different case color. A dark blue or a black would look
awesome -- as if there were some creepy eyes in the darkness. It's so funny how the eyes
move together with the case. For the last DIY phone case idea you need
some picture printouts or magazine cutouts, transparent phone cases, scissors and a pencil.
Place your phone on the picture and outline the shape with a pencil. Cut it out with scissors.
Try to put it inside the transparent case to see if it fits well. Now you also need
to outline any holes in the case, like the one for the camera. Carefully cut the holes
out with scissors, I am just using these little scissors for nails, which give me the most
control. Next place the picture inside the case and you have a beautiful customized phone
case! I am in love with this one -- it's perfect for summer and I also wrote a little quote
on it. You can have a picture of your pets, favorite animals, your boyfriend, family and
friends or your favorite band. Here I have this adorable kitten. And here I made a collage
of beautiful summer pictures. You can make a collage of you and your friends to always
remind you of happy adventures you have together. I love how this technique allows me to have
a phone case full of pictures close to my heart and I can change them up whenever I
want! I hope you got some great ideas on how to dress up your phone. I'll be having more
awesome DIYs coming up so keep an eye on that! But before I say goodbye, I have an exciting
news to share. Samsung is having a campaign called Galaxy Stories and they are looking
for a new YouTube star. To become one you need to tell your story so if you're from
one of the Nordic countries, go to galaxystories.com and submit your entry as a video, picture
or a text. If you decide to participate post a link to your entry in the comments below
with the #galaxystories because I get to choose one who will receive a brand new Galaxy S5!
How cool is that!? You can read everything about the campaign and how to participate
on galaxystories.com. Good luck, I love you and I'll see you soon! Bye!
And another surprise! The winner of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will also receive the pouch and
a bunch of cases that I created in this video. So go ahead - tell us your stories!


手機 (DIY 10 Easy Phone Projects. DIY Phone (Case, Pouch & More))

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