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What's up guy! I'm the LiuPei Pierre
Welcome to Japan
A lots of you guys don't know me
Because I am a youtuber based in Taiwan
I do Pokemon Go and VLOG in mandarin
But this past week I was in Japan
Specifically in Ishinomaki
Because I came for the Lapras Event
Now, this Lapras Event is absolutely insane
I make this video because I know that a lot of people are gonna come to Japan
for the last few days of the Lapras event
And you guys want to know exactly which radar to used and how to use them
Android and iOS are completely separated
For Android, all you have to do is go online, google search pgosearch
And the first link just click on that and it will send you directly to the map
I personally don't know how to read Japanese, but I kinda just guess things and click around
The top right corner you can see your location
If you click on it, it will refresh about every 5 to 10 seconds
And on the bottom left when you click the gear icon and you scroll all way down and you will see that all the pokemon
are selected at first, and you can click the button right here and it will deselect every single one
And you scroll down to all the way to the No. 131, which is Lapras
That is what you want selected
Then when you close this window and you go directly into the map and you'll see
where all the Lapras are
It will show you how long before the Lapras despawn
Oh sorry my left arm is getting tired
If you're using iOS, go into the Appstore and download an App called Pokemap
When you open the App, the main thing you got to do is the bottom left-handed corner
When you click on to that, you have to deselect every pokemon that you don't want to see them on the map
Now, I deselected a lot but I also kept a couple of rare ones that I like to catch
so there is a bunch of Lapras just hanging out everywhere
Sorry I just wait for that bus
But also there is two dragonites at one point
So, there is just lot of rare pokemon around here
But this Lapras event is insane
In total, I've caught 21 in two days
And each day I played for three hours
So if you guys decide to come, the city is very beautiful, the people super nice, the food is amazing
Make sure you guy enjoy every single bit of it
But of course, catch as many Lapras as you can
This is my first english video that I put in on this channel
So it is a kind of weird
But let me know in the comments below whether or not you think I should start an English channel
Also let me know if you guys is coming to Ishinomaki for the Lapras event
As well as whether or not you are coming to Japan at all
And also Nick from XX if you are watching this. I'll be in Los Angeles in December. If you are free
Maybe we can catch pokemon together
so yeah that's it! Hopefully that helps you guys liked it or found this helpful please give it a like
and subscribe if you're interested in Mandarin VLOG and pokemon GO videos
So I usually do this in all my pokemon videos
Pokemon Stop!


劉沛在日本抓乘龍 (HOW TO FIND EVERY LAPRAS IN JAPAN!!! (Japan Lapras Event))

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